Saturday, March 21, 2020

sewing Saturday

One might think, if you're practicing social distance you might sew up all your projects.

I've been too worried or distracted to do a lot however. Creativity needs a certain energy.

I find I want to spend time watching mindless TV and movies, so hand work is the preferred outlet at the moment.

More tumbling blocks in teal and turquoise as well as black and white. I started this project for our long drive out to Colorado 2 years ago
In fact I have lots more basted little threesomes waiting for daylight to sew black fabrics with black threads!
little trios clipped together before sewing

here's looking at you kid!
these are really small but not too small to use cute fabric scraps!!!
cute starfish and goose!

I also got the idea to trace off a hexie the size of the finished block, and do them in gray, like a wall might have colorful tiles and some that fell off showing some grout. Or at least a place for your eye to rest.
see the three larger hexies? what do you think of mixing them in?
I have plans to make my tuffet pin cushion kit next, and also want to start a Jack's Chain hand-pieced.

Gotta keep busy, you know?
I ran across this blog post on how to divert yourself while avoiding contact with others:
with some interesting ideas.
springtime in the Rockies

We had a full 24 hours of snow Thursday, so walking is difficult with the ice. Some of you are even having Spring I hear... lucky you!
The Quilt Show is also sharing many free shows this weekend, and I'm watching some of those. They are free for even free members like me.

I knitted again, and painted again, in case you only come in for the sewing posts.
here's to sewing more this week, and wellness for all. We haven't found toilet paper for weeks now in the stores, and food is low on shelves. Who knew we'd ever run out in America? We didn't think about getting more before the shortages happened.

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  1. Two friends have texted us asking if we know any stores with TP -- we stocked up weeks ago when the virus first arrived on the west coast (especially knowing our younger son would be moving home and there would be 3 of us to feed, etc.). So sorry for those who didn't - shelves are pretty empty here. Supply chain is supposed to fill up but in the meantime . . . hand stitching is good. Stay busy and don't forget to breathe.

  2. Your tumbling blocks are terrific. I sure wish I could work in my studio at home, but I am still here in FL with no fabric or sewing machine. Running out of things to do, but trying to be creative.

  3. I agree about the certain energy for creativity. I have been very unfocused. I need to get out some handwork too!

  4. Those tumbling blocks are wonderful. I am fortunate I did my normal stock up in February of the freezer and got my 1 pack of Sam's size tp and paper towels then too. I decided to turn off the tv and only check the online news site once in the morning and once in the evening. It is much calmer once I decided to do that. Wishing you peace and the creativity mojo to come back soon. Hugs.

  5. Hi Leaana,
    More snow ! That has to be breaking weather records by now !
    Black on black...there's a challenge! :) Looking forward to my next black fabrics project!
    tumbling blocks are a cheery bunch!

  6. Love the blocks. I like the idea of thrwoing in the additional grey hexies.

  7. Spring?! Yesterday, it was 85 degrees here. I think we skipped straight to Summer!

  8. All your handwork will be so useful during tv binge watching. Good for you. I didn't know TQS had free shows on. Thanks.
    It may be worse to be in beautiful spring weather when we can't leave the house. At least you aren't tempted to put your nose out the door.

  9. Your tumbling blocks are wonderful! I love their three dimensional look. I'm finding handwork a good thing, too, right now.

  10. love your blocks and am looking forward to your finished quilt. The snow is beautiful, but I am glad for the 77 degrees that we have today. I do love the Rockies, and we have spent a lot of time there.
    Nancy A:

  11. I've been doing lots of "idiot knitting" while I do other things to keep my mind occupied. Unfortunately I've made kind of a mess of it- I picked up all my heel flap stitches backwards, so now I've had to purl the rest of the socks. I love love your tumbling block EPPs, I should get mine back out!

  12. I hope that stores are restocked soon. The snow covered tree is beautiful. Enjoy your hand stitching.

  13. Your cubes are multiplying awesomely (if that's a word). Love the snow covered tree photo. I too have been watching mindless movies. Some are good, some not so much. Glad I stocked up at the library right before they closed with a bunch of them.

  14. Lovely projects. I keep moving around to different ones too. Last week, I would spend every morning trying to find various things at the grocery stores, Walmart, but now thankfully we are well stocked and I can just concentrate on my projects. Good luck to you!

  15. Tumbling blocks with clever fabrics make a nice creative outlet!

  16. More gorgeous tumbling blocks! Love the sweet sun peeking out. Hope this week brings sweet stitching, and painting.....and knitting to your place.

  17. I love your little blocks, LeeAnna, especially the fussy cutting. The little sun, and the little goose! Perfect! :-). I find that I am NOT watching television. My husband has developed an unhealthy obsession with the news, as though what's happening is going to get better only if he supervises the newscasters 24/7. I can't do that; it's not healthy for me. And my two teenage sons are home due to the virus, with "online classes" starting today -- whatever that turns out to mean -- so the other TV in our house has been displaying endless video game monster battles on the PlayStation. Which normally I would limit more, but between the kids and their father, I feel like the kids have a better outlook -- they can't do anything about the real enemy out there (the virus and the pandemic hysteria it's causing) so they are escaping into fantasy games where they CAN defeat the bad guys. I am so grateful that I have the puppy to distract me (lick, lick, CHOMP!) and I actually am getting some sewing done. I would like to get a project on the frame soon; perhaps Spirit Song if I get the borders on it today and if I have a piece of batting the right size.

  18. Love love your blocks! I've been thinking I need to start another hand stitching project and these look like so much fun! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm like you when it comes to productivity. I find I can't focus as well as I could before this pandemic. I've mainly been making small things, which is better than nothing I suppose!! Stay safe!

  19. Those blocks are great! I have a quilt I want to hand stitch but just not quite ready for a long project. I am afraid it will leave too much time for my mind to dwell on things. :(

  20. Great idea to mix them with grey hexies! You have such pretty fabrics, beautiful, fun and cute ;)

  21. Hi LeeAnna!! Your blocks are so well done! I love them! And the rabbit painting is so lovely! Oh we got a dump of snow here too, are you as fed up as I am??? I just want to be in the garden!!

  22. Your little blocks are adorably cute. After about 6-8" of the white stuff, happy to say 99% of it is gone. Spring is ready to pop around our hood.

  23. You are so frickin' creative, I love those tumbling blocks which rhymes with one of my favorite hiking trails called, "Tumbling Rocks."
    Since I generally hate people I don't think I need any advice about how to divert myself while avoiding them. And I don't seem to be able to anyway. People are the worst.
    Geez, we had a tp shortage for a few weeks but I had a fair amount for my mother since she uses a roll a day. Yes, you heard me. I'm kind of afraid to go into the PO or a UPS or I'd box some up and send it to you. What are you using instead? I picture Milo giving you a startled look when you said you were out. Is there still Kleenex? I just got a Kleenex delivery from Amazon.
    I'm close to thinking about sewing a few things if that counts as sewing although I don't know why it would.
    Although we 're under a stay at home order, that doesn't extend to caring for family members and we are down to one other caregiver who's hanging by a thread. I very, very thin, frayed thread. Ooh, another sewing reference.
    How is Milo, no pics of him this post. I hope you find a way to be less anxious but my sorry, OCD, neurotic, extremely stressed out arse is not one to give advice. Although I've found visiting my fav bloggers is helping. Speaking of fat arse, I hit another weight goal. It's the one where you need to fit into an airplane seat or pay for two, although I'm going by a weight they listed a while back. Now I think you have to be able to strap the seat belt around your gut.
    Speaking of which, oy, I ate too much for dinner. Take care, if I find a way to mail toilet paper I'll let you know.

  24. LA - I can relate to your comment about creativity/anxiety. My usual get up and go got up and went. Hubby just asked me if I wanted to play Scrabble and I said no. He felt my head!!!

    Enough of that. I love the idea of the "tile that fell off the wall, leaving grout." It looks just like that! Keep on creating, my friend - you are helping to keep the rest of us sane.

  25. Your boxes look like real boxes to me. I would have fun putting stuff in each one. If they were real. :-)

  26. I totally agree with you that creativity needs a certain amount of energy, and it's hard to obtain right now

  27. I find myself distracted as well - ( and wasting time on the internet )

  28. Love those hexies! I would totally mix the grey ones in if you like. I understand how it is to be distracted. I have bursts of energy where I get a lot done then nothing. Hang in there friend. Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.