Saturday, February 15, 2020

sewing saturday

I know I posted about sewing and showed three quilts yesterday, but today is my usual Sewing Saturday so I'll show you the design wall. I made some bright green improv log cabin blocks to go with the two colors from Rainbow Scrap challenge so far.

I made one with a mix of orange and green, just because.

I really like this process, adding strips and seeing how it develops.

I've been going through UFO's and found these
On this first pass through the UFO piles, I'm tossing obvious outdated projects, and putting things like this in a bin labeled (for now) parts dept.
Some cool stuff has found it's way into that bin!

ooo I like them spaced out on the table cloth... hmmmm

I discovered these little EPP hand sewn tumbling blocks. You need three shades of a color for the effect, so with the orange bin already out, I made up some block sets and sewed them while watching tv (and snow pile up)

They are amazingly fast to baste behind the diamond papers, and to whip stitch together.
I think I'll make more.

don't we all?


  1. Love your improv log cabin. It looks great!

  2. Your log cabins are pretty and vibrant.i put my started unwanted projects in the parts box. They make a good day of play for potholders, totes, placemats etc. And i dont feel like my time was wasted

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    You're off to a great sorting and organising start!
    Love those tumbling blocks and smashed together colour log cabins!
    enjoy the weekend!

  4. Those improv log cabins are so yummy!

  5. It's always good to have a parts department! Those little EPP tumbling blocks are wonderful! That's a shape I've never tried, but you're making me want to. :)

  6. Love your liberated log cabin blocks. The EPP blocks caught my eye. Lots of fun, scrappy projects going on here.

  7. You have some fun things going on - I like the addition of the green to your log cabin blocks, and I like those tumbling blocks spaced a bit! Cool.

  8. These are great blocks and I love the way you play with colours. Also enjoyed your hexie talk in the last post, LeeAnna. Of course, this makes me want to make log cabins and hexies.

  9. Love your tumbling blocks and the log cabin has always been one of my very favorite patterns.

  10. Oh boy! Your Wonky Log Cabins look fantastic! Sew much fun going on in your sewing room. Have a great week!

  11. Love the log cabins and those tumbling blocks are just lovely.

  12. Oh, wow, LeeAnna! What a fun composition you've created with your log cabin blocks. Looking forward to seeing this quilt grow!

  13. I have always loved the tumbling blocks pattern and log cabin is a favorite of mine.

  14. Some day I hope to give making those 3D blocks a try.

  15. Those tumbling blocks do look good spaced. Are you going to go with that?

  16. LeeAnna - we had a discussion about stitching those hexies with the background showing. Just saw something like that on
    Check out how she stitched them down on a pillow

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