Thursday, February 20, 2020

I LIke Thursday #181

Welcome to this week's list of likes... another difficult week...
But here goes....
I like that despite the what seems like constant snowing and lack of road clearing, I got brave enough to drive the 40 minutes to my art quilt group meeting on Wed.

We are doing a journal challenge for this year, making a 12" quilt each month. I love how mine came out and will share that on Saturday, and my painting/drawings on Friday

I like that DH took time off and drove the three of us to the vet visit in the thick snow. Not easy on any of us as Milo has another painful ear infection. I'm glad we toughed out the snow storm because more is coming and might be even worse. Milo is napping right now, despite the torment earlier.

we walked around the little shopping area Saturday and went into Hallmark where the ladies love Milo and he shops every shelf of gifts
I love to shop

at Hallmark
where I saw the elephant for this week.... now that's balance!!
which leads me to being thankful for girl scout cookies
dh said he doubts these are made with real girl scouts LOL
I found Restoration Home on youtube (BBC) about people restoring castles in GB.

I love that Survivor is back for another exciting season.

I liked finding the site
If you value history and education... check it out. I watched the video on DaVinci first...

rotary cutting your food?? Lookie at this tool

Misadventures of Milo
 I liked that my people stayed home on Valentines day to spend it with me, walking and sitting on the front porch while their moscato chilled in the snow...
I had some heart shaped cookies!
I am happy the vet visit is over with
I liked meeting a couple dogs in the park but no running as snow is icy and sharp and slippery.

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  1. oh yes!!! I remember the time we cooled our bottles in the snow... well that is ONE thing I miss while living in a snow less area LOL

  2. Good morning - another great list. I wrote about 3 books we are liking right now.

  3. Yum - Girl Scout cookies! I sold them when I was a girl scout, so must buy some every year, too! I'll have to tell Mike about the Britannica site - he loves any of those kinds of places to watch interesting videos on.

  4. Survivor has started out with some fun twists already. Yay! I recorded last night's episode while attending some college basketball and plan to watch it tonight. We must not have any girl scouts in our neighborhood any more because so far we haven't seen any cookie sales happening. I have fun memories of pulling a wagon loaded with cookie boxes around my neighborhood as a kid. Girl scouts provided many fun years.

  5. Sounds like you had a nice Valentines regardless of your annoying weather /city trucks. Yum on thin mints! I can’t imagine restoring a castle- think of those cold hard walls! I need to check that site out. I hope Milo is doing much better by now.

  6. Hello, those were my favorite girl scout cookies. We keep missing the snow, am happy about that. I hope Milo's ear are better. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend ahead.

  7. Poor Milo, hurting ears are miserable. Milo is lucky to have his pawrents who take wonderful care of him even when it is not fun. Heart shaped treats should make him happy again! This winter feels endless but Spring will come and you will miss cooling wine in the snow.

  8. I like Restoration Home and also enjoy Country House Rescue on YouTube, also a BBC show. Sorry to hear that Milo has been sick. To me pets are family and I’m sure you feel that way about Milo. I hope he gets better. Thanks for linking up today.

  9. Hi LeeAnna! Oh, it sounds like we are both over winter. Be gone snow, cold and ice. I also like that Survivor is on - can you believe they voted off Amber already?!! Poor Milo and his ears. It sounds like a fabulous VD with Moscato chillin in the snow. That's one great use for all those snow piles. Milo looks so cute shopping! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Feel better, Milo! Ear infections are no. fun. at. all.

  11. I don't like driving in winter either, so I understand - good job on being brave and getting to the meeting! I'm sorry to hear about Milo's ear issues, but he is a thoughtful shopper, obviously! Hope he gets better soon! Chilling your moscato - at least the snow is good for something!

  12. You're getting so much snow! We haven't had as much as usual. I'm hoping we don't get a ton of it in March. I hope Milo feels better. Poor pup! We got Girl Scout cookies too! They're so good! They disappear pretty quickly! Hope you have a better week coming up.

  13. Pretty orchid!! We've been majorly lacking in the snow department!!

  14. ROFL, Drew has a sense of humor like mine, and my daughter's. Great line from the Addams family movie. Sorry Milo isn't feeling good. I started giggling though when you said he had an ear infection. For some reason my mind instantly went, he needs to wear a hat when he goes out into the cold.

  15. Pretty flowers. No fun going to the vet. Heh- I'll have to remember that about girl scout cookies! Restoration House looks really interesting!

  16. Hey, Milo, buddy, Missy Molly the (wild) Cat sends you a healing purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Feel better soon.
    LeeAnna, I love that elephant painting, too. Very cool. Did you know that an elephant's trunk can lift more than 700 pounds? I feel quite petite imagining myself being lifted by an elephant. :-)

  17. Ahh poor Milo...sounds painful. Does he need hair pulling like my shihtzus did?
    I also watch those restoration hooked years ago watching This Old House on PBS.
    We have Girl Guides here and they sell cookies too. Very cute joke.

  18. Oh that snow pack took me home
    ...I lived in the foothills of Colorado for over 50 years, now on the Gulf coast. But I remember dreading the long winters in the Rockies. I feel Mill's pain & hope he's improved by now. I'd like to see your 12 months in quilt form. I'm here to say hello via Eileen's blog.

  19. Scout said to tell Milo she gets ear infections every few months too. Our vet puts something in her ears that clears up the infection and it's a one shot deal. Does Milo get this? Can't wait to see your 12 inch quilt!!! Have a great day!

  20. I love that elephant picture! Hope Milo is feeling better! Does he get ear infections often? My Ozzy used to but I started giving him turmeric paste daily for his joints and the other benefit is he hasn't had an ear infection in 2 years since being on it!