Thursday, November 21, 2019

I Like Thursday #168

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I like silver Aluminum trees like I had growing up. Ours had a turning spotlight that showed three colors onto the tree... Kid of the 60's.

I don't know what's going on but there is a problem downloading pics this week...  I got a few pictures through, including this gratuitous cow photo of the week
Rose and I,  leaning over to be seen through the camper display of stuff!

I liked meeting a friend at last weekend's craft show... Rose, DH and I laughed and chatted, and saw pretty things. The only thing I got was two Selenite crystals for the tree. I liked this though...

Now the list:
I was happy to win a giveaway from Mickie, one of our I Like friends...I'm grateful Mickie!

I like pecan pie, it's my all time favorite but usually made with corn syrup... this one from Trader Joes is made with sugar... yea! (allergy to corn and corn products like powdered sugar, syrup and starch)

I figured out how to use the flannel Christmas panel into a large lap quilt... using a mix of stash and coordinating fabrics. More on Saturday.

I love the new book on disc going in the studio.... Murder she barked with fun characters I care about and a great reader. I'm as always, LOVING the Jodi Thomas book on the nightstand.

Have you seen these tree napkins and wondered how to make them? Here's an easy to follow tutorial to make four, with two half yards of contrasting fabrics and a 2.5" strip.
I love this artists way of thinking!! I felt so energized after seeing it I was more creative

Milo's Moments
 Here I am at the art supply store, where I had to walk Mama around and point out what she needed to purchase. All while I entertained the clerk, who treated me like royalty!

I also enjoyed the trip to Tagawa Gardens where I looked at every item in the shop area.
All while greeting everyone coming in the door! Finally I found the doggie area where I picked out a toy... the challenge was too much to resist as I heard Mama say it was like the indestructible chicken.
Well, I played with that new toy all night, making it squeak like a little puppy!
Then i chewed off a leg, just because I could. (ha, indestructible... meets poodle teeth)

I found these for Mama... she wanted a llama... one to keep and one to share

Now please sit, stay! and visit these people keeping it paw-sitive this week. There's always something to like! And Mama said to remind you just let her know if you did an i like list too.

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  1. I have such a llama t-shirt LOL... and we love cows too... the picture is just cowl!

  2. Oh my gosh, my grandparents had that silver tree too. I had forgotten all about it. Glad you got the giveaway gift! Enjoy! Have a great week and stay warm!

  3. My husband had that tree with rotating lights as a kid...he hated it. Now we wish we had one! Milo is such a cutie and looks like he's enjoying himself. Thanks for sharing all your likes!

  4. Hi LeeAnna! I really enjoyed that video on how to make the Christmas tree napkin. Thanks for sharing the link! Someone else just shared making napkins yesterday but they were rectangles - these are very fun and could be made in Fall colors, too. Love love, LOVE the No Prob-llama. SO CUTE! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. We had the same silver tree and revolving lights when I was a kid. I liked it at the time, but have to admit I prefer a green tree these days. The No Prob-llama bags are adorable! Don't you just love finding fun little things like that?

  6. I love seeing all the different ways bloggers celebrate Christmas!

  7. Thank goodness for Trader Joes. Christoph has a great mind! The llama purses are so darn cute. Enjoy your day! mary

  8. I enjoyed seeing the art in the post you linked to - what creative ideas! Glad you found that pecan pie at Trader Joe's, too. Pecan is a favorite of mine, too! And what a good shopper Milo is. Suppose you will ever find him a truly indestructible toy?! :)

  9. Love the cows in their knits! Mom saw the last episode of Gilmore Girls and she watched the year beyond special. She is so sad that it's over. It was absolutely wonderful♥

  10. Hahaha that No-Prob-llama is such a riot!!
    We had a pink tree like that when i was growing up--and had all little white lights and silver baubles on it..
    and Jou Jou our mini poodle would bark at it-- for some reason she didn't like the lights going on and off...;)))hugs, Julierose

  11. Your aluminum tree pic made me think of the song by The Blenders, I Bought You a Plastic Star. You can find it on YouTube. And I think you need to make a llama mini quilt, like I did. The pattern is easy and no prob-llama. :-) Fun likes!

  12. That napkin video is so darn adorable...and easy! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love that aluminum tree. I have a tabletop version that I found at a flea market, pristine and in the original box. Thanks for linking up today.

  14. lol. No prob-llama! Rob would want that tree if he saw it.... Cute camper. Those sketches are a hoot!

  15. I had the same aluminum tree with the color wheel! My parents were so proud of that tree! Thanks for the tutorial on the tree napkins. They're so cute! I think Milo gets out more than I do!

  16. The picture of the cows made me chuckle!

  17. I had a tinsel tree with the light growing up too! Great likes, and as usual Milo was Pawsome!

  18. ...lots of things to like. I remember well silver Christmas trees and those color wheels. I hope that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  19. Such clever napkins. Thanks.

  20. No probllama, hahaha. Thanks for the link to Christoph Niemann. There's a lot to like about his work. I didn't know cornstarch is in powdered sugar. I'm going to look up if there's another way to make powdered sugar. I do like Russian teacakes.

  21. Oh, I have a corn allergy too! Of all my food allergies, corn is the hardest to avoid.

  22. Hi Milo, I wish your mom and me and Oliver could go shopping, it would be a hoot. Of course you have to check out every single thing. The only thing Oliver doesn't care to check out are the kittens that live in my favorite pet store.
    You have me convinced I need an aluminum tree this year, LA. A quick search found one nearby reduced from $35 to $17.49. Bargain. LOVE the cow pic.