Saturday, November 9, 2019

sewing Saturday... abstracts, owls, and flamingos oh my

Well if it's Saturday, it's all about sewing!
The above abstract piece was a surprise. I was working on other projects, but found I needed some medicinal stitching. Last week I showed the little red piece,
I wondered what would become of it...
This week I got out purple tiny scraps and turquoise ones... and sewed while listening to the latest book.
I keep even tiny pieces as they look like cool mosaics sewn together. I also do not cut scraps into squares or strips... I don't work that way, and don't view scraps that way. The odder the better for me.
Look at the little curvy pieces here... they were scraps from cutting the snowball block pieces.... from scraps. Don't they look cool pieced in??? well I like them.

I LOVE the way this is coming along, with red, purple and turquoise sections. wonder if I'll keep going with other color, or a mix of these colors. It's a good way to view color and composition. A good study of how lines influence the balance of a piece.

It's soothing to put the puzzle of same size or angle pieces together.
It's not useful, it's pretty.
It's about the process of making, of creation.
That is valuable... my mental and emotional health is improved while making.
It pleases me too. why, just look at the curvy print repeating the curves of the snowball scraps.

While sorting this week, I came across this misplaced little piece
so different in composition, color and line, but the process was similar. This was much easier, just sew thin strips together.... over and over. I like it mis-shapen and stringy like it is but suspect I'll trim it off when making it into wall art.

When we create, when we make order of chaos, it is valuable time spent. It brings us joy, and joy is sorely lacking in our contentious atmosphere these days. It stops the noise for a bit, allowing me to just breathe for a bit.

I also made a final owl, or another one because they are so stinkin' cute I may make more.
maybe for my stash of fall blocks...
I went through purchases made over the last year, and washed the fabrics
which helped me to feel in control of things.
I found this little beaded flamingo in that pile, purchased at a quilting event! Glad someone knows a flamingo can go a long way to soothing the soul.
I wrote a tutorial on how I do a hanging sleeve, a very easy way, but maybe I'll write that up later... the sun is out, the temps are warmer, snow again tomorrow (6 th time this Fall) and we have places to go and things to do. Happy sewing to you all... go make art!
Love, LeeAnna

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  1. Love your "making art" pieces...just so vibrant and lovely....
    hugs, Julierose

  2. I love how your abstract piece evolved since last week! The new colors and the curved pieces add so much to it.

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    Keep piecing those scraps! A very inspiring blogpost today!
    I really enjoy reading about your creativeness!

  4. Love your work and the cute beaded flamingo!

  5. That last little Owl block is SEW darling!! I don't normally think of my quilting as making art, but I DEFINITELY understand the value (and comfort) of (what I think of as) Crumb piecing. Enjoy, LeeAnna!!

  6. That flamingo is beyond adorable. Love that blue portion-so pretty!

  7. Such cute things. I always love those owls and am glad you're making more. Finding a reflective way to use our scraps is always a joy. What a peaceful creation.

  8. Love your abstract piece. Great job on the colors - they look wonderful together. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  9. Great idea to NOT cut scraps into squares and strips. I love how those curves in the turquoise/purple piece moves.

  10. Great job stitching those random sized pieces - my kind of scrap piecing!

  11. I love that pink flamingo! It sounds like you've had fun playing with fabrics. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.