Friday, November 22, 2019

watching paint dry...

Welcome to Paint Party Friday!
I almost didn't post because I have very few paintings this week, but it doesn't matter about numbers right? Just that we artists are being creative.
Last weekend I went to the art supply store hoping to find a metallic paint set (finetec) recommended by Shayda Campbell
helping Mama shop
but they didn't carry it so I got an inexpensive set of shimmer paints to try, a tube of Windsor and newton white goache, a replacement posca pen in white, and maskit.
I wanted to see how these looked on paper, and it was fun to paint with shimmery paint. It doesn't photo well though. I started with a half sheet folded in half to make a card, and a circle in pencil
then a pumpkin, some leaves and berries, a few flowers
daubs of blue purple and yellow on wet paper, continued with a pigma pen in black and white gel.
then painted a last minute tree inside the card after lettering the message on front
I'd like to get a card like this!
This week I watched a video on making a paper doll and it inspired me to do it in fabric. I did a quick pen and ink face, and appliqued some fabric, used black thread and cotton stuffing. More tomorrow but this is her little painted face
We have had snow for the last two days
and while the snow we woke to was pretty
this is an inside day for sewing and painting and reading and a cozy cup of green tea

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  1. And I get to see Milo and all is right with the world.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. Very nice post. Happy PPF


  3. Sure it's a busy day for your shop assistant 😊 Love the face 😍
    Happy PPF 😘

  4. Milo is settled in for a cozy day - of napping and keeping an eye on you.

  5. Milo looks all cozied up in his chair;)) I like that doll face--and your card is lovely...hugs, Julierose

  6. lovely painting. Always exciting to shop and find some new products to play with! Your sweet pup looks quite comfy:):) Happy PPF!

  7. Lovely art and photos, love your dog sitting in the armchair! Have fun with your new paints and supplies. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  8. Lovely art work. Milo is a cutiepie.

  9. Perfect seasonal car. Milo looks like he's settled right in for a long winter's night.

  10. Your card turned out beautifully!
    Love the tree you added inside.
    Beautiful photos, too.
    Happy PPF 🎨

  11. Your fabric paperdoll is cool! My hands have an inch to try making one, too. It's gone on my list.
    I love that tree inside your card, oh my gosh! Yes, I'm gushing. I have a soft spot for trees. :-)

  12. Always fun to get art supplies. Looks like you have used them with skill and creativity. I really love the doll.

  13. This wreath is just stunning!! I love how you did this!!

  14. Hi LeeAnna,
    It's amazing how many different art supplies there are to try and have fun with! Good for you for giving it a go!
    Creativity take courage...I read that somewhere!
    Thanks for sharing what you create! Looks great!

  15. Your painted card is beautiful! Hi Milo☺

  16. Pretty card- love the inside tree, too. Fabric paper dolls-cool idea.

  17. I love the card, especially the tree on the inside! Very nice! Your dog is adorable!!!

  18. What a lovely card! Enjoy this weekend, there's scads of sunshine and the temps will be pushing 60F by tomorrow.

  19. That's a delightful autumn garland and I love that it opens up to reveal the tree. I know it gets tiresome when you have too much of it, but I am envious of your snow... we rarely get proper snow here in the south east of the UK!
    Alison x

  20. You put a great deal of thought into your art and it shows ... I do hope we will see the rest of your perky little doll next week :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol