Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Things I Like" Thursdays #3

1. Pumpkins
I love pumpkins. Have you seen all the varieties available now? White, yellow, speckled, and the very popular orange. What is it about orange? It's a happy color! Look at that little scarecrow girl with her ponytails standing straight up? So cute and perfect size to put in the window box outside the kitchen window.

1.1 Pumpkins to eat
Trader Joes is great for tempting me with specialty foods. On our last trip in, they had a large variety of pumpkin items!
I can testify for the cream cheese muffins. Dense, yummy not overly sweet, and creamy. mmmm

DH had the "O's" and in his usual one word comments stated they were "crunchy"
Looking forward myself to the oatmeal with pumpkin.

1.2 Golden pumpkins in store displays at Crate and Barrel

2. these wonderful socks...

I walk a lot. 2-3 miles twice a day and sometimes a little one at noon. (I thought I might lose weight but my body has other plans)

I like a low sock but so many slide down into a shoe as you walk.
These don't. Feetures! fit snug like a glove, and note the little "L" at the toe?? For left. Not for stupid walkers, but because of the arch support built in. Awesome! And I have very high dancer's arches that like support, so these running shoes,  Asics are working so far. The stopped making the Avia style that was perfect, high arch and flexible sole.
Should have hoarded them, but companies do not warn me they will discontinue my favorite brands. Grrr.

3.Really sharp needles.
Generally for the machine I like Schmetz.
I have discovered Superior Titanium topstitch.

I LOVE these really strong, sharp, long lasting coated needles that seem to work for all threads, seaming quilting and, well, topstitching.

I just bought the tulip hand sewing needles as I need, a very sharp thin needle to sew my hexies. These supposedly don't bend as much and last longer than others. We'll see, I'll tell you after I tried them.

4. The BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey
This is so charming, so freshly funny that I laugh out loud. Guffaw. Remember the jokes later. (Written by James Cordon the British comedian with an American late night TV show,  who sings with guests while riding in cars??)
Set in Wales and England, a couple falls in love and the antics between their respective family and friends will have you laughing too. I love the accents and the different phrases as well. We got this from our library.

5. Petting Poodles in stores

Just a pinterest picture, because I didn't get a picture of the pair of poodles we met Sunday in Home Depot.

I called to the owner so he'd stop and let me have some poodle therapy.
These were two big strong 6 year olds, a blonde one named Cedar who was a therapy dog and a dark brown one named Woody who topped the scales at 100 lbs!!! (he's trying to lose a few pounds)

The brown one was a super lover, who leaned against my hip while I petted and petted him. I did poodle things, like play with his ears, talk to him, look deeply into his eyes while talking to the owner.

It was therapeutic in several ways. First poodle hair therapy. Then the lkind owner helped me feel better about our choice with Cole, reminding me of the necessity of our decision to say goodbye when we did.
Third, that night I decided to put in an application for a rescue poodle who's also 6. I had been reluctant, having always had puppies. But the thought of having one of these gentle giants come home with me gave me an emotional boost.
 Cole would have loved them.
I loved them.
I'd love the rescue poodle too.
Love is good.

As we've done before, let me know if you did a "Things I like" post in the comments. I'll set up a link party soon! 
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  1. Great idea to rescue a grownup. You have so many "likes" each week I'm afraid you'll run out! I've started my list, hoping to post something tomorrow, Thursday.

  2. Thank you for your post. I love poodles. I had a standard for several years and can't wait until I can have one again. It's true, puppies are nice, but with an adult dog you can skip the puppy crazies and go straight to a wonderful dog. The picture of the man carrying such a big dog made me laugh. Towards the end of walks Pompeii used to slow down until I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way home. They are such high maintenance, in all the best sort of ways :)

  3. Mmmmm... pumpkin...
    Good luck with your poodley plans!

  4. I'm just new to Tulip needles for my applique and am liking them very much. I've never been an athlete, but at 55 have recently joined a "learn to run" class/group. To my surprise, I'm enjoying it....but hope also to lose a bit of weight!

  5. Poodle therapy is a great thing. There is no better therapy than a big dog to put your hands all over.


  6. Things I like: your blog, dogs, your posts about dogs...
    Things I don't like: pumpkin alfredo sauce. Made it the other night and it really sucks. I had to fry up some bacon to mix in with it to make the leftovers edible. And I still have a cup of pumpkin pulp in the frig to use up. Send me a recipe, okay?

  7. I will be really interested to see what you think of the Tulip needles. I bought some in August and used one for the first time last week - the jury's out for me!

  8. Socks look interesting and a rescue poodle sounds very interesting!

  9. You like fun things! Hadn't thought of it as a post idea - guess I'll have to get on that.
    Thanks for sharing these things on Midweek Makers!

  10. Ooo, a rescue poodle! No dog could hope for a better home I'm sure.

  11. Ooooo - a rescue poodle! That's exciting! And I agree - I love pumpkins and pumpkin-flavored goodies! I just got my "fearless flyer" from TJ's today and was looking at all the yummy pumpkin stuff in there!

  12. Isn't it interesting that the timing of meeting the two poodles happened when you were ready to love on them. All that love going to a rescue dog would be the most valued thing you could do, as a tribute to Cole as well. I went through my photos of favorites and took one of my colored glass collection, but I don't know where the post would go.

    1. To Paula and others, for now til I set up a link party account, just tell me and I'll add your link to this post.

  13. I'm going to look for Feetures. Like you, I have high arches and my socks tend to slide down when walking. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I'm glad you had poodle therapy. A rescue poodle would be a wonderful way to remember Cole.

  14. I think getting a rescue do is absolutely the way to go


  15. Hooray for pumpkin season. I'm looking forward to pie! And what a cute pup. Glad you got some poodle loving time in! Thanks for your comment about my hexies too!

  16. As always, your "Things I like Thursday made me smile, inside and out [pumpkins and poodles...what could be better?]. I can just see you at Home Depot. "Yoo-hoo, Mr. Poodle owner...please wait..." Younger or older, your next boy is just waiting with open paws for you. ღ

  17. Hi Lee Anna, loved that you got some poodle therapy!! Posted a Good Thursday #2 on my blog! Have a great weekend!

  18. I'm so glad you're thinking of getting another poodle. I have had standard poodles in the past--they are so intelligent that if they have been neglected or mistreated, sometimes it seems like it damages them permanently. That's the only thing I would worry about. Otherwise, I am a huge fan of rescues--I have five myself!!

  19. I'm so glad you've put in an application for a rescue poodle. Obviously no one will ever replace Cole, but there are so many dogs that need good homes. I'm glad you're in a place where you guys think you can take one! Funny you mention about puppies vs. older dogs. I actually have had so many headaches training puppies I've pretty much vowed never to adopt puppies again! Obviously with older dogs you have pot luck in terms of what they might have been raised with, but over the years between me and my mother we've had 10-12 adult rescue dogs and they've all turned out great. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your new one is too!

  20. So glad you're looking into a rescue poodle! I'm really curious how your hexie needle work out....I do a lot of hand sewing!

  21. Pumpkin cream cheese Muffins! Now there's a good combination!

  22. Keep walking even if you don't lose weight right now; it has so many health benefits long-term, like moving your lymph system. This goes a long way in preventing disease.

  23. I just got back from the States and Canada and was amazed at the huge range of different pumpkins you have there. I was taking pictures like a crazy lady at the grocery store and at the farmer's market so excited was I! How good is Gavin and Stacey, I'd forgotten how much we loved it! Do you find the accents tricky? Yay to rescue dogs! I'm desperate for a pooch and when I do get one, I'll be looking to rescue a senior too!

  24. Smiling big at the term: "poodle therapy."

  25. Pumpkin fever!! I have yet to find the perfect hand stitching needles (EPP or hand quilting) I've found that when they say 'the perfect needle for hand stitching', for me it isn't true!! I hope yours work for you!

  26. I LOVE the "things I like" posts. My daughter and I exchanged '5 things that make me happy' (almost) every day she was studying abroad in a cold, country far from her friends and home. It made a big difference for both of us. If you spend a few minutes every day, looking for things that make you happy, it can really change your attitude.

  27. I'm so glad you are ready for a new family member! 6 is a good age. -the puppy training can be a challenge. All that walking - you need a poodle to share it with.

    On the pumpkin front - only this time of year I crave pumpkin spice tea and coffee. Yummy!

  28. Oh do get a rescue therapy dog - good for you, good for those that will meet you just like you met the dogs in Home Depot. I too love pumpkin season! I have good pumpkin muffin and cookie recipes and last year found my new fave -- a pumpkin bread pudding! I like to stock up on puree cans this time of year when they're real cheap so then can have them for the rest of the year when the desire hits. Will have to look for those "Feetures" -- love low socks, also hate when they slip down into your sneaker!

  29. Dogs bring so much to our lives. We are on the end watch for our darling little cocker, Raggs, an official English Springer Spaniel from the Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue. He was a special needs dog. He's been a great companion and funny fellow for many good years but he's in liver failure. It's a matter of time now. We have another dog but I don't think we'll get another one. Ha! We said that after our springer died 8 years ago and then along came Raggs. Never say never about dogs. Hope you find a new, wonderful best friend. They all have such different personalities.

  30. You have lots of love to give the rescue dog.

    No "things I like" post today, but this is definitely that time of year when I start craving pumpkin things. I bought a pumpkin pie over the weekend. Yum! I may need to make a pumpkin cheesecake soon.