Tuesday, September 6, 2016

critical mass

Gratuitous Flamingos made of spoons... seen in an artisan's booth at First Sunday Arts Fest. Annapolis

In response to my post on fabric hoarding shelving, a comment by Sue at sewingmagpie 
I  wrote this answer to her comment  that she feared she might buy more than she uses:

"Sue, sorry to say, you will not, NOT come out ahead. You will leave countless yards behind because we need a critical mass of fabric in which to nest.

That's all there is to it.
That's what we do, we "collect"  fabric.

 We are in pretty good company tho...

Enjoy these videos of my new shelving units seeing their new digs for the first time lol
( in case the video won't load, here's the link  youtube.com)   (warning, this is really stupid lol!)

As a follow up post to my excitement at buying more storage shelves...Uh Oh
Uh, guess in all my measurements I didn't stoop down to notice the cross bars... which means the two shelving units WON"T fit side by side under the table.


Back to the drawing board... now how to fit more fabric into the studio??

With me in there too???

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  1. Oh, those darn cross bars! They've been a problem for me, too. I was wondering where you were planning to put your new babies.

  2. Oh no. Now you gphave gone and sone it. You need to add on to the house, a fabric storage room. Yep, that's what you need now.

  3. Actually, you most likely could find a new use for a shed--a little addition for the fabulous fabrics...hahaha hugs, Julierose

  4. could you put risers on the table legs? It looks like the cross bars are a knee cap wacker if one tried to roll a chair under!
    AND then you have a stand up work table.. just where my mind went...

  5. Can you put the folded up table on top of the shelving units? They might be able to support the weight of the table, but not much more -- like the pressure of cutting or piles of project boxes (which is why I went to wood cabinets).

  6. Take the legs off the table. Put a board across the tops of your two units. Lay the table on top of the board. (or, like Glen suggested, add onto the house - giggle)

  7. More fabric storage! More choice!
    Good luck with the new units!

    My legs are fine this morning!

    take care,

  8. I like the dedicated fabric storage room suggestion. That's an idea and a half!

  9. Obviously you need a new table now...a beautiful wooden top, steel leg, countertop height work table with room for drawers or shelves underneath! My hubby got me one from a shop that was closing and I'm sure a search for industrial salvage could be a big adventure for you and Drew!

  10. I've got that same problem with the table supports. Maybe I'll give hubby another project - build me a decent cutting table! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  11. Bwahaha! I think he little IKEA man did a super job on the obedience classes before flat packing the Algot systems for you. Well done. The one I got was unruly and not leash trained so I plunked a hard top on top of him!!! 😜

  12. I struggle with this same thing. Quite a lot of my fabric is in huge plastic totes that are stacked here and there. I can move them around and put stuff on them, but I can't see all of the pretty fabric in them, but sometimes there is no other option.

  13. Oh, bummer on the folding legs being in the way! Love the "puddle house" you saw at Ikea. I love organizing stuff! I wish I had a dedicated studio. I have an office, but my PC takes up most of the desk so no room to get my painting stuff out and just leave it out. Maybe in our next house....

  14. The videos were soooo funny, perfect Leeanna. I agree with those who said get a bigger heavy duty steel table with no crossbars. Or enclose your sun porch for a new studio and leave all the storage where it is. Or move, but they say no matter how many rooms you have, you always need one more. They must have meant quilters for sure.

  15. I'm with everyone else...add on to the house or something along those lines. Just be sure to get as many inches of floor space as possible, but I promise it's just a matter of time before you'll be needing more! Good luck!

  16. I love this song toooooo!!!! Sadly I gave up piano after the rude comment of the teacher (you are like a piece of wood no sense for music ugh!)but books are still my friends they sometimes help to escape in a story when life throws lemons at me :o)thanks for sharing so much good things :o) btw: the paw of the mama is still out of order, but at least she has her tetanus shots, so we haven't to worry infections :O)

  17. Wow! I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you! How about turning the shelves on their sides?