Thursday, September 15, 2016

" I Like" Thursdays #1

A few of my favorite things... the title of this quilt made early in my quilting career, about 1995.
It was a sampler of  dogs,stars, hearts, trees, architecture, angels and flowers. As time went by I attached ornaments too... a beaded star, angels, moon, mermaid, cows, flamingos, poodles and a bookmark with the phrase
"Never give up, this may be your moment for a miracle" by Greg Anderson.

It was my first sampler just figuring out how to set different sized blocks. It hangs in the studio as one of my favorite quilts.

I was tagged by my friend Easy who's Mama  blogs at EasyBlog  about her life with a weimaraner in France. We are to list 5 things we really like.

Well, I made a list, and realized there are lots of fun posts here!! So I thank her for tagging me!

I've decided to replace the Muse series on Thursdays with the "I Like Thursday" series, and plan to start a link party for all who want to write a post of their favorite things. Stay tuned!!

So let's start with a general list, shall we?

1. My husband must go on the top of the list. He and I share so much in life and he's my best friend.
2. Standard Poodles.
 Well, I should say dogs since I also loved my labradaughter Chelsea. I am currently trying to recover from   the passing of my son Cole, my standard poodle of 14 years, one third of our wee family of three.

    Well, maybe I should say pets since I'm currently in love with some guinea pigs and cats too. Or...
     maybe I should admit I like all baby animals especially elephants.
      And I love it when one species adopts another, and love youtube videos like this one. chimp adopts dog

3.  Art in general. Drawing, painting, sewing, beading, pottery, weaving, crafting... I love it all! I do it all!
4. Books! Love reading and handling and collecting books...
Just my art books, and not all of those!
Heaven help me organize these!
I love a book.
I like to read fiction, and have fave authors of course. I began listing most books I read on my book page.
Once I read an article on what books you'd have on your special shelf. That will be another post.

Right now I'm reading a tea shop mystery, a book on lettering, a book on how to cope with grief of loss Never letting go by Mark Anthony.

books take me to other places, they inform me, and they open my eyes to new thoughts.

5. Entertainment. Oh how I love music, TV, movies, theater especially musical theater.
    Have I ever told you I was in musical theater?
    I was. I love singing and dancing, maybe not auditioning but it's part of it.
    As a young 20 something I admit to claiming to be a singer/dancer on Broadway when meeting strangers at a party. A slight embellishment since the closest I got to performing on Broadway was Tampa. Still... it was an ice breaker and harmless fantasy to become someone else when meeting a bunch of strangers lol.
 I buy CD's of musicians I really like. All time faves are Carol King Tapestry, Steely Dan's AJA, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Dianna Krall, and so very many others. My very favorite music is Brazilian and BossaNOva, sung so well by Astrud Gilberto. I am also partial to songs from the 1940's  like
This song makes me laugh and laugh  Istanbul not Constantinople
I grew up playing piano, maybe about 9 years. Then my marching/concert band clarinet playing took over through high school. Now I am trying to learn Ukelele.

I make up silly songs about the ordinary moments of my day. I'll make up a song about putting away dishes for instance.

I made a quick list of some specific things that make me happy... I will go into specifics later
Humor (comedies, jokes, funny sayings, whimsical pictures)
Puzzles and board games
Christmas ornaments
talking to people
shopping and merchandise displays
new sheets, towels, magazines, books, etc
italian food
Art Museums and History
Iced tea
Comfort in general... clean air, soft rugs, soft but firm mattresses. You get the idea

I'm not going to tag anyone... you all know who you are and I have a page of fave blogs
Keep in mind, I'll be starting a link party on Thursdays so concoct fun posts that showcase some thing that makes you really happy!
I'll come read them, Love, LeeAnna


  1. Great Idea LeeAnna!
    Love the way you put this post together!
    What great collections!

    those cookies are at Buitenzorg, out of house, out of mind :)

    Take care,

  2. Istanbul not Constantinople is one of my favorites. :-)

    I like your likes!

  3. Smile Your ideas are such fun


  4. Sounds like fun. I'm reading Laura Child's tea shop mysteries, too. Makes me want to visit Charleston some day.

  5. OMG, you got me at your music faves! Mine, too! Saw Carol King perform Tapestry live with James Taylor before/or just as it was released. Was at a Steely Dan concert the night Hank Aaron broke the HR record. You should follow my journalist/pop culture critic son, too. He and his wife are superlative silly lyracists.

  6. Great idea and I imagine thinking/writing about what makes us happy with actually make us happy. And make us appreciate those things even more. Now I need to give this some thought myself. Thanks for the food for thought.

  7. What a fun post! New sheets always do it for me, too. Love that music as well!

  8. This is an excellent idea. I'm afraid to make a commitment I won't be able to keep but I'm definitely storing this idea for future use (and enjoyment!). "Favorite Things Thursday" hmm...

  9. I have a bit of a book obsession, too. I can purge any stuff in my house, but not my books! Your quilt is amazing! Someday I'd love to learn to quilt. I can do squares, but nothing fancy.
    ~Rascal and Rocco

  10. Great idea, LeeAnna - I look forward to your linky party. I am already mentally listing all the things I love. I enjoyed your list too.

  11. Sounds like a great idea! And I too loved the song!

  12. Fun idea for a link party!! My list will have a lot in common with yours, which is why I always love to read your posts and be inspired by your projects!

  13. I love the idea of "I like Thursdays" as a series! Very cool. Focusing on the things we like rather than the stuff that aggravates us seems so much more healthy and 'pawsitive.' Looking forward to the Thursday 'pawty.' ღ

  14. Love the quilt's representation of the most important things - family, home, pets, and angels!

  15. PepiSmartDog: its so lovely to see you again Leeanna. We have been thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers.
    I am going to join in your 'I Like Thursdays' posts.
    I'll come back here to get your link, for the link arty, so I can add it into my Thankful Thursday blog hop.
    *waves paw* :=o)