Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finding the Muse, kind of, in store displays

Not exactly a "finding the muse" post but this was too good to pass up.
We went for a walkabout to the mall last weekend and I spied some interesting and stimulating displays in Crate and Barrel.
This wall art is metal I think, didn't get too close but it's very modern quilt looking isn't it???
I think I might just try doing something along these "lines" pun intended.

And that color! And the glow!

There are lessons to be learned everywhere.

I have been hard at work finishing up my art quilt for a challenge by Alida at  http://tweloquilting.blogspot.com/
 In fact working my fingers to the bone!

heh heh

(I have a tiny bit more meat on my bones)

My quilt is based on Matisse's papercut series and I "toted" it to a recent bee meeting in order to add some beads. What it lacks in size is made up for in embellishments!

Any way... thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of what's out there in stores for Halloween.
The displays are awesome, and while I aspire to entertain using these items, I just don't have the storage.

Yep. That's why I don't buy them!


  1. In some ways I am grateful that my house is small, because it means I am not bringing home tons of goodies that I see and want but don't necessarily need. On the other hand, I am constantly trying to figure out what I can do to store more stuff...why??? I just don't NEED the stuff!!!

  2. Those owls are cute. I have little pumpkin lights that I'll hang out by the end of the week. There's Indian corn on the door, and that's about it. :-)

  3. I often "copy" store decorations at home, they are a muse, I'm sure... and to get inspired that way is something what online-shopping never can do :o)

  4. Marvelous yellow/orange piece - what fun to translate that into fabric and thread.

  5. Those skellys are some of my favorite things. :-)