Thursday, January 14, 2016

Where do things go?

I asked QuiltArt online about mandala folding techniques used in dyeing . Mary Ann responded with a link to youtube. I watched it, and thought, hey.... I can do that with paint not dye. So I tried.

First step gather textile paints, muslin squares, foam brush, freezer paper, and start folding. What fun, I folded fabric in several ways.
diluted the paint, dipped the fabric, then pressing other colors on with a foam brush.
look like little candies don't they? Let them dry outside....
in what passes for sun here. I did not factor in the cold temps however and by the end of the afternoon they were frozen not dried. I pried open several and took them down to the basement to dry.
When I went down to get them today, all but the messed up blurry ones were gone. Gone. Poof. I have looked high. I have looked low. I have rooted around. I left them together.
The four that came out great? gone.
The blurry ones fit for stamping possibly? Here...

 I don't know (shaking head) Where do things go? This has to be the worst disappearing act yet. I mean it was just last night! The ones I folded into wedges did the best by the way, and the one from a spiral. Gone.


  1. It shows that your gremlin has good taste! How strange! And what a bummer to lose your best ones!

  2. What a strange mystery. Mice with good taste maybe!

  3. Ahem. You might want to be extra alert next time Cole 'uses the facilities'...
    Don't know if you'd want them back at that point, though.

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    What a great idea for coloring fabrics!
    What strange! Maybe they dissapeared into the 4th dimension? :)
    Do let us know if they turn up!
    Take care,

  5. pretty all the same! Weird! We had a lot of wind the past few days.. maybe they will show up in the spring (???)

  6. Where was Cole at the time of the crime??????

  7. Bet you'll find them when you are looking for something else! Either that or a bird is making a nice nest! I found a small border section under the sofa once -no clue how it got there!

  8. that's a mystery.... maybe they melted away after they were frozen outside?

  9. Yes, my thought exactly: Cole ate them. And he had the good taste to choose the best looking ones, too!

  10. Like the game of Clue.... Cole did it, in the basement, with his teeth!

  11. Oh-oh, I suspect foul play critter-style. I suggest getting Cole on the case to sniff out the dastardly offender! ღ

  12. It was the magpies; they always go for the pretties! Mary Ann