Friday, January 22, 2016

on using painted (not dyed) fabric

What do I make with painted scraps of muslin? 
Start with stamping.
I really like this one. Fly free! Live your life!

Here are five I stamped...
Some of the other painted pieces will be stenciled but it's too cold. I need to work outside because of my chemical sensitivities. Or under a chemist's hood. In my dream studio, there is a hood exhaust. 

What will I make with these?? stay tuned!


  1. Neat. I've gone as far as printing on fabric through my printer, but I have not tried dyeing and certainly have not thought of stamping. I'm interested in how these will end up!

  2. Love the look of the stamped pieces, I have a feeling I am going to dig out my stamps this week.

  3. Interesting process and the stamping is very cute. I've never done any fabric dyeing except for tie-dyed t-shirts.

    1. thanks for commenting Sara!
      Just a note to say these are not dyed. They are painted, which is much easier. LeeAnna

  4. Fun toys! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and let you play outside soon. (Not this weekend, though, from what I hear. Stay safe!)

  5. And SO much fun! There are SO many ways to use/make art with fabrics painted.I could write a book,so far i have been writing a blog and if i post occasionally, it is because i would rather BE painting! i love to use fabric as a basis for my art. i see prayer flags or flags of hope, word of the year banners because i have a hard time picking just one word... in patchwork,in stitchery, postcards.....stamping and stenciling upon....on and on

  6. You have the best stamps! Do you use a regular stamp pad like you use for paper or does it need to be something special?

    Stay safe in the storm

  7. Oh! Cool! I like that bird.......I am into birds right now.

  8. You always have something new and fun going on over here! As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what you create w/your painted/stamped fabric!

  9. Love the message and the color of that fabric is just gorgeous! Great job as usual!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I was going to do some silk painting and I was wondering what to do with those pieces afterwards. I am intrigued by your stamping and what you will do with them next. The colours in your paintings are so warm and beautiful.


  11. As always, you are uniquely creative with fabric & paint. You're my hero! ღ