Monday, October 19, 2015

The news about the nose

know how I was concerned about Cole losing his sense of smell as he ages? (See that post right here!)
Well, the news about his nose is, it's still working.
From the mind of Cole:  "Is that TUNA I smell??"  From the middle of the back yard while investigating another chipmunk trail? With the wind blowing, squirrels running and lots of distractions? He smelled my salad with tuna.
Maybe I should just come in and check if you indeed have tuna in that bowl of lettuce, which by the way, you have thumbs and can fix anything you want so why eat grass??
Maybe I should stop everything, and come in and check. Maybe this time you remembered to put some in my bowl too. Or am I just, once again, neglected and forgotten? What's up with the dog food in my bowl, people?! I'm tired of being a second class family member around here! COME MOMMA! open the door!
"Great! Are you going to eat all of that tuna?  And I also like cheese"

Momma here, Cole is allergic to tuna among as well as several other proteins. I can no longer share with him, which I know upsets him, but he gets ear infections from yeast if he eats allergens. Do not accept any neglect phone calls from him, he is not mistreated despite his claims.
"Fine, then some cheese will have to do... pile in on my food..."


  1. Hi Y'all!

    Cole, I understand your plight. I have to take weekly allergy shots and stay away from things that aggravate my allergies, one of which is grass, yes timothy grass! My Humans gave up on tryin' to keep me out of the grass though. I take loratadine pills too when the grass is sprouting and growing. There are lots of us with allergies. You're not alone.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. The goldens have never had tuna before but they certainly know when I open the can! Lol!!

  3. Our Wilbur has ear allergies too - what other things is cole allergic besides Tuna - Wilbs doesn't get Tuna (usually no leftovers at all when there's tuna!)

  4. Hmmmmm....I did get a phone call this morning from anoother area code.

  5. Kilo is a cheese monster too! He hasn't shown any interest in tuna however...

  6. We did a little nosework in the garage last week and I thought Leo's nose might be on the fritz. He missed a treat right in front of his face!

  7. Cole I'm with you... I . Love. Cheese !

  8. Boy, I didn't know dogs could be allergic to tuna. Poor Cole! Rita LOVES tuna. Don't tell Cole, but when we open a can, we pour the "tuna juice" in her bowl to drink. She loves that! She smells a can opening and she comes running like a cat!

  9. Poor Cole, so abused, so neglected. [smirk] Love his face watching through the windows and doors. :)

  10. Glad to see the nose is still got it.

  11. PepiSmartDog: ppppssssst *whispers to Cole: hey buddy, I always had the Animal Rescue on one-paw-touch speed dial - asking to make your one phone call can get you lots of treats* Hee Hee!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop each week.
    We love your posts and look forward to reading your next one. *waves paw* :=o)