Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hardly decorated at all....

Front dogwood
We decorate for Halloween. This is the front porch.We really pared down this year. Only the spider and ghost lights, jackolantern windsock, and a wooden ghost in the planter. New ghost lights went up along the path from the car. So we have lighted ghosts along the path, and around the tree.
In previous years there was an enormous sparkly happy halloween sign along with colored lights in all the bushes, lots of little decorations bought over the 22 years we've been together. This year, I just didn't have the desire for it all.

Do you get like that? Is it a sign of something?

I quite like the simple three real pumpkins by the door. I like the mums.

One of the ghost light strings from last year blew out, and dh wanted to toss them.
What!?  Just toss perfectly good plastic smiling ghosts?? Just because they no long light up?
I asked him to cut the wires off, and stuck the ghosts in the back yard around the trees so I could see them during the day.
Back garden and oak trees
Along with the Fall colored lights on the porch. And on the fountain.
We can see the fountain from our porch perches
oh, forgot about the 8 ft tall banner that says trick or treat
around the oaks in back yard
Guess I decorated a bit more than I thought.
She's waiting in the wings for Halloween to be over so she can come out to play
It makes me happy to see this seasonal stuff around the house. Do you do anything special for Halloween?


  1. I admire other people's exhibits, but I'm afraid I'm the Grinch of Halloween.

  2. The older I get the less decorating I do. I even stopped having a Christmas tree, heathenistic grinch that I am. I do enjoy looking at others though and yours is cute.

  3. Paint the ghosts with glow in the dark paint if they don't already have that ghostly glow.

  4. we are always the only ones with a howl-o-ween decoration... it's sad that french people have no sense for this season... buit nevertheless they send their kids for tricks and treats :o)

  5. It's not a big deal over here, but your Halloween quilts make me think I should try one too. I like your pared down decorations.

  6. Thanks for the garden tour!
    Great re use of the lamps!
    Take care,

  7. All I did was bring out my three Halloween quilts.

    We used to decorate heavily and have a huge halloween costume party. Huge! these days, not so much......