Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturday Walkabout...Halloween Horrors edition

Excuse me Sir, got any "dog-O'lanterns" ???
Cole here for my weekly post
You would not believe the terror I lived through on Friday night. All you sensitive type dogs and cats out there know how thunderstorms are? This time we had just had a long walk, Daddy came home from wherever he goes all day, we three were on our porch-perch and it started.

I freaked out, started panting as you do, then  Crack! Passed out! Fell on the floor! Next thing I knew Momma was standing there with a paper bag over my snout.
OMDog! (shakes head, shakes ears while I'm at it, shakes it all, hokey-pokey style)

Anyway, I survived the fainting spell, and as a reward the next day I went on a walkabout with the folks.
First stop was the farmers market for a few vege and pumpkins.

Let's see....

They all smell about the same....
you choose Momma!

Then it's off for a real walk in another neighborhood for new smells and to do a little business, heh heh

low and behold, we see one of Daddy's work friends, so of course my peeps had to stop and yakety-yak. After I petted Kelly for a looooong time, I planted it for a little doze in the sun. These are the SAME people who make me stop sniffing a Very Important Smell and come on. Sheesh!

On to the produce stand where I was tasked with choosing some mums...
How's a limited color-viewing poodle to choose here?? Momma, you're the artist...
We did select some honey crisp apples, some pickles and I petted some people while momma shopped.

Then back to the van, here we go... and all heck breaks loose!
All I did was grab and eat a kleenex on my way back into the parcel laden van. I mean, it took a second at best, and they weren't eating them for pity's sake!

What a ruckus! Cole spit it out!
riiiiiiight, mmph, almost done, there! By the time Dad pried open my mouth it was safely eaten.

You'd think they never ate one of these delicacies before. And I was quick about it too.

I don't know what these people you? They are always hurrying me along, then when I eat fast on the run they make a fuss. Oy!
Another quick walk in the little park near Daddy's shirt pick-up, and Momma won't let it go! Still.
Said with that sarcastic voice I hate, "Sorry Cole, there's no tissues here"  and "Cole! do not jump in!" Like I would! It looks too much like a bath to be enjoyable, wait, is that a frog?!!
We finished the trip here...
All for the Pet... my kind of store!
Lots of treats in here including bunnies on the hoof!
No, they wouldn't buy one for me, but I talked them into some duck treats. Momma might have gotten yanked in the sniffing frenzy but it wasn't my fault she dropped the camera. 

We all got home, had a sip of water, then played in the yard. The mums look nice with the ghost lights, huh?


  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Great Fall colours there! The walk to your house looks great!
    Yes, I've been a vegetarian for about 20 years.
    Take care,

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    Great Fall colours there! The walk to your house looks great!
    Yes, I've been a vegetarian for about 20 years.
    Take care,

  3. Woof Oof Woof Cole!
    My Granny freaks out about my love for Kleenex too! I am very polite and wait for my beloved humans to be done and place the Kleenex in the trash, but my BeBe calls it "gross" and shakes the pieces at me. And here all those pieces have been nicely cleaned, too! That's why I leave them out! I thought she appreciated recycling! Gross?! Has she looked at some of the things she eats? But I never complain. I stay polite and help her finish up what she can't eat. Sigh. Well, they love us, and think that they're taking care of us, so it's hard to stay mad for very long. Besides, my Bebe is sooo cute when she opens the treat jar! Talk to you later friend! Dora
    (shortened from Nymphadora - I wish everyone would quit Spanish woofing in my direction - I only know a few words! Like tacos por favor. Sigh.)

  4. Cole I'm glad you are ok after that fainting spell. I like kleenex too and that's a challenge for the humans to get it out of my mouth. Mostly it ends with kleenex-confetti and disappointed humans... specially when I found a strange kleenex on the street...

  5. Wow, that's a lot of adventures! AND a Kleenex caper! Fun weekend! Love the pic with the mums!

  6. OMG! It is like being with McGee! He got anothe roll of toilet paper this week, despite the precautions of baby gate and higher distance to jump.

    Cole sounds like a fun guy, he and McGee would get into so much trouble!

    So does he really pass out?

  7. Cole, I love it when you write your weekly post! Thank you for entertaining us with your adventures. Hope you didn't hit your head when the thunder scared you.

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm glad you were okay! It sounds like you had fun after that and got lots of pampering too!

  9. Those thunder storms are no fun. I hide under the covers or in my humans arms. And Kleenexes make the best white mice I have ever tasted. They grey mice taste much different and are harder to catch. But in the end it sounded like you had a fun outing.

  10. Oh Cole, you have so many adventures. Glad this one had a happy ending. Take care..

  11. Thank you, Cole, for petting me. You are a super sweet dog!

  12. PepiSmartDog: I feel your pain buddy! There was only one thing that brought me undone - thunder. I would get so distressed I'd actually hurt myself if left alone. One I got completely jammed in a metal fence in the middle of a freaking monsoon! We don't mention that when a neighbor heard me screaming on the top of my voice, and he tried to rescue me I may have savaged his hand open and he was leaving for hospital when mom came running through the door...a bit late! She got e out of the fence and then I collapsed too. I was almost 18 yrs old...but I recovered - much faster than the neighbor's hand. Woops! (He couldn't play golf for months.)
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We love your posts and always enjoy reading them each week. Hope to see you back in our hop this week too. *waves paw* :=o)