Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trips and coffee love


We went on a little trip up to Pennsylvania yesterday to drop off my quilt for Quilt Odyssey. We had a fun time driving up, with great scenery, lots of cows to look at, and the three of us were together. We decided to go up because 30 homeowners in my neighborhood had a company come spray for mosquitoes and I am so sensitive I almost had to visit the ER last time they did that 21 days ago. It's going to be a hard summer with it happening every 21 days. Anyway, we visited the organizer/owner of the show at her lovely home and Cole had an exciting moment when her cat approached.

The cat was unimpressed by Cole's size, intensity, or poodleness

At one point the cat walked right under Cole's tummy in order to cross the porch. Imagine the look on his face! He did manage to slip on the tiles trying to eat cat food and now requires a visit to the vet to investigate the limp. 
 On the way back we stopped at an art museum/park for a little leg stretching. Cole said maybe I could ride a bike??

There were swans to observe, and luckily he listened to me about the temperament of swans... best to leave floating birds float...

We got home, grabbed a quick leftover dinner and just before bed realized we were out of our regular coffee. Now that's a crisis! We loves our coffee, strong with milk. Luckily we located a forgotten stash, so the question was, how old is too old? 

Potent Poodle Best Friend Blend

One lump or two??

picture from this coolpics site

The answer is, when it comes to morning coffee... give it over!



  1. What a great way to make lemonade from lemons! Love the poodle coffee cup.

  2. Hi! I came to visit your blog after you left a comment on mine. What a great blog. There is so much variety and interesting jaunts. I love your style of writing--very fresh and friendly. I love Annapolis! My son lives in Elicott City. We had so much fun touring Annapolis!

  3. Hi LeeAnna! I'll joi you for a cup of that coffee! Roasted, sealed,and kept in a "cool" place, coffee will be good for a looooog time!
    Swans! I'll have to go take a pict of Family Swan that's growing up in the local pond! You're right about that! Don't get too close!
    Take care,

  4. It looks like you guys had quite the adventure! I can't believe the cat went right under your dog. Silly kitty.