Sunday, July 20, 2014

the winners are...

The winners of my one year anniversary giveaway are... Angela and Kaja!  Congratulations!
Originally I was going to give away one hexie pincushion but in my heart of hearts I wanted to make one for everyone! I just couldn't but I did make another one so I could draw at least two names.
I always want everyone to win, so hopefully I will be able to give something to each of you over the years.

I put your names on slips of paper, and asked Cole to leave the TV show and come pick one. He said he wasn't falling for THAT! He has gotten in an amount of trouble for eating paper including my watercolor painting over the holidays,  read all about it here so he wasn't even getting near to paper.
 In front of me.


  1. Congrats to the lucky winners!! WHoot WOO...great way to start the week for sure!

  2. A really great way to start the week - I'm jolly pleased. Thanks LeeAnna.