Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why yes, I'll have a bowl of ice cream

 Cole enjoys ice cream.   A LOT!
We made the mistake of letting him lick a bowl once and now it's expected.
He can count to two. My husband finishes first, and Cole is there to help clean up...
Then he waits impatiently for mine. Then he forgets he had some and waits for his bowl to materialize.

 Um, my bowl seems to be empty.

My. Bowl. Is. EMPTY.

Sometimes we give him a little bowl of whipped cream, which he also forgets he had.
Do the calories go away if you forget you ate?

So sad when the ice cream is gone. 


  1. There's nothing like a dish of ice cream in the summer! Happy WW

  2. That's how I am with ice cream and spaghetti!! -Harley