Monday, July 7, 2014

holiday weekend part two

The weekend started on Thursday with loud hot thunderstorms. The weather that followed was awesome!
Sunny, breezy, not so humid, it made it feel like we had taken a vacation right here at home! We were able to blend an enjoyment of relaxing a bit on the back porch with going and doing.
Here we are taking what we thought would be a quiet morning walk in Annapolis.
 It. Was. Packed.
We located a parking place and walked along the harbor to the farmer's market. We resisted buying local produce as we didn't want to be loaded down with beans and eggplants. We strolled up Main Street, stopping at each water bowl for a taste test.
 First stop was in a running store for our resident runner. See the tshirt ahead on the right?? It would be for me... it says  0.0   whereas my mate can wear the one that says 13.1. Cole took a moment to rest on a cool floor.

He says, that's a lesson. Don't turn down a chance to rest.
We continued our stroll up to one of my favorite shops, where we are always welcomed with open arms and so is Cole who again enjoyed the cool floor and some petting by the lovely owner.
We didn't realize when we started out this morning that an art festival was happening in town! Fun!!

 It was hot for Cole,  so he and Drew decided to listen to the great band in a shady nook while I looked at the art booths. Oh my friends, I wanted lots of things! There was seaglass jewelry, clothing, paintings, home dec, pizza, music, lots of people and dogs and excitement. I returned to my men with a piece of pizza, a rare treat for us to share. Then along the walk back to the harbor and our car, we stopped at this flower seller...
We all were dazzled by the beauty!!
Cole has always believed in stopping to smell things along the way.

I bought one lovely bouquet for the back porch, then decided to get two, as they were a bargain at $10 a bunch.

There were so many flowers in a bunch, and so many exotic ones not usually found here.
What in the world is that hanging down thing?? So pretty. I know the sunflower, and the status, but not the one that looks like velvet or the draping one.

The flowers on the right are lisianthus. When I first fell in love with my husband, he lived in Amherst MA. When I went up to visit from my home in Fl, I saw these for the first time. I fell in love with him and the flowers. While we maintained a long distance courtship he sent me lisianthus often. Love that.

I divided the two bouquets into three arrangements, and am now flower rich!
The bouquet below sits on the back porch table. What's that velvet looking folded undulating red one over the sunflower? so cool.
We are home in time to do a few chores and read a bit to each other on the back porch before the work week starts again. Summer is here. LeeAnna


  1. Cockscomb. Such a weird flower. Love the sunflowers!

  2. How wonderful to stumble onto an art festival! Good vibes.

  3. What a lovely day! Those droopy red flowers are called "My Love Lies Bleeding". How's that for a name? I had a friend who use to grow them in her garden.

  4. Thanks for supplying the names, so descriptive! I sure lucked into such an exotic mix of flowers! LEeAnna

  5. Hi LeeAnna,
    What fun! A market!
    Thoses a great Summer flowers to cheer up any space!
    Amaranthus is a fun colour in an arrangement! I
    Take care,

  6. I am enjoying your wonderful weekend! The flowers are lovely. Sunflowers are one of my favorites. I have some planted in the garden. Hopefully the squirrels won't get them!

  7. My comment got eaten first time - hope this time it works. I really like your photos, especially the flower stand and the t-shirts - quite similar colours in these two and they feel really sunny and summery.

  8. Your standard Poodle is gorgeous! We have a st. poodle puppy. His name is Jack, 4 months old, gets into lots of trouble!