Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I made you a little something

I made you a little something.... you know I love a pin cushion,  check out  a few of them In this picture and in This cutest little find. picture.
I also love a hexagon. I use the quilt patti's method of basting around a plastic template, then popping them out when they are surrounded by others.
When I first started sewing hexies, I bought a package of them. When I had used them all to make components but wasn't sure how I wanted to arrange them, I bought two more sets of templates.

The way I work is to make lots of components, then move the "units" around before sewing them into a top which requires a lot of templates. Soooo

I began cutting more from yogurt lids, using my quilt pattis as template. Since DH and Cole poodle eat a significant amount of yogurt I now have an unending supply, in any size I want! The hexie project turned into a king size project, more projects have come and gone--- and actually gotten finished--- using these same plastic templates I cut out of lids.
Which brings me to your gift.
I used the free pattern here: .victoriana quilt designs
It's pretty easy, a little fidgety to get fat fingers in after you start the final sewing, but really fun to make.
I made one also from a traditional colorway, but found there wasn't enough color change to show off the hexie design. If you make it, use a different color in each hexie.
Also, if you make it, beware of these...
bad bad pellets
Oh my heck. See that funnel? With the opening 10 times larger than a pellet? Well these annoying little pellets  clog it. Then they repel each other flying all over the place except into the pin cushion. I got a few in, packed in with stuffing. Ground walnut shells are supposed to work better.

I have been blogging for about a year now. I am a dinosaur, and there are still times I am stymied by computer issues but I have loved the connections made with you all.

If you would like to WIN the pin cushion, and some other surprise treat, here are the ways to do it:
1. Read an older post and comment on it on this current post, telling me when it was originally posted
I suggest you look at the labels on the sidebar; because they are categories where you can find something to intrigue you. Choose one that sounds fun, and click on it! It'll take you to a treasure trove of older, hopefully entertaining posts. I particularly like "If you want me to fetch throw a squirrel"  post is here under the label poodle puppy ponderings

I would be over the moon if you decided to follow my little blog by email or another method. To be honest, I don't know if joining my circles lets you know about posts! (Dinosaur)  I just hope to keep in touch with y'all.

I will draw a name, in old school fashion, by having Cole poodle choose, and since he can't read it's all fair.
We'll do the drawing at 10AM EST Sunday morning , announce the winner (and email them) so make sure I have your email address. If like me you are no response and just can't change it, leave the address in the comment.

Thanks for making this journey with me!


  1. Oh that Hexi pin cushion is A D O R A B L E!!! Congrats on your one year celebration! SO glad to have been a follower! I have ya right on my blogroll so not to miss a post and am a GFC follower. Off to find one of my favorite old posts of yours. V:)

  2. That hexie pincushion is the cutest ever! I have been making hexies to keep my hands busy during my daughter's hospital stay, but dont really have a plan for them. They are from old, old stash that i am not really drawn to, but anything would be adorable in that pin cushion!

    I am a new blogger, and still trying to figure out links, sidebars, following... Even formatting my own blog. But I've been a reader for a while, and yours has been a favorite. I will be back later to choose a favorite post!

  3. I always enjoy your colourful blogposts. The yellow scap hexagon post is my favorite. Thank you for this idea. Think I have to make myself a pincushion with hexies, because I love hexies. Or maybe I'm lucky to win it. Thanks for the chance, and congratulations on your one year celebration.

  4. OK. Back from browsing. In June (11th, 21st, 28th) you had beautiful yellow pictures. You commented that some people are afraid of yellow, and I guess maybe I was. But those posts made me want to go through the scraps and head for the fast quarter bin! Those pieced hexies....be still my heart!

  5. July 30, 2013 - OMG! are those all pincushions? You have a wonderful collection. I love the doll. (You should do a series of blogs about them.)
    I am a follower - for a while now. Love your visits around your area, and your poodle. Like you, I am tech challenged, so can't help you with your phone troubles. I don't even have a cell phone.
    Enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I think that might be my next TV hand work project.

  6. I enjoy all your posts, but one which exemplifies why I like your blog is Jan. 23, 2014, "All this from scraps?" Scraps, playing with fabric, making connections; it's all so good!

  7. Your hexie pincushion is just too cute! I've been wanting to try hexies for awhile...think I just might follow that great tut you linked to! I tried to follow you with Google + Not sure if I made it or not...but I have you on my blog roll for awhile now, so I don't miss a thing! Will check out your older blogs and get back to you!!

  8. Okay, just followed a few links and was really interested in your Challenge Hawaiian Quilt. I just LOVE 'scene'...your cows are adorable and I like the way you use 'made fabric' in the pineapples...also noticed in another post the yellow hexies with made fabric....super! Here are the dates of some of the posts...
    April 14, 14, May 2 and 22, 2014. There was maybe one more but I didn't jot down the date...Love your work!

  9. Re" red, white and blue friendship exchange. Love all the blocks, and the red white, and blue dressed to the nines Poodle. Would love to know where you got that stencil "Quilted By" because I would like to buy one. Fixed the no reply blogger status after several attempts.

  10. Poodle Puppy Pondering " oh no my dog is hungry" - such a cute blog...sorry Cole but the dog shaming was too cute not to love it!
    Love your pincushion

  11. I love all your blog posts so I would find it impossible to find a favorite, although I'm partial to any that mention Cole or your crazy collections. The Moo Cow quilt is still one of my favorites along with the Yellow Bikini. I'm in awe of your talent. Your blog is right on my blog roll so I don't miss a post!
    Pugs and kisses,

  12. I love a good pincushion, and it's a cool way to celebrate your first year anniversary (congratulations!) Have been reading your backlog of posts anyway, but have now commented on several - including the great Experiment in Abstract, Comparing yourself to others and Creativity Roadblocks #5.

  13. You are a breath of fresh air in blogdom. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite post, but I love all your travels with Cole and your hubby, who sounds like a doll.
    Congrats on your first year of blogging, it goes by so fast, I am in my fifth year.
    I have you on my link list and check you regularly. I love the pincushion and would love to win it, but if not I may make my own. Good hand work in front of the TV.