Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween quilt #1 "Forever Partners"

Forever Partners  25" X 25"

I make a Halloween quilt every year. Doesn't everybody?  This quilt uses some  of my favorite fabrics and that iridescent black makes its way into many of my quilts.

Of course I didn't notice the thread before I downloaded the picture, hmph. We'll just agree to pretend it's not there, alright?

note the green frosted heart beads and spiders adding a 3-d element.
I used the inset circle method you can find on my tutorials page to focus on this fabulous dancing skeleton fabric.

My husband and I met dancing, so of course I loved this. I make a Halloween quilt every year as it was my second fave holiday growing up, and still is.

I hope to show you at least 5 of them over the next few weeks. I have quite the Halloween fabric collection.

Here is a few close ups, and you can always click on a picture to see details.

I didn't stress over quilting the year I made this, maybe two years ago. It's very flat but has been folded and put away for a year.

I enjoyed the process. I pieced in tiny little paper pieced stars...

And little words I loved.
They were on some fabric, in my stash like all the fabric I use, so I cut out just the words to piece in.

I quilted with metallic thread, likely turquoise YLI or Madeira. Size 90 Embroidery needle and free motion foot.
I love this little quilt. I have bed sized down to 12 inch Halloween quilts because I go with my feelings each year. I do a lecture that shows all the holiday quilts with a discussion of working in series, just in case you want to see these in person. 


  1. Oh how I love this time of year! My favorite stuff just as far as the eye can see. :) It's lovely!

  2. I want to see them in person! Throw them in the car this weekend!

  3. Hi LeeAnna!
    A great Halloween quilt! What fun!

  4. Perfectly charming! I love those dancing skeletons.

  5. How did I know Halloween was your favorite (well second) holiday? Bright colors, laughing, fun and candy - yes of course you need to make a quilt. Wherever do you find all the cool fabric - you must have the stash to end all stashes. Great quilt!

  6. I love Halloween! That quilt is beautiful! Too fun!

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  7. This quilt is very beautiful! A little scariness with lots of magic... Macabre and funny at the same time! I will pin it right after publishing this comment. :-)

  8. Nice Halloween quilt. I have made a couple of them. Of course you have seen part of the major one because it is the header on my blog. I still have a box of Halloween fabrics so I should get busy making more!

  9. Fabulous! I have always wanted to make a Halloween quilt and never have. This is just wonderful!

  10. Wow! This quilt is AWESOME!!!!! I love everything about it! I need to get busy with my Halloween quilt.
    By the way. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You are a no-reply blogger and I wanted to thank you.

  11. Thanks for resharing this post under our Tuesday Archives Halloween theme...good example that NOT all Halloween things are spooky and scary! LOL!