Thursday, October 23, 2014

Threads Un-snarled

 Oh. My. Heck.

It all started when I wanted to actually use a skein of hand dyed thread that I own.

I opened it, pulled a length out to go around the skull in the "Dia... " quilt (see following post) and that worked fine.

The next time I looked in the bag, the whole skein had a Twister party and the mess was overwhelming.

It was the ribbon floss knitting incident of '09 all over again! It was the vacuum V thread box unspooling crisis of '10.
  It was more knotted than Cole's hair after a bath. So I thought...
Okay, I'll find the ends and just put it on some empty spools while watching survivor. I'm still untangling it this morning, and it's
I have two spools going, weaving in and out, wrapping when I can. It reminds me of my necklace drawer as a teenager. I like a puzzle but. And look at all I have ahead of me!!
 Maybe I should just use some of this... nah! Wouldn't be the same.
ps. this just in, I just wound another skein, and hooked it around a box before snipping the ends, all good!
Moral, let the thread know who's boss, and be boss, and keep it tightly under control at all times.


  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    I bout a shoebox full of DMC/embroidery threads at a fleamaket once, kept me busy for days! LOL! Love the collection!
    Take care,