Saturday, October 11, 2014

Neutrals and stained glass

The RSC ( link to others ) color of the month is one of my least favorites... Brown.  eeeek.

The only way I could do this was to mix in some warmth, with gold and oranges. She also said gray was acceptable so I tried that and surprisingly I don't mind them.

These are the strips I pulled out of the scrap bin to use.

Generally I like to piece tree trunks with browns. Or hair, and have a reasonable supply of scrap strips.

Do all the cutting and get organized at the machine...
Here is a close up to see some of the pretty fabrics.

Interesting to me was that I like each fabric very much. Alone.

 These may not make it into the quilt itself, we'll have to see how all the bright happy colors look next to these... I think the gray will work in. 

I'll see how browns look on the sugar cone blocks later. What do you think?


  1. Just looking at these alone, not next to the other bright colors, I find the browns to be warm. The grays look like you took the picture in black and white instead of color. Maybe you like the gray against your brights because you like hot against cold? No in between for you :) All that said, the browns remind me of my old brick kitchen floor .. not real brick, vinyl to look like brick. I guess I like old and warm. Or, maybe these browns, YOUR browns, are just fall colors and I love the fall!

    I went back and looked at some of your other stained glass squares, though, and I will be very interested to see how in the world you will work in the browns.


    1. I agree totally. By themselves they'd make a beautiful table runner with a leaf and pumpkin on it. The worst look was them all touching. It was rainy yesterday, dark and dreary and working on these was not inspiring. Today's another day to work in bright colors though. Maybe the doodles BOM which is Christmas lights! LeeAnna

  2. I'm with you on this one: don't mind the greys, like the individual fabrics in your brown blocks, but would want to be putting in even more orange/gold given half a chance. Always interesting to play with colours you wouldn't naturally choose, though.

  3. I ended up pulling out some of the other colors and playing with them AND the browns on the design wall. Pretty sure it will be okay in the end, but on their own (even with golds and oranges and rusts), the browns seem so drab . . . dark and rainy here, too (pretty sure that doesn't help matters).

  4. These turned out great! I'm not a big fan of brown either, but I think these will play well with the others. I would never have guessed that you could make brown stained glass blocks, but that's exactly what these look like. The grays look like stepping stones to me. To paraphrase Tim Gunn, you made it work!

  5. You might be surprised, I was pretty sure that brown wonky star wouldn't work but it fit in quite well. I try to think of my garden when I quilt. It dawned on me once when I picked a bouquet of flowers no matter what color I combined they seemed to go. The bigger and more colors I combined the better it got!

  6. Oh, I think a whole quilt of those browns alone would be yummy.

  7. I love your warm browns. As to the final quilt, only time will tell how well they will play. Glad you like the grays though, they contrast really well with the black.

  8. Working in the warmer colors really brightens up those blocks, they look great.

  9. I think your browns are actually really colorful. I see a lot of yellow and purple in there!

  10. Lovely stained glass brown blocks - I too will be interested to see your setting.

  11. Love your blocks this week. I think they will play nicely with the other more colorful blocks.
    Love, love, LOVE the Halloween quilt in your last post!!!!!

  12. I like the browns you've chosen. They are certainly warm. And perfect for fall. They look like the leaves and plants in my backyard right now. So, I think they would make a great fall quilt. But the other colors that will be added may change the overall look. We'll see!