Friday, October 17, 2014

How now Brown star??

 The superscrappy brown color challenge  is still on. Oy... not my favorite color but it is a color. Or more importantly a range of colors, which saves it for me. I like brown in certain situations, just not as the focus for a block.

That being said, this is my sugar cone block for this month in browns. Each fabric is beautiful on it's own, but my hope is this fits in with the bright and pretty colors from before.

You can see them by looking at the monthly archives, on the right  =>

We were "allowed" to use grays as well, so two of my little cone blocks, finishing at an enormous 3 inches are done with grays. I have only a few little gray scraps, because I seldom work with gray.
Here is a close up of them....
 On another note, I am still trying to find the magic combination for my pumpkin...
 What do you think of this combo?
I am also working to finish my Day of the Dead challenge for Quiltart and my Georgia O'Keefe for STAT. I must write a descriptive post for Monday as my Around the World Blog Hop offering. I am interviewing myself! example
LA: What do you do when you are stuck on some sewing component?
ME: I make some poor choice in snacking, and play fruit time on my ipad
Just for my husband, I am throwing something away! Just look at all the scraps headed for the trash! (And you thought I couldn't throw anything away)


  1. I never liked using brown years ago, but I am finding I like it more and more now. Maybe the brown will grow on you too?

  2. I like that color combo for the pumpkin. Looks terrific together. Gray is not my color either, but it's playing nice in your little blocks. Can't wait to read your "around the world" post!

  3. Just lovely, all the things you do. I too have started to like brown, and have a new project in my thoughts.

  4. I think your stars have turned out great. I was going to say that brown isn't my favorite either, but then I realized I am sitting on my chocolate brown sofa. I guess I like it as an accent. ;)

  5. I would say brown wasn't a colour I was drawn to, but actually I kind of like your little blogs, and I really like them teamed up with the grey. Cool to see a colour in a new light!

  6. :) :)
    Hi LeeAnna! Had to smile with your title! How now brown....haven't heard that for years!
    Brown is a warm autumn colour! You have a great Autumn mix! Add a few Dahlia's and orange lanterns, you will be surprised!
    With brown and gray cones in the mix, the other colours will certainly pop, stand out! Just like your lovely stained glass squares!
    Isn't there something with - and + areas when painting?
    About your pumkin....a few posts back,I liked that very first photo choice of background fabric(small print?), just add a few green/brown/goldish batik 3d leaves !
    So many creative choices!
    Take care,

  7. I really like how your stars have turned out. I'm not a huge fan of brown either, but I've always been pleasantly surprised with the results of a quilt the times I've used brown as an accent color. I also really like your pumpkin. I prefer the print with the aqua leaves instead of the print with the black leaves...just my preference. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  8. Here's what I'm throwing away . . . hahahahahaha!

  9. So glad you gave brown a try. You might be surprised how well it fits in the end.

  10. I think you are going to be surprised at how well brown and the grey will fit in the end.

  11. Those golden browns look great.

  12. I think the brown and gray will fit in just fine with the other blocks. And those sugar cones finish at 3 inches? Are they paper pieced? They sure are cute.

    1. they are paper pieced, the pattern came from Sew Precise software
      Thanks for the compliments! LeeAnna

  13. I like those brown stars! They have a warm and earthy feeling, I find. I gather they will be assembled with the brown stain glasses (along with the grey blocks)... They will go well together.