Monday, October 13, 2014

going for a ride in the car part 4- purchases and Interview with a painter

We went for a ride in the car, we three, to Connecticut. While there we toured the grounds of Hill-Stead Museum (house and grounds) a beautiful estate in Farmington near our hotel. While there I also toured the gift shop full of fun artsy stuff. Drew and Cole waited outside and when I rejoined them, I was putting on my new beaded bracelet. I said, I had a hard time choosing the right one, but went in the shop because I had to have the Emily Dickinson Finger puppet with the magnet head....of course!
Drew chuckled. Of course I wanted her! I also wanted the Georgia O'Keeffe finger puppet but she looked more like a pilgrim man...(and a bit scary looking)

Lots of pictures later in the post  but first...
Because of Cole's naturally magnetic personality, we met a fascinating couple also enjoying the fall day.
Jane Zisk (contact info) who organized the CT Plein Air Society, first chatted with Cole. When I learned she was a painter, I asked to do an interview for the blog. She agreed and we had a wonderful time talking about living the creative life. Wish you had been there but these are the highlights as I remember them.

Jane paints, teaches and lives the creative life.
When I asked what condition her studio was in, she said a mess. Her newlywed husband said it wasn't so bad. She likes to paint nature scenes mostly with oils.
When she said she wanted her husband to try painting, my advice (not that anyone asked but that never stopped me before) was to paint what he loved. She agreed with me that a person should paint (or any other medium ) what one loves, as it makes for a stronger piece.

 She keeps a lot of raw materials (ahem, like my stash?) such as quality paints and brushes, and what she needs to do her best work.

She often visits art galleries & museums, spends time with other artists, reads about painting, as it all informs her work. Like me, making art is in the front of her mind most of the time. I know quilters who don't go to shows so they won't be influenced by other quilters. What a waste! If you're a writer you should read a lot. Hanging out with other artists and seeing their work won't cause copying, it is stimulating to share our process with others of like minds.
Her husband responded to the question, how does her family accept her painting, by saying he is her biggest supporter and fan.

I asked if she ever experienced a slump, a down-time,  and she said, she wants to give it up every other day!! We chuckled, as every artist goes through times like this, but her new husband and long time friend, said he just tells her, "stop that, and go to your studio and work!" (Lover and slave driver)

Once again I am reminded we artists are very similar. We get each other... the process, the drive, the need to make.

So I felt like we made new friends, and the day was richer for it. Want more? click here for interviews

We reluctantly left this area to explore other little towns. Along the way I made a few more purchases, want to see?

Beads... for the upcoming Georgia O'Keeffe quilt.
(From Artful Beads in Pennington NJ)

I've not seen this kind of pyramid shaped bead before, and the colors are so soft and Southwest.
Don't know how they'll be used but they will.

In Stockbridge MA I found this tin box...

Quirky, in a quirky shop full of old quirky stuff as well as new quirky stuff. Whee!

I love a little container, and the tag on this one says
Curious Girl, Imagine the Possibilities.

Can't get better than that... It will hold beads or threads or geegaws like these in the studio...
For more studio shots click on the page at the top or the label on the side-->

Crystal Essence in Greater Barrington MA welcomed us in... a woman who said she was a dog psychic "read" Cole.  Apparently he's sad.
He picks up on our moods, so she moved on to me,  and noted that I was unsettled causing him to be.
Oh my.
We discussed our desire to relocate and she said I must let go and follow the little steps put in my path... that I am holding on to some parts of our area but the move will be good for us... all righty then.

The card I chose says, "Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it"

Drew got a calendar of Thich Nhat Hanh, who's books he enjoys, I got the terrific card and a precious little piece of rhodochrosite to put on a female figure I plan to make soon.
See, always thinking about art and the next piece.Are you?? LeeAnna


  1. Re: your quilting magazines....the Quilters Guild of Northern Lake County (Illinois) is having a book-and-magazine sale at the October 25/26 quilt show. We had a committee meeting Saturday at the home of the guild member who is storing all those donations. What bounty!

  2. It's fun to read about other artists and see that even if we use different techniques the creative process and the approach to our work is very similar!! :)
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday!! :)

  3. You guys have the coolest days out!

  4. If you're a gardener, you should visit other gardens! Be inspired! Just like Quilt shows inspire! Art shows are to be much enjoyed and appriciated!
    Imagine gardening in your own garden and never seeing what's out there!
    It's not about being jealous. It's about enjoying and appreciating the time and creativity that someone else takes time to share!
    That's what blogland is all about!
    Grow happiness where ever the wind may take you!

  5. Sounds like a lovely time you're out having! :)

  6. I too love little containers....though you are not near Oregon (LOL!) looks like you are having a great time!! Thanks for sharing! Love your interviews!!!

  7. It's always so fun to spend time with another artist - and I agree about seeing other people's work and writers doing lots of reading! Love the Emily D. finger puppet!! And all the quilt materials you got in the last post - so pretty. Love the witch panel epecially! My mom is making wall hanging quilts for Xmas for all my nieces and nephews and they are coming out so cute!

  8. Looking forward to seeing the Georgie O'Keefe quilt. She's one of my favorites.

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats