Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Layer Cake in purples

unfinished double slice 37" X 46" 

My guild does makes and donates kid's quilts at Christmas. We wrap them around teddy bears for the Salvation Army. My bee gets together in the summer to try a pattern and make these. This year we used the tutorial from Missouri Quilts found HERE!

Of course I didn't completely follow the tute, I cut 20  10" squares of purples from my stash.
Then the first slice is at the 3.5" mark leaving a stack of 3.5" and a stack of 6.5"X 10" slices.
Turn one stack over so you will mix up patterns as you re sew them back together.

Take that re-sewn stack, and slice them in half (the 5 inch mark)   this way...

   Flip one stack over so you mix them up as you resew them into  now  9.5" squares positioned like this...
I did not worry about the orientation or having one fabric next to any other. I sewed them 4 sq by 5 squares and now I'll quilt it, bind it and I have a donation quilt. I don't usually like a jumble of prints like this, but it was fun to do in a group. Mindless so one could chat. Check out those piggy ballerinas, hats and cones.


  1. As someone who is "not afraid of color" I would think that you would enjoy mixing prints with wild abandon! The purple layer cake quilt is great! Some lucky child will enjoy looking at all those fun fabrics!

  2. Very cool! I love true random, the patterns and collections that come from it are amazing to me. Makes me wish I really understood statics enough to know why it works like it does. :)

  3. Some little girl who loves pink and purple will be thrilled.

  4. Simple but effective and who could resist piggy ballerinas, not to mention those wild ice cream cones?

  5. Thanks for rejuvinating this post at TUesday Archives!!!

  6. Such a bright and fun quilt!