Thursday, June 13, 2024

I Like Thursday # 406 remembering summer vacation from school, volunteer flowers, books, and a poodle


welcome to this week's list of likes. I like volunteer flowers that pop up in inhospitable places like the edge of our patio in the rocks. 

it's summer temps here now... awfully hot. 97 F this morning in the sun, and we walked in the sun because there are few trees for shade here( Colorado at 6000+ ft alt. has little atmosphere to mitigate the sun) Apparently the sky is smiling.

brought to you by the color blue

good purchase this week

 I got these summer kitchen towels at Khols and just love the colors! 


on TV, 

Love Island is back... summer fare silly and fun to watch. Sadly we finished this season of Brokenwood Mystery (N.Z.) but still have current season of Murdoch Mysteries to watch on ACORN

Reading through audio

working my way through the Ellery Adams series on the "flab five" diet club who solves mysteries

Found on line

if I only had a waistline Womens Floral Dresses 1950s Vintage Retro Party Swing Short  Sleeve Tunic Rockabillty Stretchy Hepburn Dress : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 

We watched the 3 part PBS show The New Dig on findings in Pompeii 

being a history lover, and wannabe archeologist, I LOVED the way they presented it. It brought real life to this city and reminded us that things change in an instant sometimes... destroying all you know. I was glad to know about half the citizens escaped to nearby towns to start new lives. Sadly, most slaves did not... omg.   I was struck that there was so much building going on... people planning to impress and gain power learned we can plot and plan but nature doesn't care. 


More art on Saturday's post
One of my ICAD prompts this week was Ellipse... sort of a very regular oval. I painted this face, a sort of ellipse, which is kind of like me as a 15 year old in the summer, with slightly blonder hair, and my eyes are hazel but... that innocence...

this week's prompt:

 Remember the last day of the school year? Clearing out your desk in elementary school, or your locker in high school...Remember how you felt and what the first days of freedom were like?

Tell us if how you spent an average childhood day when school was out... sleep late? hang out with friends more? spend more time at the pool?  stay up later watching tv shows not allowed during the year? Visiting a relative every summer? 


In elementary school, your desk was your little house... some kids kept it organized, some crammed stuff in on stuff til it looked like a paper porcupine. I tended to be a mix of mess then sort out. I remember having to make decisions about what to keep and what to toss... good training

On summer vacations my time was generally my own. My parents had things to do, and kids were to entertain themselves. So I did. I did a lot of art projects, taking oil paints out to the yard, lunches out to a blanket on the grass, books or dolls or whatever I was into outside. I might have stayed up a bit later at night, and slept in. We didn't have a lot of kids in our 'hood but we would ride bikes, go to the pool a few blocks away next to the library, gone to each other's houses. I went to Bible School at some point each summer, I sometimes went to classes at the YWCA in stitching or ceramics. We sometimes stayed at my oldest sister's farm for a few days. 

I loved and still love board games, so sometimes we had a standing monopoly game at my house.  My cousins would come stay over at times, so we'd find games to play. I inspected the old garage behind our house, for a richness of stuff to play with. I always played imagination games, being on my own a lot, where I imagined a life with the stuff. One summer they dumped a BIG mountain of sand in the back and we played on that a lot, imagining space or cowboy scenarios, my two neighbor friends were Mike one year older, and his sister Kay one year younger than I.  

I often spent time up in the attic, a time capsule of boxes. I loved getting into the trunk of my sisters' old costumes and formals... trying them all on. Never quite knew if you'd run into a critter up there though. 

as I got older, I would spend a month with my middle sister's family. They moved pretty often for work so I got to see a lot of the country I wouldn't normally have seen. She was fun and we grilled out almost every night. We played cards, and went places. It was a haven from my house. 

Milo's moment

 Hiya!! I'm feeling frisky and ready to play! Wanna chase me? that's my favorite thing to do is get chased because that means I'm strong and in front and have the thing in my mouth that everyone wants! 

 We have to play at night or in the AC because well, it's HOT and I'm wearing a black fur coat!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

"The flab five" hahahahaha! I used to go to Vacation Bible School in the summers too when I was a kid.

Sara said...

I could have written your response to the prompt because it sounded pretty much like my childhood summers - bike riding, swimming pool, crafts, cousins coming out from the big city to stay. Small town in Minnesota! My girls had a similar childhood here in smalltown South Dakota. As a HS teacher, that last day of school was awesome! As the last kids left the building we all relaxed and looked forward to summer break.

Duke said...

Those towels that you found at Kohl's have your name written all over them, LeeAnna! Summer vacations were spent outside all day long exploring our huge neighborhood and playing with friends.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love volunteer flowers, too! In my garden, if it grows, it stays! That PBS show sounds interesting - we'll have to check it out. I remember summer being a time for the kids to entertain themselves, too - and we all were pretty good at it!

Angela said...

The attic sounds like a wonderful spot!

Tigger's Mum said...

Volunteer flowers are the best - they know where they want to be and what suits the spaces available. it has taken me a while to realize I can't force my garden to look a certain way - nature will decide what thrives. DO you know I don't recall a single last day or term from my school years. Summer holidays were working on the farm - haymaking, droving sheep grazing roadsides, shifting irrigation gates, grubbing thistles, carrying Dad's 'smoko' bag (morning or afternoon tea) down to wherever he was ploughing, or fencing, or cutting or carting hay... working in the woolshed (it took about 3 weeks to shear all our sheep every summer). In my memory the sun was always shining.

Cloudia said...

I like today's collection. And Milo of course! Bless you friend. Aloha

Brian's Home Blog said...

Those are sure pretty flowers and oh, I see the flamingos, they are so pretty. Milo pal, let's play some ball!!! Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your kitchen towels. So cute! My parents got married in Pompeii so I would love to see that show on PBS. Summers were so fun when we were young. I hope Milo keeps cool in the heat.

Annie said...

Summer hasn't really arrived here with us yet sadly. It's cold and damp and I long for some sunshine. Milo can come here to play's so much cooler.
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Sounds a bit hot where you are, it's been unusually chilly here this month as it's normally quite hot when the children are sitting their exams so they will be quite happy. Hubby is doing his school visitis too checking the teachers marks for the Art exam so he's happy too as schoold here very rarely have air conditioning. I know Milo would have fun with my two, they like to chase each other. Have a good weekend. Hugs Angela xXx

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Those Marguerite Daisies are just adorable! Yes, volunteer flowers are a good reason to smile.

My GBGV Life said...

Love the towels, they are super fun colors!

Kathleen said...

Love your younger self painting, the volunteer flowers and the gorgeous towels. I just upgraded my potholders (post to come). Was hoping the flab 5 was a between watching things but did start Presumed Innocent which I read years ago. My desks were neat until I had a family - too much stuff falls in my lap. Summers were fun - pool and bikes and running around kind of free!