Saturday, June 15, 2024

creating with paint, yarn, and fabric... some blues, some EPP, some blossoms, and knitting again

This week,  I completed the EPP circle for my blue rainbow scrap challenge block. I hand cut the patterns, hand baste them to the paper, hand sew them together after arranging the patterns. 

a close up to see the pretty fabric scraps used....
I looked at the improv blue blossoms and thought, do something... just sew some green scraps around them...
sew I did, making them into 4 sections... before the sections were sewn to each other

this method uses a rotary cutter... but I can't press down a cutter because of my nerve pinched spine so

I had to try to cut with scissors... how old school! 

Now I'm deciding about some borders and may have to wait til I can cut with rotary cutter again to piece them on

Hilarious Fabric Memes That All Fabric Lovers Will Relate To. – Fabcurate

I did another foundation pieced block, different from the ones last week  I can use scissors to make them

time consuming to sew so many tiny pieces to the paper, keeping track of the shades of blue

pattern source

 160 Funny quilt memes ideas | sewing humor, quilting humor, quilting quotes

I started a pair of socks with yarn scraps too


I am enjoying the daily prompts for ICAD (index card a day) wanna see? The first 4... wave, potpourri, Orange, and ferris wheel

I consider potpourri pretty but generally a dust collector. I did orange slices as I love the scent of orange, a cinnamon stick, and some blossoms

"Ellipse" was challenging... I first painted some ellipse shapes, then realized a face can be ellipse shaped...

pencil sketch

this one is done from my imagination, but my new goal is to create shape with shadow and highlight, more than hard lines. I love how the features come forward with just some shadow, love her mouth, her attitude. I just paint, adding color, adding layers, not judging myself.

The prompt " lost and found" was hard... the general instructions this week suggested collage, so I printed an image, cut it out, glued it to the card and wrote the things I've lost over the years....


I find lost coins now and then

I found a random barbie shoe once, while on a walk, and it brought back a lot of good memories

I found some authors I like over the years

I have found/made some mighty good friends through blogging

the Friday prompt was "recipe". I took a recipe I printed and decided not to make, tore it into a circle, a rectangle, some arm sized rectangles... glued them to make a little chef. 

then added some watercolors over the paper. I love her apron, wouldn't mind having one like that! 

She's a sturdy chef... because I didn't fuss with the torn papers, just put them on the card

she seems to be missing a neck... shrug... I like her. Henriette... 

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I enjoyed all your renditions of ICAD prompts! Potpourri was especially well done!

Sara said...

That blue EPP circle turned out beautifully. I actually made a pink one - just because I wanted to give it a try after seeing yours. I haven't shared it online at all. Guess I should do that as it was fun.

Your painting prompts this week are great. Lost & Found works for me as well, although I have to really think about what I've found over the years. Hmmmm!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your EPP block is wonderful in those shades of blue! And so are your improv flower blocks. I need to try that kind of improv sewing - the results are so neat!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

All your blue blocks are pretty, love the prints on the EPP pieces, this fun improv garden, and the lovely FPP wonky log cabin. Cutting fabric with scissors is a skill I have lost! It would fit in the Lost & Found box ;)
Lovely ICAD projects, your lady's face is sweet. Henriette is fun, it looks like she is ready to rush in the kitchen and make someting delicious, without recipe of course ;))

Susie H said...

Loving your RSC hand-pieced blocks. They are so cool and are going to make an awesome quilt. I have to say your "Lost" things sounded a bit down. Thank goodness you had some fun "Found" things. Concentrate on those and you will also find JOY! We are very fortunate also to have your friendship in blogging!!!

Kim said...

It looks like I'm old school as I use my scissors a lot. Your RSC quilt is going to be beautiful. Love all the blue prettiness in this post.

Helen said...

You are indeed a mighty good blog friend!

Rajani Rehana said...

Great blog

Kathleen said...

Your blue projects are delightful. I love seeing the postcards and your interpretations. The found prompt is fun...may ponder that later today! Oh, and I started watching Netflix The Gentlemen (a brit comedy/drama) some is a little over the top (like Only Murders) but it is holding my interest and the characters are funny, strange and awful - an interesting combo.

Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

Your blue projects are very pretty!

MissPat said...

I like your Bird of Paradise ICAD. And the improv flowers. I done some like that, too. I'm going to copy the design of the EPP project. The challenge for my Hexie Club this year is something Holiday. I have some Halloween themed coffin units already prepped, so I'll add some hexies and see what happens. Just remember quilters used to cut their fabric with scissors all the time, so you're just going back to your roots.

The Joyful Quilter said...

So much goodness in this post, LeeAnna. Love all of your scrappy BLUE blocks and your art cards! Can I choose favorites? If so, I would have to say Lost and Found and the Little Chef are mine. Painting on the chef collage was brilliant!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Those card prompts sure bring out the creativity in you! Love them. I also love the blue rose improv piece. I knew it was going to be pretty when I first saw the roses and it sure is! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

Gillena Cox said...

Luv that blue scrap project and the cute drawings
Happy weekend. Thanks for linking to Art For Fun Friday


DVArtist said...

Yes, free fabric and thin that would be my dream too. LOL Wonderful art this week. Thank you for joining FFO and have a great weekend.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm very late for Friday Face Off, but that's how I found your post.

I admire quilters. Such delicate work! I enjoyed your ICADs.