Saturday, January 20, 2024

How many art projects shall I work on at once?


clockwise from top left: round robin center block, project quilting finish, RSC feathered star, RSC EPP block, and my mantra these days

calendar page from years ago
I went from languishing and uninspired to having several ongoing challenges and projects going at once...

spinning dishes

remember this trick from the Ed Sullivan show? (I'm ahem, of an age) 

plus, I hope to also do Joy's table scraps challenge, and a friend and I are working on our drawing skills by doing prompts together.  It feels good to be creating again!  

My goal this year was to focus on my writing, both essays, autobiography and creative writing of fiction. 

on the sewing front this week, I made the second of two planned blocks for rainbow scrap challenge each month, in the chosen color. This month, dark green  and a feathered star block.

I got the pattern from the book,Precisely Sew and after deciding it might be a fun way to focus on color, I looked through my extensive stash of fabric and didn't have enough of a white with multi color to go behind all the blocks. I found this on sale at FabricShack in Ohio.

there was 1 yard left of extra wide backing which is about 2 1/2 regular yards!

I decided while I waited for the fabric delivery, I pieced the four segments with white, I was very excited to see the fabric in person, all the colors, shapes and birds!this will look fun on my blocks!

On the knitting front, I'm finishing up another pair of wool socks for DH. 

As for drawing and painting, they seem to go hand and hand for me. I used my personal junk journal made from scrap paper and beads to write in this week, (because it was handy) trying out the game connections that Judy told us about on I Like Thursday...

then decided to try gesso to cover the writing and firm up the flimsy copier paper on this section

No migraines from it, yea! I picked up the brown paper from a chocolate while waiting for gesso to dry and folded it and cut it like a snowflake... then stuck it on the gesso, and rubbed more on the surface with my finger. I was surprised to see the detail that developed as it dried, and loved the texture!

well, I have to play with these items again, so see what comes of it!. On the other side I painted a little Valentine with the watercolor set that now seems to live on the kitchen table

kuretake impressionist collection...LOVE it

the gesso provides "tooth" meaning some texture for paint to cling to on even thin paper

I wanted to test some colors, so I did some petals, and then inked inside them with doodles

While visiting another I Like Thursday post, at CanadianNeedleNana, she had yet another lovely photo that inspired me... I love her photos, this time a cozy scene with her husband reading with pup Ned 

I felt something seeing her photo, and feel something looking at the painting. Drawing is an exercise in seeing. 

I grabbed a pencil, and sketched the scene. I didn't realize it was a water soluble not graphite pencil, so when I dabbed on some color it dissolved a bit. it's more distinct in person , and I went on to write a little fictional story the scene inspired.

safe and sound

by LeeAnna Paylor

Oh my gosh it was a cold one today, up on the mountain. He layered on every warm item he  could, got Ned, and headed out to do the needed chores. Blustery winds tried to whip off his scarf and hat, frost bit his exposed nose, but he managed to do the work.

Ned resented the dog coat and boots, but there were scents to sniff, and things that needed peeing on.

The two males went about the property together, The man thinking of a fireplace and cup of hot tea, the dog thinking of a fireplace, a mans leg to snuggle against, and dog things.

They came in the house, pulled off snow covered coats and boots, both man and dog stood in front of the fire for a bit, thawing.

The man looked down into a pair of big brown eyes and said, shall we fix a snack and rest a bit? The dog wagged his tail to say yes, I'll have what you're having.

after their snack the man took up his usual place on an overstuffed easy chair, tilted back a bit, pulled the chain on his tiffany lamp for some light and took up a paper to read. Ned settled against his man's leg, and sat,

sighing that big labrador sigh, blinked looking at nothing, happy after his romp to be inside and warm and safe


 Writing makes me happy, words coming together to create a feeling or mental image, connecting one to another. I will share some of them here. My wish for all of us is to use our creativity with abandon, enjoying it and expressing some part of ourselves.

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Sara said...

How awesome that you have multiple projects going at once. It means your creativity is flourishing!! Good for you - keep writing, painting, and sewing!

Love that pieced green project. I have some of that same leftover wide backing, and occasionally use a piece for scrappy block backgrounds.

The Joyful Quilter said...

That's a lovely looking group of projects, LeeAnna, and I'm glad to see you are enjoying the junk journal made from the link I shared! Off to figure out what I'm going to do about the SAHRR...

Mari said...

Everyone needs a bunch of different projects so you can work on whatever suits your mood at the time. Love the RSC block! The background is perfect!

Julie in GA said...

You have so many wonderful projects in the works! I love the Feathered Star block, especially with that wonderful Tula Pink background. It's a favorite of mine.

My name is Erika. said...

I work on a lot of projects at once. Maybe too many-grin. Looks like your having fun, and that's what matters most.

grammajudyb said...

Oh my gosh! I loved the story you wrote about Ned the dog and his person! Jocelyn takes such wonderful photos, doesn’t she? Looking forward to seeing your SAHRR developer. Hope your extra cold weather warms up in the coming days!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love that background fabric you found for your new RSC block! I have some of it, too - I think it's called Fairy Dust. You wrote a neat story for Ned and his person - I bet Jocelyn will love that!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Oh LeeAnna, you are making such beautiful art! This new fabric is fun, love the little green birds in your green block ;) Love your drawings and this story inspired by Jocelyn and her photo!
Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Susie H said...

Love both your choices for RSC blocks! Hope you've been feeling better.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

So glad to see you back at your art. It is always inspiring. Love the feathered block you've chosen for RSC, and the Tula Pink background fabric! What a divine quilt this will make. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

Debbie said...

Yes, you are a good plate spinner. But that is a good thing, because I am one, too. I really like your pieced block! And all the other quilt projects you have been working on : that birdhouse especially. And so many wonderful painting projects. I want to jump in, and I even have some watercolors. But I just haven't got started. You, on the other hand, are profiecient at all kinds of creativity.

DVArtist said...

The last comment was from me Nicole. I think it went under anonymous. I said something like how exciting your art it especially your quilting. Your drawings and painting are wonderful. The weather is extreme this year and everyone needs to take heed. Sounds like you guys are. Thank you for joining FFO and have a lovely weekend.

Sandra Walker said...

I am so happy to see you creating up a storm! Love the feathered star block and that background is fabulous. I really like the sunflower project too. :-)

Rebecca Grace said...

I love that block you've chosen for your RSC this year! And I'm excited and happy for you that you've entered a period of so much creative energy and inspiration. I will enjoy seeing your creations! :-)

Fundy Blue said...

You are creative in so many ways!

Christine said...

Nice work!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

You are so talented, LeeAnna! I love seeing all of your art projects. Beautiful. I really love that feathered star block. Is that fabric by Tula Pink? It reminds me of her. Thanks for sharing your talent with Monday Musings!