Thursday, August 23, 2018

I Like Thursdays #103

Welcome to this week's list of likes! It's been a week of mostly "getting things done" or trying.

This is the view from my LR/DR window, and the one I'll have from a table (yet to be purchased) that I plan to do my beading on. I love windows and our home has more than many we considered. I love seeing outside.

I love this bent-wood furniture piece we bought on a trip to Lake Placid NY. We are sorely missing it this year, but so glad we bought this on one visit, and squeezed it into the van for the long drive home

We used it in MD and at the rental as an entry piece to hold hats, mitts, shoes and handbags. We don't have a place for it here so I put it in front of the view I showed you first.

 It's purpose now is to make me smile remembering the lovely trips we took each year.

Halloween stuff is out, and I just love decorating for the holidays. I had to get this little yoga person...
 this little table sits in the hall to catch newspapers and mail.
Okay, I won't land on pinterest with this combo, but it's my eclectic style.

I'm enjoying the show Making It on NBC  Tuesday evenings

Image result for tv show making it nbc

Contestants who make crafts are challenged each week, and win badges! They are so imaginative and fun to watch since I love making crafts myself. I've tried most of them but these people are very talented.

I've taken a few days to go through my saved magazines this week, and enjoyed that very much.

I love the size and colors of these plastic boxes from Container Store but they are airing out since they are still outgassing

I've written two stories and posted them this week, with writing prompts and it's been very satisfying to try to use the 12 words my way...the link for the one about a young girl's love of stories are
  HERE !
and one continuing a previous story is  HERE "just Breathe"
I love the characters so much I've written 16 chapters! 

Milo's Moments

 Hi Yall! Good to see you again! I've spent a week playing with my new girlfriend Izzy cause we are the same age and she might be a little taller but she is v.e.r.y sweet and I loves her! Her mama comes over to chat with my mama, keeping them busy, then we run circles around the house! 

I also like to decorate the yard with my toys. Daddy picks them up when he chews up the grass
Then I have to carefully pick them up one by one and place them back in the right places out back.

Mama should get the idea since she does this inside the house, but outside the house is all mine to decorate! The front two are fleece broken down toys that reached the point where the mama doesn't mind them coming outside to play. There are balls, and frisbees  all placed JUST SO! 
Ooops there's two that need moving out to a blank grass area. I try to fill the yard with toys by spreading them around so alls the dogs who walk by know I'm pretty well set up for play dates.

It is hard work, and sometimes I leave one on the porch for sitting down time with Daddy. 

 so I've liked playing with Izzy, and Murphy, this week. Finally Mama got the message to set up regular play time for me! 

So, sit! Stay! Visit Mama's friends who are also doing I Like posts this week! Bark Out Loud!


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  1. howloween things are out? wow! oh I wish our stores would be so fast too... they are just armed with gingerbread and chocolate satans...
    Milo that is so super cool to know that you have a girlfriend!!!

  2. So glad Milo has a friend!!! I had forgotten to watch the Making It show. So glad you reminded me, I'll watch it on demand! Have a great week!

  3. We are enjoying "Making It" also! I tape it in case I forget it's on. Talk about talented people. Milo's story is very cute.

  4. I'm enjoying Making it too! I watch it on hulu and think it's really fun. A good combination of the friendliness of the great british bake off and the creative side of Project Runway. Also, I love your brentwood furniture piece. I've never seen something like that before, it seems like it might be useful for all kinds of things!

  5. Ooh, I like that piece of furniture, too! It is really unique! Milo looks like he enjoys decorating the yard just like we enjoy decorating our homes with all our favorite things!

  6. Oh, I really like that table with that skinny dude on it! Milo, I'm glad you and your gal Izzy are having fun together. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. That bentwood piece is really interesting and pretty. My house wouldn't win any decorating prizes either, but I'm surrounded by the things I love and enjoy, so it's all good.

  8. I almost bought those same containers the other day. Love the Container Store, it's probably a good thing that it's pretty far from me.

  9. I like Milo's sense of aesthetics. Your little yoga dude is creepily cute.

  10. I'll have to see if I can find the Making it series in reruns. That looks neat! And I love the table with the little unique and fun. And speaking of left me the cutest comment last week! YOU are FUN!!! Hugs, Diane

  11. Cute post, LeeAnna. I like windows, too. And your catchall tables.

  12. Aww Milo - I can see that your toys are set just so. You're almost making the other dogs jealous instead of realizing that you're set for a play date. Oh, that yoga figurine - that about sums me up. HAHA! I've not seen the Making It on TV - I'll have to watch for it. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. I am interested in the "Making It" shows. Also, glad to hear Milo has a friend! Thanks for linking up today!

  14. Milo, I think you may be as talented as your mom. Did you put that skeleton out recently, lol? Love it, I actually stopped cleaning when I cleaned up most of my Halloween Bin because I debated putting it up more than a month ago. I love that bent wood furniture piece. That's one of those things you see and MUST have. Uh oh, I think it's rumbling outside, getting ready for round 2.

  15. Hi LeeAnna,
    Making it! Looks like fun! I saw the promo and " the first goodbye" on youtube! Thanks for the tip!

  16. I absolutely love your bent wood table. And the glass top table looks amazingly like my entry table! But, I'm trying to resist putting out any Autumn decorations until September 1st. Not sure I'll make it, but I only have a few more days to wait! Milo looks like he's enjoying his yard. Cabo has outside toys strung around the yard too, and a "toy box" inside where he keeps goodies to play with when it's not nice outside.

  17. Love that first furniture piece! It could serve one well in so many ways and is so interesting!

  18. Milo, you are a good exterior decorator! So glad for all of you that you’re settling into your beautiful new home!

  19. I too love that furniture piece...pretty and practical too. I also love windows and being able to see out. One of the nice things about this house is all the views. Milo's round up is interesting; I wonder is there a story book in there somewhere.

  20. Milo I cannot wait to see you every week

  21. I love that piece of bent-wood furniture too. It's wonderful. We've been watching "Making It" as a family and we all love it.

  22. Look out Nate Berkus...there's a black poodle designer in town who's gonna give you some serious competition!

  23. Yes, I love the outside - big windows were a must when we designed this house - glad you are enjoying your views. We were in a Home Goods store yesterday, and I had to resist the urge to visit the Halloween section …

  24. Milo is a handsome one. Hanging out with dad on the patio is a good thing.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday, Milo. My best to your peeps. ♥

  25. I love your bentwood table! It's gorgeous. And yoga man with the flamingos made me smile. I'd do that too. What a great week of likes! And should come over for a play date. ;)

  26. Sweet Milo! And what a lovely table.

  27. Bark, bark. You're a wonderful decorator, Milo. I love your splashes of color. Excuse me, now, as I talk with your mama.

    Your skeleton and flamingos make a cute item together. There's a story in that combination. I wonder who is scared of who. You may have put the finger on my lack of creativity indoors. My work desk and crafts table don't look out windows. Most creativity happens when I'm outside in the garden or painting/drawing on the patio. I wonder if the Husband would be willing to trade places with me in the office. Hmmm.