Thursday, August 2, 2018

I Like Thursday #100

welcome to this momentous week of likes!
This is my 100th "I Like" post and no one is more surprised than I am to have done it consistently for 100 posts!  Keeping track of the things I like each week has helped me immensely. It's easy to focus on things that need changing, that might have gone wrong, or the slights of life, but remembering the good things keeps life in balance.

I love the color red, and put the mixer on our counter this week, and draped my vintage stitched towels over it. I love vintage kitchen items!!!
I like looking over there and seeing this vignette.
the grant wood american gothic done with cows is a potholder, the framed print from one jaunt to New Orleans...

I loved this movie, based on real life
" Philomena"
I was struck by the story, an Irish girl deals with unscrupulous nuns who take her in for having a baby out of marriage. They judge her, and disrupt the search that she and her son were doing to find each other. Yet... she forgave them in the face of one calling her sinful.

The journalist helping her in the search said he wouldn't be able to forgive, but Philomena said she didn't want to live with the anger. I'm adopted and know virtually nothing about my birth parents, and would love to find a bit of family. Anyway...

I liked finding this lumbar pillow on sale at home depot this week, as it is so pretty on the sofa

 I really liked the mix of colors in the rose bouquet I found at the supermarket this weekend
what is it about fresh flowers? And the flower section smelled heavenly
We worked on opening book boxes and started organizing them into sections including this one shelf for our beloved dogs,  Chelsea and Cole:
 We put their urns, pictures and mementos  in a shelf of honor. It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all. As we opened and unwrapped boxes, sometimes crying a little, 

 I liked that Milo provided comic relief... in his words:
Milo: "those papers aren't going to recycle themselves. Mama would toss the paper to the side, and it was obvious that I had work to do to shred it!
You're welcome!"

We would hear a noise from another room, then realize it was the third member of our little tribe shredding paper, and as the mother of any child knows, when they do a chore without being asked it's a bonus!

I liked this view while writing this post, of an old musical...
Gene Kelly, my fave dancer, with Frank Sinatra. I love old musicals.

We went to a craft show on Saturday in Cheesman park and I loved that my pup was so good with dogs and kids...
We all just dropped the leashes and the dogs ran like wild things in the open area, staying near us. This malamute was a few years older than Milo and threw herself against my legs when they were done. A gentle giant twice the size of baby Milo.

and this was like looking in a mirror!
This Parti-poodle's people said they adopted him at 9 months from the breeder because they really wanted a parti colored one but not a small puppy. Bentley was not interested in Milo at all, but the humans compared notes poodle wise while these two just got a lot of passerby's attention.

I loved the craft show and wanted many things, especially these stacked rings, and if they'd been big enough for my finger, I'd have gotten them. Ordering  doesn't have the same excitement...
I liked my story from last week's writing prompt so much, I've written 10 more chapters. I feel such an affinity for the characters... my story is not full of murder and mayhem, it's kind and funny and real, and it's been fun to write more of  it each day. The link to chapter one is here:  CLick !

I loved watching another "who do you think you are UK" with a comedian named Sarah Millican. I looked her up and found this show on youtube. It was so funny I had to share it with you...

Milo's Moment:
Barking out loud! Is it Thursday already!
I'll tell you about my mornings... I love getting up with Daddy and sorting out the back yard. Sometimes there are bunnies to chase off, sometimes people are walking by and need a word or two from me as they pass. 
 sometimes the three little dogs who live behind us with their dad, Mr. David, are out. 
Yo! Milo! Come baaaaaack!

Oh don't worry! If they are out you'll know it as the Pomeranian is very chatty, and the corgi is too. They are forever calling me back to the fence for a romp!
We will run back and forth and bark up a storm, laughing and panting til our paw-rents hold their paws over their ears! What fun! If they aren't out, I go over and look through the fence and call them. 
I wish Daddy would cut down the speed bumps in my way. Lots of times Mr David comes over to pet me, and I love that so much I forget how soft humans are and grab his hand with my enormous poodle teeth! I don't bite down, just let him know how much I love him! He's so funny always saying  "Hello Milo, no bite, what a good boy!"

Some humans are just so cute aren't they?

If I can't call Cinnamon out, I go ahead and check the entire yard for bunny invaders...
before coming back in to help and guard Mama. I love her. It's one reason why I keep the yard safe.

Now sit! Stay! clickety click on these other people also listing their likes for the week!
and remember..."Bark like you mean it!"

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  1. love the red is an eyecatcher in any way ;O))) you have bunnies in your garden Milo? wow! ... we are on the way... that sounds better than the bomb throwing pigeons in our garden ;O)

  2. Well you know I can't resist red--especially vintage red pieces in a kitchen! I'm coveting your mixer!!! Milo was so good at the craft fair--our puppies are really growin up aren't they? Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh I am envious of your new space and starting new with a clean slate. Love the red. Bobbin too loves to acquire paper and shred it. Not too sure where she finds it at times. Awe Milo is settling in and he is a great protector of his mama.

  4. So much to love in this post...I had discovered Sarah Millican through the Graham Norton shows on youtube.Clips are there of all the celebrities and they're hilarious. Loved those rings too. So nice to get your place all organized...we do like to have our eyes fall on the things we love. Your homage to your pets is beautiful.

  5. Sarah is cute. Never heard of her before. I also liked the "Philomena" story. I'm lovin your bookshelves! what wonderful storage and display. I need some fresh flowers. I also love old musicals- Frank and Jean and Bing and of course Danny Kaye! What a fun post. Congrats on 100! Thanks for including me. mary

  6. I especially love how your shelves are looking - a mix of books and other loved items. That really makes the house look and feel like HOME.

  7. I love the book-movie good! I will help you with your biological search! I love red too. My las couple of cars have been red, as well as my kitchen. Congrats on #100!

  8. Your turquoise sofa is beautiful! For some reason I've never noticed it before now, but what a lovely graceful shape and gorgeous color. I'm salivating. I'm so happy you've made it to 100! I feel like these 100 posts have pulled you (and some of the rest of us) through some really tough times. And of course, not that things are all peaches and roses, but maybe there's a bit of hope going forward. You certainly always brighten my day!! And I love Milo playing with the papers. Blue has been playing (read dragging outside) my throw pillows, which I just recently got back out after many years of having to leave them in exile because of Bentley. Alas, they'll probably have to go back into exile again...

  9. Milo makes friends wherever he goes! I love how he likes to "help," too. Looks like favorite things are finding their place in the new house - hope it is feeling more like home to you.

  10. We have a shrine for our Little Bit. I get that. We visit it often and we miss her so.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  11. Everything loos nice and I love that red mixer! Milo pal, you're such a hoot! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. Wow - I love your kitchen. The mixer, vintage towels and framed art really pop.

  13. 100! What a monumental post! And look where you are! filling book shelves! The mixer is on the counter ready to be used! Fill your house with the smell of something good! Congratulations!

  14. Love your red KItchenAid mixer, mine is cobalt blue and I never thought of draping a pretty towel over it. My KA food processor is red, but I keep that in the pantry.
    I alway like to hear Milo's take on things.
    Kudos on getting to 100. Maybe I should take this up. It certainly makes you stop and appreciate more of our surroundings, but I don't have a Milo to help me.

  15. Looks like you're making splendid progress on the unpacking. Good for you. 100 posts, eh? That's wonderful. Yes, focusing on the pawsitive makes life that much sweeter.

  16. I love those beautiful stacked rings! I would have been very tempted! And congrats on all the wonderful posts! I'm always happy when I visit you!

  17. The Parti-poodle is cute. Love those rings. Old musicals are fun!

  18. Hi LeeAnna! I love the red mixer! We used to have a fabulous red kitchen, and I always wanted one of these mixers but never got one. It looks dashing on your counter. Ahh Milo, you're a good egg. Happy Thursday, friend! ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. Love the red in your kitchen with the mixer and those vintage towels. I have a kitchen aid mixer and I love it. Thanks for linking up today!

  20. Congratulations on making it to 100 of these posts; it's always fun to read these posts and they are a good reminder to look for the positive. It's nice to see you starting to fill your home - I bet it feels good to be emptying out those boxes.

  21. Aww what a lot of fantastic likes you have there, especially the colours and smells. Me I like all things mouse like.... and food like which of course can be the same thing MOL
    Have a great time chasing them bunnies and most of all, keeping your human staff safe and sound.
    Toodle pips and purrs

  22. sure is a flashy color for your kitchen. What a great collection of pooches. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  23. Love your red vintage pieces. I have cobalt blue in my kitchen. The comedienne was very funny! Love your dogs!

  24. Hello Milo! Glad to see you are have a lot of fun things to do, and most important of all - guarding the house and your people!
    The lumbar pillow does look great. The colors match really well
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. I see that Milo shares an activity the Tribe of Five enjoy, box paper sniffing and tearing. It's quite amewsing!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  26. I love the rings. They look real and genuine, not polished and artificial like so many on the shops!

  27. So good to see how you are settling in. Finding places for things that want to live together. Finding special things that are just right, like the cushion for the settee.
    The dog next door is still a puppy, but growing, A smooth hair golden cocker spaniel, they have a dog flap in the door for her so she can go in and out. The back garden is littered with shredded whatever she has been able to find. Every now and then they rake everything up! I heard the little boy distraught the other day because she had shredded something he thought was special. I think he had left it laying around. They are on holiday now, but when they come back, I am going to give them some of the hollow bones with good stuff in, which our friend keeps giving to Holly. Holly doesn't get through them very fast, so we have some extras...yet the friend still brings them. The little dog might as well have something to attempt to shred which is good for her! (I do worry about the plastic stuff she chews on.)
    Love all the quirky cows!

  28. Lovely pictures and pretty roses!I loved the movie too!Hugs!

  29. We had two standard poodles around the corner growing up and were just fascinated by them. What a blessing Milo is so well behaved and all the dogs got along.

  30. Congratulations on those 100 posts! Just think of all those positive vibes …. I love the vintage towels - it looks like the design might have come from the same company where I got my towel patterns … so happy to see your shelves coming together - settling in - great for you!

  31. It's good to love your mom and help her with everything around the house and yard. You're a good pup, Milo.

    Love the comic. She's good.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday. My best to your mom. ♥

  32. Congratulations on the 100th "I Like" post, that is a momentous occasion indeed. So many wonderful likes this week. The bookshelf is wonderful, shelf of honour is a lovely idea, even it if is bitter sweet. Good thing Milo is there to provide comic relief! He is such a sweet pup!


  33. Thanks for a generous selection of reds for Ruby Tuesday Too!

  34. I like those towels too! Have a great weekend!