Sunday, August 19, 2018

another writing prompt... another story

The second writing prompt's words this week are:

Janet settled into her favorite reading spot at the library. She loved mysteries and stared at the shelves of new ones til she found her favorite author's latest. Hooray!

What a wonderful feeling to know you're in for a good ride!

She grabbed it as through someone would reach from behind her and snatch it from her before she got a chance to look inside! Then she scurried through the library to her favorite spot, sat down quickly and opened the book.

 Oh yes, this looked like a good ride, like another fun story to take her to other places.

The last one was set in Ireland, green rolling hills, misty mornings, a terrifically strong woman who never seemed to be afraid, "I mean," she thought, "what's not to love??"

Once again, she longed to hide so deep in the story that she forgot her life.  Her boring life. She vowed once she was grown, she'd leave this town and her parents, all the kids who made fun of her, change her name to something more exciting that rolled off your tongue.

She'd live in a city, meet interesting people, (oh how they would all howl with laughter at smart parties she'd give). She might take up a romance with a dark slightly mysterious guy who smoked, or no, no smoking, just drinking martinis and looking deeply into her eyes.

He'd have a mysterious job, that's it, and he would take her on trips to far away places.

NO! She'd have the mysterious job, and she'd drink martini's maybe in those glasses that looked like flying saucers.

Oh yes, she would live a glorious life when she got out of this town!
But for now she'd hide away long enough to read this new book.

(the end  er, beginning)
Thank you to Sunday Whirl for the prompts! Thank you for reading! Love, LeeAnna

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Ann said...

You are enjoying this challenge and I like reading your stories. Thanks.

sonja said...

i like reading your "word paintings" as in doing so some part of a life is created/reviled! Each of us reading paints their own rendition! i recall using a vintage photographs from the thrift store to use as a visual story prompt.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Gold star work on this latest story! ⭐️ said...

Love this! As in real life, she has ideas and changes them for others. Wonderful story.

Lydia C. Lee said...

The beginning made me chuckle. Nice work

Colonialist said...

Books are a good way to soak in the actions of heroes and heroines while waiting for one's turn at being a central character!
Well crafted.

Intelliblog said...

Books take us instantly to magical, far away places!
Thanks for linking up with the "Travel Tuesday" meme.