Monday, November 6, 2017

Milo's Monday Mischief

Milo here to tell you about my weekend. 
Look at me! I found a ball! It's a sock ball! It smells like Mommy!
 I'm an ANGEL! Look at my halo! It's Saturday and my peeps were having a cup of coffee (I don't need caffeine to start my day) so I wanted to move things along.
 Like walk for instance!
 Mommy... got your socks! I'll give them to you if you go for a walk.... 
 Huh??!? What do you mean by "drop"
Why would I drop the sock ball?
Let me think about this...

 I don't see any sneakers or anyone moving toward the door or hear a leash... but she seemed to really want me to drop the socks so I did. I'm the best boy, pure angel (refer to picture number 2)  
Well, I decided to make Mommy happy and give her the socks cause I still had a toy and Dad's shoe to play with! Lately I'm enjoying moving shoes from room to room. Oh I don't chew them, it's more about redecorating. 

Later in the day we went for a "rideinnacar" to Frederick. This gives a poodle a chance to take a little shut-eye so he's fresh and ready to bark, er, I mean go for a walkabout. 

LeeAnna: It started the minute we got out. 
A stroller with eyes on it, bark! 
Then a motorized wheel chair, BARK! 
Then a bike, BARK! 
Then some kids stomped on the metal sidewalk cover, YIKES! The big ticket fear was the wagon of cheering people being pulled by Mules! 
Image result for horse drawn wagon frederick
Oy Vey! 
From then on it was BARK BARK BARK. 

Milo: Well, I was nervous. I had to warn you of all the possible dangers. That person looked scary. The leaf looked scary. The car door made a scary noise. The shop had scary stuff in it. 
On the other paw,  Everyone wanted to give me a cookie and pet me. I do enjoy a cookie and petting. 
Then I saw this...
I said it was perfect for our house but my peeps didn't want to move even one more rug. 
This store held a surprise...
 I love this store, we've been here before and Mommy even got a tiara, but I caught sight of three poodles!!

OMG, and then I saw another Mommy and Daddy! 
Let's get outta here!

LeeAnna:We had a quick snack of a grilled cheese. It was made with Cheddar, their home made pimento cheese spread and bacon. I didn't get a picture. 
(you're welcome)
They let us eat inside out of the rain, and it was peaceful til someone's two little dogs started screaming at Milo. He was good but after a bit, we left because we didn't want dogs to get a bad name, and the lady with the two yappers stayed. 
Milo: They ate that in front of me and only gave me a little bite. Grrrr when will they learn to buy ME a dinner??

   We ran into a group of marauding boys on bikes, who got into a comedy routine with us. They said we were the best people they met all day! But...
We left town early as Milo hit his limit of coping. 

LeeAnna: It's okay baby! You'll get used to all that and after all...

enjoy this Broadway excerpt from guys and dolls !


  1. Love the rug....Isn't it funny. There are days that nothing phases them, then others everything. My daughter's huge Bull Mastiff was freaked out seeing her reflection in my front door one evening.

  2. Maybe you can order that rug shipped to you once you get moved, because it is so perfect. Bet it brought a smile to your face just by seeing it.

  3. I need that rug too! Fun post! I hope this means you had some fun and positivity this weekend.

  4. Yes, I like the idea of having it shipped.

  5. Oh, what a good boy! Milo is irresistible! So cute to see the world through his eyes. The rug is wonderful!

  6. Love the doormat! You are definitely an angel, Milo! You and your sock remind me of our angel Abby. She loved to grab our socks and carry them around. We’d come home and find her with one of our socks. She was a sock-sucker.

  7. Miloyou are too funny! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop with this post, it's a cute one!