Thursday, November 30, 2017

I Like Thursdays # 65 Dishing it up!

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 It's officially the start of the Christmas Season, according to these salt and pepper shakers given to me by my friend Nancy at pugmom

Although it's been in the 70's here near Annapolis... we walked past the marina in our neighborhood Sunday and this lovely view caught my eye
There are reasons we're leaving this neighborhood, but also things we'll miss that we've come to take for granted. We can walk past one of the three rivers off the Chesapeake Bay every day, and feel the breeze in our hair...
 This row of rocking chairs facing the water was inviting but we have a lot to do. We have to let go of the Annapolis area and reach out to the Colorado West!

We've been going through our belongings especially in the basement, or as I like to call it, the
 "archeological dig" 
 another gift from Nancy who gave me a box of her collected cows for Christmas last year! She'll remind me of the ocean! 

I have found some cool stuff! My sister gave me a number of boxes from the house we grew up in, and I never really looked through them until now. I found this set of dishes from my Granny's house. 
There is an almost intact set of china made by 
Brock of California Pottery. They only made these dishes between 1947 and 1955. I love their logo! I like most things from the 40's and 50's but these whimsical western dishes are so whimsical I love them. 
 I was adopted as a baby, my granny's daughter met my birth mother at granny's boarding house. I stayed at my granny's house many times, watching her hand piece quilts in her lap on the porch, learning to handle a sewing machine as soon as my pudgy little legs could reach the treadle. I loved the smell of the machine, the power I felt using it, the fabric going together like magic. 
My granny and I knew each other as adult and child. She might have been surprised to know how much I loved these kitschy  dishes with their whimsical shapes like tiny frying pans, and cute little tea cups. I know my family gave them to me because they didn't know what else to do with them, but they are a precious connection to a grandmother who harbored a young woman during her pregnancy in the 50's.

The very idea of a mover possibly breaking these or losing them in a move is part of my panic. I am sentimental and gather things for my nest like a magpie.

I love all the things left after the great purge of 2017.
These have never been handled by a mover, they went from Granny's house, to mother's, to Patti's, to mine handed off generation to generation.

They may look old to you, and they are, but so am I and it's okay to be old.
They are more than dishes, they are a connection to the past, like Granny's mother's treadle I learned to sew on, and still have. Like the top she pieced for me and left to me.

 All being entrusted to strangers.

Among the dishes, (and some mouse poop) were some little toys I played with as a child. Little fingers moving household furniture around my doll house. They looked bigger to me back then...

These came from the archeological dig, again in boxes brought to me by my sister but not gone through at the time. Too much emotion back then, but with the tincture of time I'm able now to see them more clearly. 

To remember how I felt as a child, to know that little girl with hopes and imagination and excitement at life is me. I remember the fun of finding that doll house in our old garage, and playing with the tiny furniture for hours. It's not as much fun to move big furniture around a house now. These days I want to write and create my artwork in a nest , not to constantly redo a nest. 

The movers say we have insurance but how could I replace these things? I don't know if I can take any more loss at this point.But... 

from my curly girl calendar
 And this page from my calendar this year reminds me...
I am a nest maker, not a mover. This is so difficult. The not knowing if it will be better there. The letting go. The trust of strangers with the collections I have spent years collecting. 

We took some time yesterday to do some of the things here we've put off for years. Like changing this cool switch cover to a plain one for whoever takes over this nest.

like putting back up the blinds in our bay window so the new owners will have some privacy... we always meant to do it after we got new windows...
it's interesting to see the house returning to a neutral palette with none of the personality I've given it.
Pictures of my labradaughter Chelsea in Newport RI
personal effects boxed up in preparation for life's changes.

Milo had a lot to like this week. He's pretty much out of that hobble brace, and has taken up position on the landing. Cole used to lie there too, in order to survey his domain.
This house has seen three dogs... Chelsea was with us here for a few months, then Cole spent his 14 years here, and now our baby Milo is here. Remember when these stairs were a challenge to tiny puppy legs? He was so proud to climb them to greet me in the mornings... unable to contain his glee that we all survived the night, unable to wait for me to come down, he climbed Mt Everest each morning.
Now he's a big tall boy who feels responsible to guard the house. When he disappears, it's to his new perch.
able to nap lightly in case a leaf blows outside, requiring barking alerts.
Milo: I love this nook! What a great place! I can see into the place food comes from, I can watch the front door, and Mama can't escape upstairs or to the bathroom without me knowing!
 Finally I'm in charge!
Believe me y'all, I keep my peeps informed! 

Whew, that's exhausting... better take a little nap. Go see the other people on Mama's list! Thanks for coming!



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  1. I loved seeing your old dishes - they made me think about my grannies, too, and the few things I have of theirs. Milo protecting the house and his humans from the stair landing is precious! Your next house will need a stairway just like that! I also like the sayings from your calendar - they are good ones. Happy Thursday, LeeAnna!

  2. Great likes! I love your dishes! So charming! Waving at Milo!!! Hugs!

  3. Oh my-I am sad and excited for your move. I pray all goes well and those adorable dishes are safe when landing in Colorado. It must be hard to leave Annapolis-it's so full of history and views. I like your calendar pages-how appropriate. Best wishes and thanks for including me today! mary in Az

  4. Hi Lee Anna,
    What a fabulous find in the dishes. How nice that they passed on to you, someone who will appreciate and love them. I am sure your grandma wanted that all along - it just took a bit to get to you. Those cows!! The salt and pepper shakers are just too darn cute, and the one in the inner tube will certainly make you think of the ocean. That view - I would really miss that. Milo seems happy in his perch but it strikes me that he would be happy anywhere - as long as you are there, too. The move will be what you make of it. I think you will love it after the actual stress of the move itself is behind you. I hear there are great quilt shops and antique shops out that way. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Moving is so stressful, and never goes as smoothly as we want. I've been doing an archaeological dig in our basement too. Boxes from my parents that I've moved and never really dug into - stuff my kids left here when they moved away - junk I thought I might NEED someday. I love those little dishes. They are very sweet even without good memories. Enjoy unpacking those memories in your new nest.

  6. I love the old dishes--my best friend has a whole set of Fiestaware--I am hoping she gets sick of it and I'll get it, maybe?? It's in a BOX and not in use I mean, really!!) I have the Friendly village set that my Mom used while i was growing up--love it. Just 8 plates left though--lots of dropping and breaking going on through the years...Use your quilt pieces to wrap in between those precious dishes...good luck on your move...hugs, Julierose

  7. Your cow salt and pepper shakers are adorable, but even more I love hearing about your granny. Having a tangible connection to her through the dishes is wonderful. Good luck with the moving and packing. It's a wretched horrible process, but I have faith you will come out well on the other side!

  8. Your Granny's dishes are SO cute! We're going through much of the same. Exterior is mostly spruced up; interior "neutralization" began this morning. I'm going through every drawer and cabinet, deciding what to toss, what to donate, what we need right now, and what I can go ahead and pack for the move. I wish you well.

  9. I like Tursdays so I can read your positive posts! Your grandmother's dishes are adorable. Maybe there will be space in the new place to display them? I think those tiny frying pans were used to bake eggs. Maybe? Hope you have a lovely day and discover more treasures!

  10. You remind me of the archeological dig I went through when we moved here. I looked up Brock pottery and found some on cute with the roosters and bulls and such. I love it too and I can see why you will cherish them.
    The more you undecorate, the more the house will no longer be yours and then easier to leave. That's what we felt like.
    Moving is a lot of work in so many ways!

  11. I agree with Milo - landings like that are the best place to hang out! Love those salt and pepper shakers. :-)

  12. Squee...those dishes!! Adorable with such a treasured history. And the cow cuties. Too precious. Hang in there...the light is at the end of the tunnel and closer than you think. 😊

  13. Yhat sure is a bunch of goodies. Looking good at your special spot Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. Your views of the ocean will be replaced by spectacular views of the mountains. Glad you uncovered the dishes, now make sure you use them in CO.

  15. Love seeing your shot of Annapolis. We lived near there and our son was born in Annapolis. Great memories, but I understand your need to move! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  16. Awe your old dishes are so sweet. I see why you love them. Teeny tiny chair. Your comment reminded me of a line from a movie called Indian Summer

  17. What a wonderful post, Lee Anna! I can see why you treasure those dishes; they are very special. I can't imagine moving myself with all the "stuff" I have accumulated altho I am doing some purging of Christmas decor I no longer use. It's off to Good Will tomorrow.

  18. I think your Granny dishes are beautiful! I like the scene with the lollipop trees and the red barn - I think it would make a great quilt.

    :) Linda

  19. Dishes!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do to your new blank canvas, your new home!
    Cool light switch cover!

  20. I hate so much that you are leaving Annapolis. I love that place. Wish I lived there.

  21. What a lovely story you told on the Thursday post this week! You're lucky to have so many treasures from your childhood and heirlooms from your family. Mine moved a lot and with each move we gave alot away, so I have one box of 'history' and that is all. Best wishes for the move!

  22. Moving from the East Coast to Colorado is a big change!
    Hope all goes well!

  23. Those dishes are fantastic. Let me understand're moving to Colorado? That's where I grew up, and raised my family before retiring to the coast of Texas. Nearly 50 years, a Coloradoan.

  24. Very pretty shot of the marina, and I love the CA pottery. Never heard of Brock, but it looks very cool!

  25. We moved twelve years ago and I have boxes still in storage. Some day I have to get them out and see what's in them. Maybe I'll find the pictures I've been missing. - Margy

  26. The story of your granny is so touching; I can feel how special she was and how treasured the dishes are as a result. I have never heard of Brock pottery; I like the style very much. When we moved, we took some items with us that are irreplaceable - I don't know if that is an option for you!

  27. Sweet dog and lovely rocking chairs.

  28. You are uncovering treasures that might have stayed in their boxes for years more if you weren't moving. This is the hardest part but hang in there and keep the faith.

  29. I love Annapolis! We lived there in 1966-67. I know it's changed a lot. My Mom has been back a couple of times and I always love seeing the photos. Beautiful dog! And your Grandmother's Arts & Crafts dish set...LOVE it!

  30. Your grandmother's dishes will fit Colorado perfectly. Pack with lots of paper and set them vertically. Our movers didn't break a single thing.

  31. These are such treats for your Christmas season. I love old ceramics!!

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew.

  32. isn't it fun to open up a box that you haven't looked special for you to have your grannies dishes and even some of your things from when you were small...i really enjoyed this post and hope you the best in your move! thanks for taking the time to link up!

  33. I don't envy you the packing, but unpacking can be full of wonderful things, and you have plenty of those!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  34. Old things are some of the best things, 'cause they come with stories and interesting smells. Milo and you will love your new home, I'm sure in Colorado and will have new adventures to discover together. That's exciting! Hugs! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  35. I like Marinas too! Only wish that I lived closer to one. Have a fantastic week. Good luck on your new adventures.

  36. What a good dog Milo is! Always on alert, always ready to accompany you to the bathroom...Yep! He's a good boy! I do love the old Brock dishes. I can imagine them sitting on one of those great, old tables from that era with the wide chrome edge and a red, linoleum top.