Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I've been thinking in circles

Shall we discuss inspiration today? Good! 

Life is so disturbing these days it's hard to remember what it was like to just wake up to creativity. I am trying to remember what it was like... 
I have been intrigued with circles, broken circles (NY Beauty blocks) (Drunkard Path variations) most of my life. On this Sunday walk we stopped to look out over the water and I noticed the playground equipment. 

What do you see in these cropped images? See the possibilities for quilting? I was entranced while my husband enjoyed the water
 Back to the circles...

 Looking at it from different angles...

 changes the line and the perspective...
Imagine playing with pencil and paper, while coming up with different possibilities for quilting or other art

 Dresden plate blocks have infinite varieties. Just as NY beauty they can be changed with one line, or use of color to lead the eye

then there is line created with quilting.

Concentric circles, echo quilting, however you name it, it is an image repeated in nature.

I love love LOVE the concentric lines here on the water.

Thank you mother nature!

Now, if I were to issue a challenge to come up with a design inspired by these circles for your art form, what would you do??? Tell me! 
Other posts like this one at the links on the right to exploring creativity and Finding the Muse. Hope you are able to find time to be creative today. 


  1. I see those things and angles too! Both man made and nature.that i why i look up and look down!
    On water and sky...oh my.even the swirl of cream in the latte!

  2. Thanks for the challenge LeeAnna!
    I have think about this one!

  3. Wow! I'm currently working on a quilt featuring some of Ruby Short McKim's "Roly Poly Circus" The animals are featured in a circular fashion. Love the post!

  4. This is really weird as i have been thinking circles too; (great minds???lol). I need to get out my 365 circles--uh of which I made only 39..and do something with them. On my list--but working on hexagons right now--sort of circle=ye right?? Hugs, Julierose

  5. I have another NYBeauties quilt on my list. I've got about five other projects to finish up first. I really like your first photo - I would probably try to do something with concentric circles if you had a challenge.

  6. Very interesting, as always! I've done echo quilting on a couple of projects. Hadn't thought however about changing the perspective. Hmmm!

  7. I'm no artist, but your post about circles got me thinking about the colorful strips of fabric that gymnasts use in their routines. They make circles with the ribbons that I think would be fun to try to replicate in watercolor.

  8. I like circles too... they are good for meditation to find the inner balance back :o)

  9. These lines are so intriguing...that's what my eye follows and what I'd try to interpret in fabric. The broken circles, the angles, all challenging the creativity. Thought provoking pics and blog. Thanks!

  10. Concentric circles work when people connect. I'm grateful for having 'captured' you in the circle of life/friendship category.