Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Like #22 Fire and Ice

Welcome to this week's " I Like" post!
I like YOU!
How about that haircut?? Love... I want pink hair too, you go girl!

Let's start with this blogger who shows me a daily picture of Paris.
 (get that segue? French poodle to Pa-reee)

* I Like receiving a  daily picture of Paris by this blog parisandbeyond
especially when it's an Elephant! I've liked elephants since I saw an exhibits on their social lives at NatGeo

* I Like a festival. I don't mind a lot of people, I love to be a part of things. Most of my likes this week happened at the Fire and Ice Festival last weekend. Ice sculptures, fire dancers, s'mores, gallery openings, and lots lots lots of people.
Check out a few ice sculptures...
can you see the Eiffel Tower etched into the ice? (continuing the French references, lol)
Frederick city likes their dogs... there were probably 50 ice sculptures and at least 5 were dog related!
This was outside a deli.
This was outside the local rescue group
Lady and the Tramp outside an italian restaurant
This was outside the tea shop!
My favorite was these colored free form globes of ice outside an Art Gallery
this one with a Valentine cutout was popular with lots of people in line to have their picture taken

*I Like this guy's shirt...I love fun clothes

He was very dapper... he chooses fabrics, designs the clothing, and sends it off to be made. He had a wild tie,. and a very very colorful hat woven of colorful straw.

The woman next to him is an artist at this reception, I convinced her to stand in because her red coat would set off his clothes.

By the way the artists really like that this gentleman buys a lot of their artwork. Support an artist!

I wanted to take part in Volt Restaurant's ice bar but alas we've given up alcohol... so sad... I thought my allergies were becoming life threatening and one's liver fights that fight, so I want to give my liver the best chances. My Husband gave it up in sympathy (and to sleep better)
Anyway, lots of people were here...
It looked so inviting! Bryan Voltaggio was on Top Chef (second runner up) and Top Chef Masters and owns this restaurant in Frederick. No we don't eat there... pretty steep for us but let me know if you have!
Feels kind of like one degree of separation, heh heh. (No I've never seen him)

* I Like:   reading one of the Tea House mysteries, but I've told you about those before.
I'm listening to a book on disc in the studio, that makes me laugh out loud. It's
Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler.

*I Like theaters, especially ones built in the 1920's. They are beautiful and ornate. This one was gorgeous with the teller's booth in gold leaf. I grew up seeing shows at Tampa Theater, built in the twenties, ceiling looks like the night sky, extremely ornate with a stage. This theater was saved from demolition.

* I Like history. I love old buildings and the details you'll never never see in today's boring buildings that all look alike. I Love people who raise enough money to preserve old buildings. Thank you.

As always, if you did an I Like post let me know to include it here. Please enjoy visiting these fine folk who are keeping it positive!
1. http://imworkingonaproject
4. http://maryinpeoriahandmade

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  1. Wonderful list of Likes! That ice festival sounds like so much fun. Talk about boring architecture, the latest fad around Nashville is all-white houses, whole pocket neighborhoods of them together. Booorrringgg!

  2. Your listings are so that poodle pix...hugs from snowy CT --even thunder snow today...Julierose

  3. What a wonderful list today! You made me feel as if I attended the festival. Loved that guy's shirt too. I miss having a glass of wine but did find that it broke up my sleep in the middle of the night. weird. You may use my Like list today if you want. These are such a positive approach to the week. AND WE NEED IT. just sayin.Thanks. mary in AZ

  4. What fun the ice sculpture event looked like! My favorite of those is the dog outside the shelter. I'm amazed that the artist sculpture captured hair so well!

  5. I like having a snow day today! And those colored ice globes look quite festive. Wonder what would happen if I threw some out on my lawn? Hope you're keeping warm today!

  6. That poodle haircut is adorable! One of our little dogs is white and light brown and I've often thought it would be fun to dye her hair, but I think Mike might protest! And I too love early 20th century architecture and style- both Art Nouveau and Art Deco. When I was in Denver a couple of years ago I got to visit the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art which is filled with architecture (it's an old home), furniture, art, and decorative items (beautiful ceramics) largely focused on that area. If you haven't ever been there and ever get to Denver, it's well worth the trip. Yum!!

  7. The Fire and Ice Festival looked like a super interesting event. I love history and old buildings too - hence the BA in history I have. :-)

    One of my favorite old buildings is the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis. It's been lovingly restored and I love making the 5 hour drive "back home" to see a play there. Wicked was the last thing I saw in that theater over a year ago.

  8. Fredierick sounds similar to the town I live in! We have a Fire and Ice festival coming up this weekend, and a lovely old theater downtown that is fun to go to. It has been remodeled somewhat but still has that old historical feel to it. On Facebook I am following the Smithsonian National Zoo, and today you could watch the elephants come out to eat. That was fun to watch!

  9. The ice sculptures are cool! Dig the guy's wacky shirt. I made a few like that - one with barnyard animal fabric. And I agree with your sentiment of old buildings. I enjoyed going to Cabot St Theater in Beverly MA (I hear now it's closed down. :-( ).

    @Julierose - we're getting thunder snow, too! Cool stuff.

  10. I've had a purple streak in my hair for the last 6 months, I get lots of compliments on it. My friend did turquoise and it looks great on her darker hair. But alas, I'm now swimming at the Y and the chlorine is bleaching out :(

  11. I posted an I like Thursday this week! The number of us continues to grow! I love Lady and the Tramp outside of the Italian restaurant!!! You would have liked where I used to live. I raised my son in a large 1920s apartment--which was the second floor of a 1920s theatre (that is still open too). Have a great day!

  12. Those are great photos and that poodle in pink is quite fancy! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  13. That poodle tho ......
    And the ice sculptures looked amazing , so fun!

  14. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love those colored ice balls! Looks like a you had a great weekend!

  15. I like this week's list a lot. I share your love of festivals and old buildings, though I'm much keener on fire than ice!

  16. I like the daily Paris photos! Thanks for sharing - it is now bookmarked.

  17. Ain't nature grand! love your latest postings of fire and ice. old photos tell me stories i want to tell again ! love the shirt too!Happy Valentine month to you and Drew!

  18. Awesome post! Love the ice sculptures.

  19. I really did enjoy this visit...lots of fun things to see and to read.

  20. I like your list. We like some of the same things. I like old buildings and artists studios. I got to visit the designers studio at work this week. I fell in love and want to include some of the design in my quilting space. I like elephants very likely because Packy was born in my city when I was a kid so I got caught up in the excitement of his birth. I am going to miss him.

  21. So many things to like: ice sculptures, custom made shirts, and old buildings. Hooray.

  22. That aqua is such a fresh colour to my eyes right now living in a mostly white or grey world. Like Nancy, I share some of the same likes. I've just discovered audio books on youtube and am enjoying them very much while I'm busy in the sewing room. Those old theatres are so special. Inspiration abounds!

  23. What a fun post ~ great shots of the pink poodle and beautiful ice sculptures ~ and the man's colorful shirt ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Weekend ~ ^_^

  24. Hello, love the cute poodle and ice sculptures. I have been to Frederick many times. What a fun post and great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  25. Sweet poodle pic and the ice sculptures are interesting.

  26. More great 'likes!' You inspire me to look around and see beauty in the landscape of life for which I thank you. Love the 'bracelets' on the poodle. 🐩

  27. We love the ice sculptures - WOW how amazing are they! AND the guys shirt!!!

    We are late for Thankful Thursday but dropping by today!

    The Dash Kitten Crew