Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Like Thursdays #23 Cows, cats, tulips and Nature

* I Like cows & I like Hearts so...
Welcome to this week's list of Likes!

* I Like blue and brown together, like the tree against the blue sky.
We almost never have sun anymore, so this was a treat. (I see the word love spelled out in clouds.

* I Liked finishing my Valentine quilt on time.In case you missed it, this is the LINK
I love doing this yearly series, each one filled with symbolism of the year spent together. (I show them all in the lecture on working in series) We have 23 now!

* I like purple tulips.

 So. Much. DH showed up with them this week! The pitcher they are in is one I made in ceramics. Long ago and far away. I've always enjoyed paint!

* I like art galleries and interactive art
please enjoy this short video of me playing in an art gallery
If it doesn't play from your devise, try this link

*I Like this Art installation by Roberta Staat
She had been given little momentos and collected bits of personal items that reminded her of friends. As she formed each little totem pole with the items relating to that friend, she thought of them and sent good thoughts. She forgave or asked for forgiveness in the making.

I'm so pleased I asked her to tell me about her process. By the way, as I interviewed her as an artist, I asked a question I always ask, what condition is your studio in??

She said what all but one artist over the years has said, "a mess"
I am sure that most working studios are in some kind of disarray, but also sure most of us know basically what is there and how to find it.

* I Like interviewing artists who work in different mediums than I do, as we have much in common and so much to learn from each other

* I like The West on dvd
We checked it out of the library and so far have learned so much about the Native Americans who were displaced by Europeans who swept into their world, taking their land, spreading diseases, and informing the Indians they must give up their beliefs and take on Christianity or die. Wow.

So glad we've come a long way since then... we now allow people to choose their form of worship, in  understanding and respect for the individual. Right? 

* I Like collaborating on writing exercises with Eliza at Forest Poodles (see link below)
We are working our way through writing exercises and sharing inspiration. I was an actress, then a social worker, a nanny, a school counselor, a lecturer and teacher, an artist and now consider myself a writer.

Time to learn more about it!! I am already learning by doing the exercises with Eliza.

* I Liked receiving a sewing machine from a friend who is downsizing.
 She felt drawn to offer it to me, and I need a machine to use since mine is on it's third mother board. I did not want to spend $5000 while we are hoping to move, and this is a godsend. It came with a cabinet her husband constructed, and this little tray of feet...
It is a Bernina 930, last of the older mechanicals that I've heard described as "workhorses"

I am thrilled to say the least.

So blessed! She had a home full of the most charming quilts mostly antique. She wants to remain anon. so I won't give her name but I am so grateful.

*I Like old sewing items... my machine friend also gave me this vintage thread box.

 It's so 50's to me. I love the star cut into the top, and it holds 24 spools plus room for bobbins and needles. I collect little sewing items from the past, enjoying the look plus the connection between us.

*I Like this blog post.
 You can play this video from here or when you visit the blog link below, he has it on his post too.

 Cat's in Istanbul. The movie looks so fab I want to see it.
What I noticed
>first noticed the terrific gestures of the cats
> then I enjoyed hearing the spoken language so different from English
> I realized listening, if I had just heard the language without seeing the interpretation and loving words about nature and cat love, I might have thought it sounded slightly scary.

Because it sounds so different. Because I didn't understand the language, I might have missed the kindness and the compassionate words. I wonder how much we miss in life by not understanding each other

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  1. Your Thursday posts make me smile! Isn't The West documentary cool?

  2. My hubby loves funny cows--he is still laughing at my bovine masterpiece (as in waaaay too many pieces=23 aaargh). We had a cat named Schumee (short for Clara Schumann) and also because she was so tiny she slept in my hubster's shoe...funny gal..thanks for another wonderful post...hugs, Julierose

  3. As the driver of my very own Bernina 708 (also gifted) and also the Bernina 830 Record(purchased reconditioned) and which i rotate and use for free motion quilting mostly, I would say you are going to LOVE your Bernina 930! The Cats of Istanbul is an amazingly beautiful trailer that i played a few times last week as i am HORSE/CAT/CHICKEN oriented as a person.Happy Thursday! Be well, Sonja

  4. I love the clouds picture! I wonder where to find the vintage thread box. Everything in one place. What a concept! I have thread in one box, bobbins in another. Needles in a third. We make our own life so difficult. lol. thanks again for such an eclectic array of "likes". mary in Az

  5. I like to make for the process of making too. I love everything about your valentine is easy to see all the love you put into it.Lucky fellow. Your I Like list is so varied and interesting as always. Thanks for the time you put into it. Happy slow stitching.

  6. I love your valentine quilt! Thank you for sharing your techniques! It really interests me how you come up with these things. I truly admire that! Are you moving? Downsizing? My friend loves her Bernina and swears the old ones are more durable than the new ones. Hope this one treats you well! Loved your other likes too~! Have a great day!

  7. The sewing machine is such a lovely gift! She knew you would get a lot of pleasure out of it, I'm sure. I haven't watched "The West," but just finished reading Gloria Steinem's memoir, My Life on the Road, and she writes a lot about the experiences of Native Americans in our country. That really made me think. I am looking out my window right now at a view similar to your first photo. Blue sky and brown branches. Beautiful! I always enjoy your Thursday posts!

  8. I enjoy these posts so much. Huzzah for tulips! And how exciting to get that sewing machine. The interactive art looks like fun.

  9. Another smile worthy Thursday. Congrats on being the beneficiary of of that sewing machine! What an incredible score and generous gift from a friend. ღ

  10. Another great list. Wow, that's so awesome about the sewing machine! Nice!

    Funny - I saw LOVE in the clouds in that photo before I got to the part where you pointed it out. Amazing photo!

  11. Amazing photo of the sky, I saw the "Love" right away, how cool! The cow heart is pretty amazing as well. Congrats, on that very cool sewing machine that you adopted!

  12. Your Valentine quilt is beautiful! And I love the pitcher you made in ceramics! I've always wanted to try something like that!

  13. Lucky you to receive that Bernina! I enjoyed reading this!