Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"I Like" Thursdays #21

Welcome to this week's I Like list!
First off, I was surprised to see this children's T-shirt at Khols!

Follow your heart is my phrase this year. I also brought along "use it!" again.

*I Like the idea of making something with 5 FQ and some background yardage. These fine bloggers have concocted patterns for FREE. Two of which they have already shared. I plan to do them. Small projects, easy to gather five FQ that make you happy and start.

* I Like getting  a surprise gift in the mail from Yarngoddess (https://yarngoddess) :
 This book and cd look to be the perfect thing to stimulate artistic growth right now. Total surprise!

*I Like this flamingo-pink poodle card from Monika. (tailsaroundtheranch).... 
she's so talented... she sent just because she knew a pink poodle would lift my spirits...
oh for a real one!

*I Like this Blue Moose dip ... so much!!! My husband found it at the local grocery and it's terrific on crackers as well as a turkey sandwich. Dian in CO told us about it in another I like post... yum!

* I Like the four new Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflicks.

 I am a fan of good writing and clever humor, and watched all episodes the first time around, over and over. Kind humor. No violence no meanness. Just funny and touching. I like funny. I like touching. I like smart people and these are smart people.

In case you weren't aware, there are four special episodes on netflicks right now
I related to the poignancy of this song in one of the recently released special Gilmore Girls shows.We've all had crisis in life, some of us had mid-life moments already so most people can relate a bit to this. And it's sung by Sutton Foster, one of the great clear Broadway singers.
If the link doesn't work, this is direct to youtube...   unbreakable

* I like this new flamingo hand towel also from Khols
 such a yummy pink and those flamingos remind me of a quilt I made once. Yep, I've made more than 10 flamingo based quilts.

Speaking of pink... and who isn't??
*I like pink hair
Look at that pink curl of hair I'm sporting. I am considering doing the whole kit and caboodle that color. I got this little real hair clip in at one of those beauty stores. (Don't know why the image is so grainy)
I mean, it would be cheerful looking at that color every day. Last week's I Like on Shannon's blog showed her pink hair!
 * I liked, very much the Netflicks show titled, "Fannie's last supper" where a group of Boston chefs research and prepare a 12 course Victorian dinner as Fannie Farmer would have done. They had to find a wood stove, learn how to bring it to precise temperatures, find ingredients available at the time, experiment with techniques so common at the time that details were not in the cookbook.

Fannie Farmer was a strong woman, overcoming polio, studying cooking then becoming principal of the cooking school. She wrote a cookbook and publishers didn't believe in her, so they said they would publish if she raised $3000 to print it. She did and it sold more copies than the most popular books of the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show, and would like to see more. I do love history, er, HERstory. 

*  I Like the way different species find comfort in each other's company

That's it for this week. 
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  1. Follow your heart is a wonderful motto for this year!!! and I wish I could see this show... I always pondered about cooking a victorian dinner, maybe I would find some better ideas... google is sadly not very helpful this time LOL

  2. I like... my Christmas tree, oops, it is still up. :) Been too busy to make the trips downstairs to get all the boxes. I've got everything else holiday put away, it is the last to go. I got a new flamingo stencil, can't wait to try it.

  3. Great motto for the year!!! I had the same quilt pattern on my I like list :) Great list!!! :) Hugs and hugs!

  4. I still have my mother's Fannie Farmer cookbook with all of my mother's notes.

  5. I've decided that watching cats and dogs snuggle is a good way to start the day! I like your pink hair streak! It adds a cheerful pizzazz! Thanks for another fun list!

  6. Lovely posts LA, just got caught up on my reading. We reuse our paper and I often staple little booklets too! Ive also always said I wish I had the nerve to get a pink stripe. I love your freedom with colour...I am gradually moving away from neutrals. What a great list as always. I will be busy checking out a few of these. Thanks so much.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Go for it LeeAnna! I've thought about trying a colour in my hair then the idea of having to maintain it put me right off! There are so many cool colours to chose from!
    Follow your heart! Looking forward to see how this works for you! " Use it" was a great succes!
    Take care,

  9. I've only seen the very first episode of the Gilmore Girls but it made me want to watch more. I just haven't gotten around to it. Love that phrase "Follow your heart". We should all follow that advice.

  10. I have been a fan of the Gilmore Girls forever, and I'm looking forward to watching those 4 new episodes. Have to finish The West Wing on Netflix first! Thanks for the links to the 5 Fat Quarter quilt patterns, too! Those look like fun!

  11. Follow Your Heart is the best phrase, LeeAnna! Too often, it's the brain that gets in the way for me. Or my stubbornness. Thanks for sharing your "loves" for the week!

  12. And i love the kitchen of the Gilmore Girls leading lady Lorelei
    (with a flamingo tray on the wall)!!and her wedding,(we just had our anniversary 16/40) and the unbreakable song...oh my!
    Happy Ground Hogs Day!!

  13. Glad it arrived and hope you share it with friends. It's been a while since I watched it but the interviews were inspiring and uplifting - much like yours are.

  14. Don't you LOVE those colored clip-in hair extension? I have a few of them and love to switch it up. Glad the card arrived, when I discovered I still had a couple of those die cuts, I knew you'd be a 'pawfect' recipient. Your real poodle will be coming, just wait and see. And he won't be pink! Hugs. ღ