Friday, January 27, 2017

In honor of our dogs

As you know, if you know me, I lost my poodle son to cancer at the very end of July. I am still stunned and sad that he's gone. Recently three friends I met through blogging have lost their dogs too.

There are really no words to comfort someone, so I made a remembrance to honor their furbabies.
First up is Easy rider... who was a cheeky weimaraner who lived in France. His mama Katty is a terrific writer (easyweimaraner and I pulled two images of Easy for her. This one is sweet Easy, snuggling with her on the bed.
It is 6" square with peltex instead of batting. The corners are funky because it's so small and stiff and I was doing good to just make it in the first place.

I haven't sewn much since November. I sew from a happy place and my heart hasn't been in it. I was grateful to be able to sew again, for a friend, for a reason, and my heart needed to reach out to theirs.

There were tears.

The heart is lame'( the really thin metallic dress fabric), stars on the orange (Katty loves bright colors) are metallic embossed, and I beaded it with bugle beads like exclamation points! I free motion wrote his name with metallic gold thread.  Easy was very bright and bold and lived life with an Exclamation point!

This image is more like "naughty" Easy chewing Daddy's shoe... it's on the reverse side. Somehow I managed to take this picture skewed but it's evenly sewn.
It felt like getting it done was more "impawtant" than fussing over the binding but the sentiment is the real message.

All the little quilts are a mix of improv, photo transfer, applique and piecing. All machine quilted with gold metallic thread.

Seamus... this is the image I pulled from his blog. (3poodlesandanana) Printed onto printed treasures fabric, it printed out more pale than I wanted. I got out my prismacolor pencils and inks and made this
Appliqueing gold lame' hearts and adding in the charm, Adore.
Next is Eliza's (forestpoodles)  quilt honoring D'Art. I almost called Cole D'Artagnan but he misbehaved the day I did so we chose Cole, and he was quite pleased with that. Eliza lives with several poodles but D'Art was her constant companion and shadow...
There are two charms and the title" D'Art was born with a heart of gold".
I love this image of him, with his reading glasses and a book.
 Poodles love a good book.
Again, colored in with pencils and inks, but the background was from her image. I liked the blurring there.
I hope these pups are running with Cole in Heaven.

 I felt Cole's spirit on three occasions after he passed over to spirit form. Unmistakable.
On one occasion I felt him jump on the bed  while I read my book.
 Strong and sure, which told me he was young and able bodied again.

When Cole's ashes came home to us, we put them on his sofa. Slowly we added in his favorite things, The pillow I made, his duck, his giraffe ball, the quilt my friend Mary made to honor him and help me, her friend.
It says
"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault really" by A.Turnball

Remember this funny Cole-di-Locks and the big bad bed post? We three loved Lake Placid trips... the link

when you are finished looking at Cole, look at this video on the power of puppies. Each view brings a pound of dog chow to shelters

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  1. These are all so touchingly personal and moving.

  2. the tributes to four legged family members you made for folks are wonderful. the puppies sure lit up the day!

  3. Lovely mementos and so kind of you to make them for friends in mourning, too. I like all the interesting techniques you used.
    Thinking of you, your husband and your darling Cole.

  4. So thoughtful of you to make such a treasured keepsake for your friends to remember their furkids ! It always feels so comforting to receive a gift when you're at a loss. They all look beautiful!
    I love that you were able to save Coles beautiful locks, even though Piglet was short haired I never thought of such a great idea!

  5. Such thoughtful gifts - made by hand and heart in memory of special fur-baby. I'm sure they will be loved. When our daughter's beloved dog Bailey died in February, the veterinarian who cremated him also did a paw print for them. That meant a lot to them.

  6. These are wonderful! There are no words but these show how much you empathize with your friends and they will cry but it will help. These little quilts are almost as precious as their namesakes.

  7. Omg! I have the biggest smile on my face now! Thank you #powerofpuppies

  8. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts to friends in sorrow. I hope in some way it helps you too. Maybe Spring will bring back some quilting desire. I miss your various RSC projects.

  9. What a wonderful way to work thru grieving and as mementos of lost friends. Bless you.

  10. What lovely tributes. I am sure Cole is happy to see your Momentos of his new friends. Peace to you.

  11. Thank you again! Our family loves the Seamus tribute! All three of these wonderful! You do such fantastic work and such a kind person. Many many many hugs!

  12. So glad you sewed again LeeAnna. Hope this means your heart is healing a wee bit. That quote--! Perfect, and one I have copied and pasted in my Words that Resonate doc on my laptop. Lovely mementos you made for your fur-baby mama friends. Hugs.

  13. You are a wonderfully kind person. I was greatly saddened when reading about your loss of Cole. Sorry it took me so long to tell you this.

  14. Those are such sweet gifts, LeeAnna! I love seeing how you use different fabrics and materials. Sewing small things is always satisfying to me; hope it gave you a good feeling, too! I'm going to go read your post about Lake Placid.

  15. A wonderfully creative way to remember!

  16. I couldn't stop grinning while watching the video. Te laughter and smiles made me feel good in a weekend of ugliness. Well done with such special gifts! ❤︎

  17. You are the best....such a thoughtful, kind lady.....blessings to you!