Thursday, January 19, 2017

"I Like" Thursday #19

Welcome to another "I Like" Thursday... here's what I liked this week....

1. I Like Finding inspiration in my files. I keep images from magazines, drawings, cards, etc in folders labeled so I can go look when I want to draw an adirondak chair for instance. I looked through the files this week, to see if I could throw anything out.
 Well, the good news, or bad news, is I only got rid of maybe 10 sheets of paper as I still love all the snips!
Especially the folder labeled Faces...

 Oh so many fun faces, which made me want to run to my fabrics, my paints, my machine to make art. That's a good thing, y'all.
Speaking of faces...

2. I like the new BBC show  Victoria . It airs Sunday nights, relieving some of my missing of Downton and The Durells. Well done, and I had no idea how she had to fight for respect at the start! The actress playing Queen Victoria  has the "it factor"

3. I also Like the TV show "This is us"

It is maybe the most well written and produced show on US television right now. Like layers of an onion that peel away revealing the next layer, the concept of family and the connection between members is explored. Funny, touching, and very real.
I was told as an adult that I had been adopted as a newborn. There is a lot to the story and maybe I'll share it here one day.
I have never fit in and long to.
Which brings me to this like...

4. I Like the blogger I'll call "G" here. She shared  with me, her story of finding her birth family and gave me tips on my search. The call gave me a sense that somewhere there might be a place for me. (unfortunately it's not within the adoptive family) Hope springs eternal.
This is my Husband's drawer of shirts
5. I Like folding my t-shirts like this, and storing them in the drawer so I can easily find just the right one. It's the same way I store fabric, so I can see it at a glance instead of lifting some out of the way. I fold them in half lengthwise, then the other way,  fold  in half, and again and they fit in a drawer.
I used to store them on top of each other like this
where you can see the top one and have to dig to see the ones three down.

Now if I could just stop overstuffing the drawers.

Which leads me to my new bead storage...
6. When I saw these at my friend Cindy's I fell in like with them!
I used two Joann coupons to get two for half price and started the "Great Bead Reorganization"

I don't know about you, but I am in search of organization like the holy grail.

Generally I don't like moving stacks of containers to get to the bottom one. That's what I have to do with beads, but still I love this system as the beads are visible at a glance, contained in lidded jars so they don't skitter around.

I store fabric by color because that's how I work. I store beads and threads by type as that's how I use them. I need a few more containers like this before all of them find a place to belong, then need to find a place for the containers in here
I can do it!

7. I Like having soup on hand. I made Great Northern Bean soup this week, just dried beans, chicken broth, celery onions and spices. Really good. My hint is using a measuring cup instead of a ladle.

It works like a charm, lifting a cup at a time without having to deal with a little ladle handle. Try it.

8. I Liked learning about Ava Vanderbilt in Newport RI a couple months ago. She was very wealthy with a lot of prestige and power for the day. She could have just thrown party after party and spent her money on clothes.
The Vanderbilt china
  Instead she worked for Women's rights.
She raised money and awareness with her tireless efforts for women's rights.
It was a difficult fight, and many women were jailed, beaten sometimes killed, risked their jobs and families who disagreed with them.
To all the women who stood up for the right to vote, and own property, and have a voice in their own country, who fought to stop sexual harassment in the workplace, and allowed me to claim rights I have now, you have my undying gratitude.Thank you for speaking up.

To my sisters standing up for women's rights (which are human rights) this weekend... Thank you  

I am unable physically to do the march but I intend to support the continuation of women's rights and Free Speech even as some elected officials seek to quiet us. 
We have the right and responsibility to make our voices heard in America. 

That's about it this week and as always, let me know if you did an "I like" post to share. Keep the good news coming, I'll add links over the next few days...
visit these fine people next... Love and peace, LeeAnna
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2. http://imworkingonaproject


  1. I like that #19 is on the 19th. ;-)

    I've been taping Victoria, but haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet. I'm looking forward to it! And I've also recently switched to storing my shirts upright as you describe. Much easier finding the shirt I want!

    I have a few I Like posts in the works, but none of them are flowing right now. At some point the inspiration will hit....

  2. It's amazing to think of the bravery of those women, risking the beatings and being jailed. I'm grateful too!

    I love to organize stuff. I started storing all my clothes (well, the stuff in drawers obvi...) that way last year too and I love it. Love being able to see everything when I open the drawer!

    I started Victoria - that actress is definitely gorgeous, but I dunno... it just didn't grab me like i was hoping it would. Will hang in there though and hope to get sucked in with the next episode.

  3. I shall have to try those tv shows. That's the same actress who played a lead role in the newest "Dr. Who" series. Women's rights are human rights and I hope that message is well heard during the march! Thanks for sharing your list of likes with us!

  4. I have heard good things about "Hidden Figures". Wish we could go together - a large party (or a small group) of women getting inspired, misty-eyed and resolute. Now, more than ever before I promise to stand against hate, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, bigotry and divisiveness.
    Lots of Love,

  5. Thursday! That was a fast week! Good to see you still have a lot likeable things!

  6. Soup is just about my favorite meal, any time of the year! I am always looking for new recipes, and sounds like your bean soup is eay to make. I haven't seen Victoria yest, but will give it a try. We are also missing Downton Abbey at our house! I always appreciate and admire the way you advocate for women and all people in such an eloquent way, LeeAnna! Thank you!

  7. I did and I like again this week! Barely made it... been kind of a stressful one around these parts.
    So cool to hear about Ava Vanderbilt! Now I want to go read more about her!

  8. Great post. We must all be vigilant, remain positive, and keep moving forward. I hate that you have things in your life that make you sad.

    I made pea soup this week. Another easy soup.

  9. I like your inspiration file folders. I think I will borrow that from you. Hmmm, gonna have to change the way I store my t-shirts. That is so much better than digging down to find the right color! I am also in search of ways to store things. I have been rattling ideas around in my head a lot more lately, because I have been in my sewing room a lot more. Something is about to change, but I don't know what yet! ;)

  10. Loved your post.
    I didn't know you are watching This is Us; great show.

  11. I'm so sorry you don't have a place in your adoptive family and wish you well in your search. Remember what a prince of a husband you have.
    I will have to try folding my t-shirts in your manner. It looks much more efficient.

  12. This has been the best post I've read in so long. Thank you. I too love This is Us. The writing is so good but the cast is fantastic in their roles. Totally believable family. This is a most upsetting day today for our country and you have given me hope. I'm going to redo my sewing organization to your file folders system. Have a wonderful day! We are your extended family. Mary in Az.

    1. crying... your response is the reason I write here in this place. I feel like we are standing together. Thank you for commenting, for speaking up, for reading my words. LeeAnna

  13. I too love to organize and always enjoy your Thursday posts. Smiles being sent you way LA. V

  14. Like you, I love the idea of organization. Wish I were better at it so that when things are organized I remember where I put stuff. I keep forgetting to to check my 3 ring binders for needed inspiration. Bravo to you and all women! I'll be attending the event in my town, hopefully it will all go smoothly without any hooligans.

  15. I'm sorry you didn't 'fit' in your adoptive family. I think more people feel out of place than we imagine, but not everyone is open about it. You have the rather wonderful Drew in your corner at least. The t-shirts idea is brilliant!

  16. Yes Kaja and Leanna,
    When i was in high school, looog ago, i wrote to the Department in my birth state requesting a copy of my birth certificate as my parents could not find it.....Turned out i am their daughter even if i often felt i was changling at best.
    i am not real organized however I can find somethings in my organized chaos,sometimes.Often i find stuff i wasn't looking for and get lost in it.

  17. I agree I like Elizabeth, it makes up for the end of Downton Abbey or the one DH and I binge watched Larkrise to Candleford. I am a chaos organizer. I know where it is most of the time unless someone enters my space and organizes for me. :D