Thursday, January 12, 2017

"I Like" thursdays # 18

T-shirt in Nordstrom's  children's section
Welcome to this week's "I Like" list!
Thanks for coming, grab a cup of something tasty and join me won't you?

 poster by Krista Brooks
1. I Like that first cup of coffee.
The first of my morning and the first from a freshly brewed pot.
It doesn't always happen but I like when I get just the right amount of milk to coffee, the perfect ratio of strong roast to creamy milk, the perfect balance. The perfect taste. The perfect heat, not scalding not cold.

As an aside, I grew up with a father who drank black coffee all day and a mother who drank cokes and iced tea not coffee. I learned to enjoy coffee one semester when I had an unfortunate 8 AM statistics class in university. Being a night owl, I learned to drink coffee from the vending machine in class.

2. I like down time. I like having a whole day stretched out in front of me where I can decide when to get up, when to get dressed, when to stop drinking coffee and move on to the next adventure. I might be a home body. I am never bored at home because it's filled with things I like.
And dust and clutter.

3. I Like coloring. I've always liked coloring, since a little girl. I scribbled color across lines with those big fat crayons to see color next to color. Then I refined my coloring when given a " box of 64"big girl crayons, the one with the built in sharpener.
I carefully outlined in pressed down crayon the black lines, and filled in the areas being careful not to go outside the lines.

At some point I decided I wanted to color outside the lines again!
Or draw my OWN lines then color outside them!
Or color first, then draw lines on top!

4. I like the color Red  right now. I kept out the cardinals (from our tree this year) out on top of the TV cabinet where I can see them.

This towel is really red not pink like the picture
 I am using a lot of red kitchen towels. . Red carries energy I need.

Nature made this heart out of berries! I just noticed it
Did you know color vibrates? We might not perceive it,or sense it but it's a fact y'all.
Colors vibrate and we react to them in feelings according to our perception.

Pink is a tint of Red so I kept up my little pink tree in the entry, and added in the jewel hearts for V-day.
Sparkling Red!

5. I like the posts labeled "Dear Bacon" of pet photos each week. This week is especially hilarious to me.

6.Lord and Taylor  has pretty dresses lining the aisles right now... look at this one with pearls crusting the neckline...

What a lot of beads and pearls!

It's heavy too. This is the back which reminds me that I like a lower back.

A person who needs support cannot get away with this but a young really thin woman could.

I have always enjoyed fashion, and it's kind of sad not to be able to wear the things I would like, but I am all about comfort now anyway. How about you?

7. I like these chocolate covered strawberries at Godiva
This shot through the window doesn't do them justice but they looked so pretty as we walked by.
Very French (to an American) display of fancy work.

Eating a chocolate covered strawberry is sometimes challenging to me, since the first bite causes all the chocolate to fall off in your lap.

Still, the display is pretty and would feel decadent to receive a paper cone of them wouldn't it?

Are they worth the calories?

I do love to see how stores display merchandise. Wonder what that is all about? Is it kind of like home dec?

We were walking in the mall instead of the neighborhood this evening, as it was very cold and icy. I am drawn into Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn as if I'm coming home. AS IF!

8.I Like knitting socks. Who knew the yarn on the right with mottled color would knit into that lovely pattern on the left? That's the leg portion of my new sock, and I'm about to do the heel. I knit socks on two circular needles now. I used to do two at once but they get heavy at the end. I LOVE the feel of hand knitted socks.

9. I Like  the Great American Baking Show on NBC right now, Thursday is the finale. I used to bake, even used to make eclairs, loaves of bread, and crepes regularly. I do not enjoy that as much now, but I love seeing a beautifully made pastry! The show is fashioned after the British baking show which was bought out and will change character now anyway. Ick. Expect more nasty competition.
Last episode one contestant cried when another was sent home, saying she should be happy to be one step closer to winning but she has come to really care about the other contestants.

Wow. Imagine. One doesn't have to step on another to win. One doesn't have to squelch all competition to still win a prize. One can retain their humility and kindness in life. Good goal.

 10. I Like ear nibbles from a pup
(This isn't him but looks like him) (just google small blond shaggy dogs)
There's a young woman in our neighborhood who walks a little blond doggie.

It's mixed..... part sweetness, part excitement, and a little adventurer. I always say hi when we meet. This time he jumped up. I managed to mostly avoid the jumps but then he looked into my eyes and asked me "please get close to my face"

I said, "oh, he wants to get close to my face... oooop!!" He jumped up, I held his little feet and bent down, and he looked into my eyes intently, then snuggled up to my face and nibbled my ear!

His girl said, "he does like to bite our ears"

Don't you love how each dog has a thing? His thing is earlobes. I can't lie... it felt nice!

What did you like this week?

As usual let me know if you also did an I Like post and I'll put a link here. Enjoy visits with these people:


  1. Colour in January! That's fantastic that you kept a few nice things out on display, like the red birds and tree! Gorgeous socks! and that street scene...that would be a great place to go for coffee! Coffee! Good coffee indeed!

  2. Your Thursday posts are pick me ups for me. Thanks.

  3. So much fun. Pretty cardinals. Love the pearly dress and the yarn. Good stuff.

  4. The Piglove blog is hilarious! I always love to start the day with a chuckle! Your socks look amazing. One of my crafty goals is to learn to knit socks, but I haven't achieved it yet. Do you have a favorite pattern?

    1. I use the book, knitting circles around socks, and do the basic magic stripes sock. I just do one at a time now since it gets too heavy with two.

  5. Those socks are very cool. I tried knitting a pair of socks a zillion years ago - it is not easy. It was the only pair I made. Good for you for doing it.

  6. Nice post. Great idea to keep up the pink tree for Valentine's Day.

  7. I love the Dear Bacon! I'd never seen that before but will have to follow it now! I did an I like post for the first time today-hope to make it a regular thing!

  8. Lots of nice color on a gray day! I love the color of that yarn! It kind of looks like spring....

  9. Now that was a darn fun list! Enjoy thise ear nibbles. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. I have that same Potent Poodle as a magnet on my fridge!

  11. Ear nibbles and coloring on a grey, cold day... that's the way to spend the day... pink, coloring, pearls and Chocolate! Your drawing reminded the Mom how she used to draw street scenes as a little girl then color them in.

    Purrz from Katie Kitty Too.

  12. Such fun likes, especially red, one of my favorites too! And, yes, animals, like humans, have their 'thing"! As always, thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  13. Those strawberries! I love looking at how the stores decorate their windows too and how they dress their mannequins:-)

  14. Another great post, LeeAnna. My SIL in FL has a twig tree that she decorates for every holiday/season. Sock yarn is so cool. I can knit, but have never made socks. So amazing that you saw the berry heart. That's your artistic, creative nature observing nature. Most people would just see berries, if they noticed them at all. And it's also amazing that you became a coffee drinker, if your first experience was vending machine coffee. Your "I like Thursdays" bring a lot of cheer. Thank you.

  15. I'm really liking the rainy days lately. Who knew they could be so much fun? I LOVE the socks! The colors are so pretty. I started drinking coffee when I was 36 after having a fall baby and needing something warm to drink when waking up for those early morning feedings.

  16. This sound corny I know and I am not brown-nosing, but I really liked reading this blog post. It was such an eclectic collection of likes! I also do love read - a lot. For an original like though, I liked getting my printed blog books in the mail this week. I have not yet posted about the latest, VOL 7, but here are links to past books
    VOL 3 and VOL 4
    VOL 5

  17. My favorite is the pink tree, like angels in the clouds. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Also the doggie meet and greet. You really can tell what they are thinking, what a gift. Thanks for the posts, I always enjoy them.

  18. Mommy likes the first cup of coffee in the morning too.

  19. Again, this post could totally apply to me...the dog kisses, the fashion bit, reds/pinks, first cup of coffee in the morning, etc. etc. Such an enjoyable post, thanks.

  20. Dear Bacon is hilarious . . . thank you for sharing.
    You sure know how to use those colored pencils!

  21. Nice to meet you! I am visiting from the link up party. I did not know that colors vibrated, however I feel goo din some colors (yellow) and some make me tired and heavy, so that makes sense. Thank you for sharing, I just learned something about myself. Love your blog!

  22. ...waking up is always a good start.

  23. Hand knitted socks? there anything you can't do?! And to think I 'settle' for that store garbage to keep my tootsies warm. *Sigh*
    {Oh and for the record, I couldn't knit one, purl two if there was a gun to my head}

  24. Ear nibbles and nose bumps. Makes one feel loved.

    Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah

  25. I like changing Christmas tree decorations for Valentines and keeping the tree up till then.

  26. I like.....reading your blog. It always makes me smile. You certainly have a way with words.

  27. As always, I especially love these posts LeeAnna. You know what just hit me as I read? That you are practising being aware. So important and what yoga teaches us. Hard to do in our world of bombardment. Thank you for reminding us of how simple it really is if you just slow down.

  28. Chocolate covered strawberries are always worth the calories! Especially the really creamy, smooth chocolate, like Godiva. So I guess that's one of my likes.

  29. haha i loved the dear bacon! cute little valentines tree too! thank you for linking and have a great week :)

  30. Oh I love this post! My Nana always said Red is a hot color (she had hot flashes all her life and didn't like that color for that reason). But I LOVE red :) I have to say thank you for the Bacon website, it's been making me laugh so much :) What a great blog!!! Hugs, Mickie

  31. I went to a wedding once where all we did was stand in the cold eating chocolate-covered strawberries - kind of put me off them! Isn't it funny how we are drawn to different colours at different points in our lives?