Thursday, January 26, 2017

"I Like" Thursday #20 Birks, Beads, and Birds

National Gallery of Art at Christmas
"I Like" Thursday Number 20!
These posts have kept me  noticing the small every day things that please me.

1. I like my neighbor Paul. He has a significant brain injury from a fall. He is always, ALWAYS, cheerful.
Nothing lifts my spirits like seeing Paul out on a walk. Over the years I have learned much of his life story... born in a country no longer there, grew up in Italy, brought to the USA because of his mother's marriage to an American,  served our country in the military, and has seen a lot of life.

Paul teaches me Italian when we meet on the sidewalks. Today I learned What's happening?
He laughs that he has to work to remember Italian when I ask. I have to work to remember Italian too.

2. I Like walking. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it by now, but I walk twice daily at least. It clears my mind, I often do walking meditations, I breathe deeply which I forget to do around the house, I see nature, I find inspiration for art. I breathe in for four steps, hold four steps, out four steps hold four steps. Over and over, because it slows down my panic, quiets my mind, gives me a focus and more oxygen is a good thing.
Does this sound stupid???  on my walk recently I saw rain filled potholes. Birds and squirrels were all using them for waterbowls, getting along together too... and I became thankful the potholes provided something for nature. We sure take enough away from critters, it's something to think an annoying pothole provides nourishment at least.

This week I had not brought my camera but saw an amazing sight. I looked up to see an airplane in the sky, and a crow flying in the same direction between the plane and me. It struck me hard that we all fly in different ways at different speeds and with different goals. But we can all fly in some way.

When I was growing up, it was a big deal to fly. We dressed up in our best clothes, and felt very special. No security gates, people met us at the gate to welcome the travelers. They fed us the cutest little meals on tiny dishes. There was room in the seats for our legs. We got to see the earth from another perspective, especially if you got the coveted  window seat.

3.  I like my new Birkenstocks. I have worn my old winter "Boston" for the last 14 years, and invested in a new pair over the holidays. They are thinner suede, and a bit smaller than all my other Birks... what's that all about?  They are expensive to me but my feet need arch support and they are the best for that.

I am one of the few who love the feel of a new pair. The insides are still soft and they are all clean.

 I do not like how thin the suede doesn't hold it's shape, so I can't slide them on like my others, I have to pull them on like other shoes.All my other birks are the same size and fit great and these are a bit smaller (yes I got out a ruler to check, with Mr. not afraid of color to check too) grrr. But I like having a new pair, and how they look, and as always the high arch support. And taking things back to the store is no fun, so I kept them.

When I think of all my youth spent teetering around on Candies mules at the disco!! It's a wonder I didn't fall. Of course I was a ballet dancer and had good balance and was comfortable up on my toes. I was a high heel gal, but now I like my birks and sneakers.

4. I like Midsomer Murders TV show on BBC. The most recent season was released to DVD and we are watching it now. From our Library system.

5. I like the library. I feel like I go shopping there... "I'll take this novel, this cd of jazz, these two craft books, and several dvds... to go please!!" All for the cost of a few tax dollars... well spent! I love tax dollars being spent on people to enrich their lives!
Cindy's project... I Likeeee
6. I like beads... still like beads. I got together with my good beading buddy Cindy and we had a morning of shiny sparkly beads. I restarted the bracelet for Nancy. We talked about sparkly things, we compared the virtues of different kinds of beads in a project. It's like quilting, same fabrics that look great in yardage next to each other, may lose impact when pieced in. I needed to change a finish from glazed to matt so that the bracelet worked.

We met at the library, thank you to them again!

7. I Like warm and natural batting for wall quilts. I used to buy it by the yard but now just get a queen sized bag on sale, and cut it up. I do rinse it first, this time twice as it smelled, and dry it on medium heat. I measured it after and it lost about two inches over the entire enormous piece. That's really nothing but it might be significant in a wall quilt.

I do not like the chemicals remaining in fabric and batting so I rinse and dry them. No surprises that way and less chemical outgassing going on in the studio. I also do not get surprise shrinking in one direction or another distorting my quilts. For bed size quilts I like 80/20 and also prewash. It's a dream to quilt with a prewashed batt.

8. I Like receiving surprise gifts... my good friend and sketching partner in VT Carol at made and sent me a notebook with a quilted cover.
Bears. I love bears. Bears are my totem. Note the little bear button.

9. I Like the post office. Really.  
Maybe not the lines but this week I went in to mail three sympathy quilts to friends who lost beloved pets recently. Bacon had informed me it was compliment day, so when the worker called me over I told her about compliment day and said her eyes were beautiful. She had enormous dreadlocks and long, long nails painted kelly green, but I chose her eyes. She was awesome to me the whole visit. What a gift!

And what a system of convenience. Being able to send something to someone far away for such a relatively small fee.

10. I like doing improv whether it's comedy, singing, beading or quilt making.
So much fun to make it up as you go along.
It's like  playtime. So my friends Ann (fretnotyourself)   and Kaja at http://www.sewslowly
are giving suggestions on how to do improv quilting this year. Want to try it? check out their blogs. 

What did you find to like this week?

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love our local public library! Shelves and shelves of books - I'll never run out of books to read! I enjoy walking, too, although I have a bum knee right now that makes it harder to enjoy. I like your way of breathing as you walk. I'll have to try that.

Ann said...

I like walking, too. Lots of it, although I've gotten lazy lately. I like my old Tevas in the summer; the new ones are wider, chunkier. I keep putting them aside and pulling the 26-year-old pair out. They have sun-and-moon on them, too.
I like the library and post office but much prefer Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon batting to any other.
Similarities and differences with friendship and acceptance.

LA Paylor said...

do you do mostly bed quilts? I like mountain mist for bed quilts too.LeeAnna

PaintedThread said...

Love my library - they know me by name I'm there so often. Ooh! New Midsomers! I only started walking regularly a couple of years ago. It's good stuff - helps with my programming a lot! And while I walk, I regularly wave at my postal carrier as she drives by. :-)

Shannon said...

I managed a third week!

I too love my library. I actually have library cards a two different public libraries and am super in love with how much I can access from my phone. So wonderful to have access to such resources!!

Michele McLaughlin said...

It's nice to see the number of us participating growing!! I finally have my computer back! I love walking as well. We have a great park system here and I am always interested in the wildlife there. Have a wonderful day!! Hugs, Mickie said...

Public library is awesome and Midsomer Murders are the best.

Rike Busch said...

That sounds really good! I like Birkenstock, too. Here in Germany you can get these shows in different shapes. Maybe you ordered the slim version instaed of the normal one? But it's a pity that the suede is thinner now. Hope you like them either.
Greetings from Germany, Rike

Tails Around the Ranch said...

We are definitely sisters from a different mother! I LOVE Birks and have owned that same pair. My most recent pair is the double strap variety I ordered from Amazon for $40 (a close-out as I recall). It was sent direct from Germany, think the post was as much as the shoes! Once it stops being so darn cold, I'll switch to them-they are toooo comfortable! Oh, and Midsome Murders...just watched nearly a season at my folks' house. Loved it! Thanks for yet another great PBS recommendation!! 💕

sonja said...

Love the library! here in the foyer we have the honor system of take what you like, leave a donation in the box(we deposit the books already so they can sell them again!) and enjoy the walk to buy asparagus direct from the store, the brown jug and get change from a cigar box! The farm and the store are owned by the same person! i love comfortable slippers, as in flip flops! 5 years ago when i found OOfos having developed Plantar Fasciitis from going in rubber slippers alot of the time, i did a happy dance. i dress up when i were my red tennis shoes with inserts! i so like reading your Thursday Likes and i love noticing thing in nature on walks if only in my yard that.
Be well, see even better!

MissPat said...

So many library lovers, that's great, says the retired public librarian. I'm not comfortable wearing shoes with no backs. They flop on my feet. And I can't find sandals to fit mr narrow feet. My current favorite shoes are a pair of slip on Sketchers and a sneaker type Sketchers, both with memory foam. I walk in good weather, but not much in the winter. So nice to see more people joining the "I like" roster.

claudia said...

I liked that I lost another 2.8 pounds!!! That makes a total of 19.8 pounds that I have lost since December 1st! And I'm not going to go look for them either, they can remain lost!
My favorite shoes are my cheapy slip ons. I have to change into mud shoes when I go outside so I need the slip ons and these are so easy. My mud shoes slip on too, as do my mucking boots. (I'm lazy)

Jackie Bouchard said...

This has been a tough week - the hubs is sick with a terrible cough and neither of us has gotten more than a few hours sleep the last 3 nights. (Why doesn't cough medicine work as well as you think it outta??) So, I like SLEEP. :)

And, yes, I agree libraries are awesome! So's walking. I'll have to try the breathing thing while I walk.

Sara said...

This morning I noticed that the fresh new snow covering my deck was sparkling in the sunshine. No tracks, no dirt - just smooth, sparkly snow. So pretty! I actually like snow, except for the shoveling part.

Needled Mom said...

Wonderful likes. Your neighbor sounds charming and I am sure he appreciates your friendship.

Maria said...

Wow! Paul really does have that cheer that I just love too! He can simply make a bad day so much better:-)

Preeti said...

One day we will walk together. Soon, I hope. Don't have birkenstocks but walking shoes are a must. Where are the birds? I am making a few. Sending hugs to you, LeeAnna.

Ida said...

Such an interesting post. - We don't have "compliment" days at our Post Office but what a great idea. - I like walking too but not in cold weather. - That was fun to read about the birds/squirrels using the Potholes. So often we complain about things like that but don't see that they can also serve a different purpose. Enjoyed your post very much.

Tom said...

You sure are busy with a bunch of interesting things!

Julierose said...

Oh love your Birkies--I wear them inside all winter--but for outside walking i wear my New balance; I've missed my walks after my eye surgeries...hoping to go tomorrow--like your breathing technique--I will try it out; I just love inhaling that fresh air...this week I am loving my 1.5" little heart squares...and following a chart from knitting for them..who knew? thanks for another great "Thursday Likes" posting...hugs, Julierose P.S. i am a big Midsomer fan, too...

Kaja said...

I too love to walk, and will try your walking as meditation. Libraries are fantastic, but they are closing many of ours down in a bid to save money. So short-sighted.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

I like your Thursday "I Like..." posts. You clearly put a lot of thought into them, and your personality comes through. I like that you're not afraid to share yourself, and I like getting to know you better that way. I'm intrigued with your beading, but I don't need another hobby. Looks like fun, though!

Susan said...

I'm with you on the library - such a terrific resource! Thanks for sharing your 'likes' with us!