Sunday, August 28, 2016

Quilting... sort of

 This blog is about living the creative life. 

So this post is quilt related.
Grief is my normal right now. I do not feel like creating. It's been one long month since we said goodbye to our poodle son Cole. I have stitched on my hexie quilt during our long car trip but cannot get inspired to put myself into fiber art at the moment however I thought I might show you some purchases.

If I'm buying something, that's a sign that I hope to regain my creativity, right?? Sometime?

The above kit, and I SELDOM purchase kits, was bought on sale at Keepsake Quilting about two weeks after Cole left. It made me think of him so on impulse I got it. It comes with everything needed except your machine, even backing and binding, for $27. I've not done a bargello, so... it might be a way back in.
I went into the studio this week, that's an improvement.

I folded this washed fabric. When I went through the old purchases I kept thinking, "wow! I love this! And THIS TOO!"
Duh! I bought them all, but forgot about them lol.

On our recent three day trip to MA I got these treats at Tumbleweeds Quilt shop on Cape Cod

A studios magazine for $1.50
mary englebreit fabric and bathtub girls fabric for $4 bucks a yard
lumiere paint on sale for about $3
and the minnie mouse buttons

They all made me happy.

The bathtub girls made me want to make something for a few friends.
I grew up in Florida with Disney World, and Minnie was always a favorite so they were too stinkin' cute to leave behind. What can I put them on??

Mostly I'm writing a lot. And reading. This book was sent to me to review, which I will soon as well as give away a copy. You'll want it, the story is great! I read and write while listening to this...
our gurgling fountain
when I'm not walking miles in these
I have written quilts/art posts. I have written dog posts/stories.
I have friends here who share the whole creative life experience with me, quilts, dogs, travel etc.
Right now I am finding my way through the feelings.
I feel things deeply, which made me a good counselor, a good actress, a writer, an artist, and friend I hope.
I'll find my way eventually but will keep reaching out with travel and writing for a bit.

Gotta be real.  I appreciate every comment and word of encouragement you give me.
The love you've sent is balm to my heart.

I laughed the other day... remembering one of Cole's antics. He was a good boy.


  1. I appreciate your pain - pets are such wonderful friends. They support us when we are down and love unconditionally. Humans could learn a lot from dogs. Take care.

  2. I can't believe it's been a month. It doesn't seem that long.

    I am amused that you fell in love with your fabrics all over again. Obviously you made the right selections! LOL. I love mary englebreit prints.

    For not being in a creative mind-set, you still have a lot going on!

  3. So sorry for your loss. Glad you are finding ways to be with your feelings and express yourself. hugs xxx

  4. Hang in there, LeeAnna. Healing takes time. Maybe it would help to think of this as a black-and-white period, with the color coming back slowly. But it will come back!

  5. Living the creative life! It's fantasic to read that headline from you this morning!
    Fun fabrics! A new kit project...I wonder if you'll change a few fabrics around? Make it one of yours?
    Have fun with it!

  6. I understand that your heart is still heavy... mine is as heavy as a rock even 6 years after the day I had to say good bye :o(
    I totally love the bathtub fabric, it's great for a pillow ... maybe the bathtub keeps Easy away and I could have a pillow just for me?

  7. Creating art with a heavy heart it is difficult indeed, but all those fun purchases are surely a sign that your creative juice is coming back. Warm hugs!!!

  8. All in good time -- I'm glad you are allowing yourself time to grieve and work your way through the many, many layers of emotions. There's no hurry and no deadline . . .

  9. The healing process takes time. You will be able to create again , when the time is right. For now, hang in there and allow yourself to grieve!

  10. You'll gain your mojo back! It sounds like it is slowly creeping in and that is a good sign. You can't stop can't stop you!

  11. I know how hard this is. Last week we said goodbye to our kitty, Henri, who had been with us for 15+ years. I don't seem to have the energy to do much of anything. I too know I will find my way past this but for now I am heartbroken.

    1. oh no... Liz I'm so sorry. The sadness takes everything out of you doesn't it? Together 15 years means so much life shared. I have no email for you but want to somehow reach out. LeeAnna

  12. Each of your posts with Cole in it these days makes my eyes leaky but they also make my heart smile at the remembrance. Recovery from the loss of a very beloved pet is a process. I'm glad to see you're starting to take some creative detours along the way. We're here for you-Sam sends puppy kisses. ღ

  13. Laughing at the memories of Cole's antics is the best sign of moving in a healing direction. He was laughing with you also.

  14. Still thinking of you and your loss. It's bitter sweet when remembering a loved ones antics but all part of the mourning process. Take care my friend. May time and the awesome times be a balm to your hurt.
    With that "open heart" kit it would be fantastic with a photo transfer of Cole in the background colored fabric appliquéd Near the center of it and could name it -"always in my heart. "

  15. Lee Anna, I so enjoyed your posts about your trip to Cape Cod and Plimoth! We visited Plimoth Plantation a few years ago, and it was such a wonderful experience for me as I was a 5th grade teacher then and after that I was always able to share that experience with my students. So glad to see you are making your way back to creating. Even just folding fabric sounds good sometimes! Hugs to you!

  16. Creating will happen again. Maybe when you least expect it. Love that Bargello kit with the heart. It might be just the project for healing.

  17. Dogs/cats seem to share our lives in ways we're not aware of till they're gone. Having said good-bye a few times I know how hard it is. My hubby is especially sentimental about the pets. I have never done a bargello quilt either...perhaps it is not as complicated as it looks...a kit would be the way to go. Good luck with all things.

  18. So sorry for your loss, loosing a pet is so darn hard. Just be kind to yourself and know that you will return to quilting when you are ready. You seem to be moving in the right direction.

  19. I feel you. Just a few years ago we lost Rusty after 18 years and Princess after 15 years. Rusty was sick, we knew we were losing him. But Princess suddenly got sick, and within a week was gone. Rusty followed her after a few short days. He just quit trying after she was gone. I feel you. I really do. Give it time. Be gentle with yourself. Continue following your heart. It does get better.
    You know this


  20. Yep, this does take away the desire to create, but it will return. We're patient while you deal with this.

  21. I am barely getting the ambition to do anything in my sewing space. I have been depressed for heaven only knows how long. I was depressed YEARS ago and beat it back with medication, but it looks like I need to be on the meds for that forever, the depression keeps creeping back in.
    With loss, and a loss as emotional as yours is comes depression. You just need o work through it at your pace.
    Even though I only knew Cole through your blogs and his stories, I feel he was a fantastic being. So regal, so loving.
    Hang in there my internet friend. My heart is with you!