Friday, August 26, 2016

And then there's Provincetown....more cape cod kookiness

While on Cape Cod we drove to the end  Provincetown.
Isn't that a lovely picture?? Imagine living here and seeing this daily.

What we didn't know was  a parade was just finishing, clogging the streets with floats and people. People in costume and people in their unusual daily attire. The parade/festival is "Carnival" and the theme was "back to the 80's"
We arrived just after the parade was over. The one main street was so crowded of people milling around we were stuck til a man in a big pink dress and even bigger blond wig directed people out of our way.
He stuck his head in the car and said, " I like what you've done with your float..."
We found a place to leave our "float" and joined the throngs milling around the streets, to get a feel for the place.
It's wacky.
We went in a couple stores...
and looked at some very cool and unusual beach houses...
We were told the blue plaque means this house was floated over to this location from the sandbar location. I liked the half door... in MD if you did that bugs would come in, eat all the people and carry the house off. There's a puppet guarding this half door. We saw another house with a ships masthead attached. Another with a naked statue covered in carnivale beads. Lots of dogs. Lots of costumes. Lots of colorful characters...
These four went as four "Disasters of the 80's".
The first one is Mount St. Helens eruption. The next is the Valdez oil spill. The next is Chernobyl radiation leak. The last one...
 the tylenol poisoning.

We also saw these colorful characters
and looked at this for a long time
to kind of cleanse our psyche of all the craziness.

I was sorry not to see Cher or Hillary or Andy Cohen. The traffic was hideous trying to leave the Cape later that night but we made it back to the hotel so we could go to Plymouth the next day and see something historical.

We were only there three days but it was a big change and reminded us there is not only a big country out there to experience, but a big world. No need to get locked into a rut here... gotta keep our options open.

A change was what we needed. Cape Cod, Plymouth, then Newport Rhode Island.


  1. Wow! the 80's! a lot happened!
    We're so lucky to have options! Even the every day things we take for granted. Stay open for the options the world sets at your feet!!

  2. P-Town! You never know what you'll see there. :-)

  3. This looks like fun! :) And "Disasters of the 80's"! Very original! :)

  4. I would love to get there one day. We were lower down on the East coast last year when we visited Florida but I do yearn to head back there and head north.

  5. I haven't been to P-Town for many years, but it is a place unto itself. Lots of fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to stay there. Altho they do have some great restaurants.
    Wonderful pictures!

  6. Love that beach house! I can practically smell the salt air. 🙂