Tuesday, August 30, 2016

a few pretties in Newport RI

Self Acceptance.
That's a lofty goal, right?
Well, we can keep learning and trying and growing.
Allow me to take you on a little tour of some vignettes that caught my eye on our recent trip to Newport Rhode Island. This area attracted America's wealthy yachting crowd at turn of last century. They built "cottages" that are show places. The historical society bought a number of them, and allow us a peak into another way of life.

Please enjoy a few pictures today, of the human figure...
this is one tiny area of the plaster ceiling in one house. Note the little foot hanging off the molding. We don't even have crown molding  lol!

At left, a winged goddess

showing us her bust

and here's another bust...  (plus a selfie)
and more busts...
golden table legs... winged females again
Imagine having a home large enough to fit furniture this scale and have it look small.
and when you want a fire, who better to hold the burning logs than naked figures.
Check out the molded ornate columns on this fireplace. Nothing is too functional to not need embellishment.

I wonder if the woman of the house marveled at the beauty around her, or just took it as her due???

Not to leave out the man of the house... who's desk has elaborate carved women as well.

lol if this were my man's desk, it would be covered with papers, folders, mail, coins, dust, music, guitar pics, and the ephemera people have but don't know what to do with.

Cole Porter was friends with the man of the house and often visited.
My poodle was named for him....jazzy....

Many people have been married here in this house. The following picture is the bride's room to dress and collect herself before the ceremony. It's next door to the Cole Porter room.

The painting is of such a bride, and lookie who she wanted in her portrait...
A black standard poodle.
Warmed my heart... 

More to come... stay tuned....


  1. Ohhhhh love that portrait--with her poodle just gazing up at her--I can remember my Jou Jou and my son's Kota right now just laying their head on your knee with that "look"...My hubby read that a Czech scientist has found by doing MRI's on various dogs that they DO understand actual words from their owners not just the inflections. Their brains light up when spoken to much brighter than when offered food even!
    Isn't that amazing? and doesn't it just prove what you KNEW ??--they do know what you are saying. Hope you are feeling better....hugs Julierose

  2. I have visited those mansions 2 times now. They are amazing. Such extravagance.

  3. The detail! Craftsmanship!
    They didn't have Ikea back in the day!

  4. Wowza. Yeah, we don't even have crown molding either! Not sure I'd want all those busts in my house. But that painting is fab with the bride and the poodle! Looks like a fun trip!

  5. The poodle portrait reminds me of how Cole liked to lean in to you when he greeted. So heartwarming ❤️

  6. Oh my gosh, LOVE that nude. It looks like something Picasso would do. I can safely say I'm kinda of good without busts everywhere. 😂 Plaster moldings are very common in Victorians around here too. I have a whole SIM card full of 'em from a home tour from a few years ago. Talk about artistry and craftsmanship!