Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cole's commandments Teach your pawrents well...

I'm an Angel, see my halo??
Cole here...
Today I wanted to talk about training a pawrent to play games.

I am currently working with my Momma on my version of  "Hide and Seek".
I do not enjoy the regular game, as I have a bit of separation anxiety ( and I'm not on the couch at the moment to analyze so we'll just let that go by heh heh)

I'm talking about my game-invention...... Hide the Squeaker.
I got Daddy to order replacement squeakers for my favorite toys that somehow got broken.


Then I trained Momma to pull out the old ones, put in new loud squeakers, sew the toy back up and put it in my toy box for me to "find"
 LeeAnna:  This is his Favorite Toy... which has been re-sewn so many times it's more of a rectangle than a ball but it's the first one he pulls out every time.

Cole again:
What fun it is to "seek" the new squeaker, pull them out thru the holes I make, and break them! I leave them laying by the toy so the Momma can find them and do it all again!
OMDOG! There's hardly enough to stitch back! But they don't make these now, and he loves a furry fleece ball., What to do!!!
Momma is hard to train,  and definitely surly about it. She has thumbs so she can get her own treats so I don't know how to reward her for the tricks... isn't it enough that I am happy again, for a moment, and that she gets to listen to the squeakers being VERY LOUD??
It sure makes me happy!
No I don't want the newer ball there
Okay Momma, do it again! Good girl!


  1. Snorts - I love your games my sweet friend. Houdini here loves squeakers too and has recently destroyed one of his all time favorite toys. It was a sad day for sure. XOXO - Bacon

  2. A squeker toy last all of five minutes in this household...a tennis ball, maybbbeeee ten! ENJOY!!

  3. aaaah squeakers... the best muzak ever.... my brother goose sent me toys once with indestructible squeakers... and that are the toys what are still intact. you should see his face when I make muzak while he is glued to the tv with watching boring sports stuff :o)

  4. Cole is awesome. Favorite dog toys are so precious I repair them too but I didn't know you could buy replacement squeakers!

  5. That's right Cole , teach your pawrents well!

  6. Awww........My beloved Swissys LOVED squeakies! Chloe the Smelly Basset would carry one with her on every walk. We used to say she was packing her bags in case she found a new home along the way!

    The Bad Basset Boyz destroy and EAT any soft toy. So we no longer have them

    Every night Bonnie Doon would fall asleep with her huge hedgehog in her mouth, squeaking it very softly.

    Ohhhh, now I miss them........

    1. oh, that touched my soft heart. Cole does that soft squeak too, and it always touches me. L.A.

  7. Cracked me up! We've somehow lost the ONLY toy that our cat still likes. But it was just a cloth-covered stress ball so no squeakers to listen to.

  8. I don't know how many toys I've put back together, sewn together, only to be immediately destroyed as if to say, "HA HA MOM!" lol.

  9. That does sound like you have trained you people well. Keep up the good work.

  10. Training the humans is exhausting.

  11. Oh Cole - you're such the character aren't you?

  12. I'm impressed. M would probably have tossed the toy out by now/ You are one lucky dog that your human works so hard for her. You'd better give her a raise.

  13. Looks like you are a good and patient trainer, Cole! Luckily Rita is fairly gentle with most of her toys..Our last dog was another story... I sewed up many a stuffie for her!

  14. It always makes me sad when the favorite toys become just beloved bits.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  15. Dear Cole,
    You are the most amazing trainer and clearly your mom is smarter than mine. I want my mom to take notes so she'll do the same kinds of redoing things for me but so far she has resisted. I think she must be dimwitted. ღ
    Your fur-iend,