Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cole's Capers... Cole's whimsy

Are you lookin' at ME?? I got my eye on the red gator
This is Cole. He is officially obsessed with what is called a whimsy. He waits all day for the magical hour of 8 when he gets to enjoy his chewie.
We started buying them one at a time.

We are into stockpiling them now ordering from Amazon.

They have their own box.

For a lark, we offered him two one evening... a white one and a red one. He looked them both over and chose the red one. The next night we offered a green one and a white one, he chose the white one. The next night a red and green when he chose the red.

This is the official standing...

Red is the favorite but he won't turn down a green one when offered.

(especially good with duck sauce)

Cole here with an important story:
So last night I had just settled down with a magical red whimsy.

All of a sudden the Talky-talk (TV) was turned off and my peeps headed to bed.
What!? I just got started !!

They took it upstairs and gave it to me up there.


I don't chew these upstairs. Bed time has it's own rituals. I get a pile of trail mix when I go to bed... (that's kibble, cookies, glucosamine treat mixed) not a whimsy. Right away I'm under stress... what to do what to do? I paced around while momma showered. I kept looking at the whimsy just laying there in all of it's perfectness. I laid down and had my trail mix, keeping an eye on the whimsy but not having it.
 The peeps went to sleep, and I woke Daddy up at 5 AM when I was having my whimsy.
He complained but I was just taking care of business. One doesn't want them to remember I had it today, because they might get it in their heads not to give me one tonight too.

When they are SUPPOSED to.

LeeAnna here... we are not lucky enough to have endorsements from dog suppliers. We just buy the dang treats and Cole decides whether or not to eat them.  No poodles were harmed in this reenactment.( More poodle stories under the labels, poodle puppy ponderings, Cole's commandments, and walks with poodle)

Eat 'em if you've got 'em !

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  1. Poodles do not appreciate a deviation from the natural order.

  2. Cole, those look like good chewies! Our angel sister Arwen used to love purple mousies best of all.

  3. Our Shelties are obsessed with schedules, too.

  4. Those treats are almost too adorbs for eating..... Well, maybe not, but they are way cute!
    Enjoy Cole, and don't let them cheat you out of one, they seem very sneaky!

  5. So funny how they have to have things in their set routine! Rita enjoys a whimsy now and then. If I offer her one more than one day in a row, she looks at me like I've lost my mind. She will literally spit out a tree that she doesn't deem acceptable and wait for something "better." She has us well trained.

    Very smart, Cole to eat it at 5:00a.m. You definitely don't want to get screwed out of hte one they owe you tonight!

  6. Yum! Saving that whimsy for a 5 am snack sounds like a good idea. You have to savor your favorite foods sometimes, haha!

  7. Routine sure is important to poodles! My two enforce our bedtime routines as well. By the way, i really like Cole's jammies!

  8. Pug loves the Whimzees! We call it Gator Time.

  9. Awww cole is a creature of habit just like most poodles. Seamus is the same way about his walks, he's not into treats except that stick of string cheese he gets at night :) Poodles have us all well trained :D

  10. A very entertaining read, Cole! Thanks for sharing all the cute pics!

  11. Bad Basset Boyz here: LOL, see? that is why we don't ever leave anything lying around more than the three seconds it takes to snatch it and run to a bed.

    McGee: Hey Cole, I belive in "Eat 'em even if you DON'T got 'em...."

  12. Our kids love their Whimzees too!

  13. are far too handsome to worry. I 'm sure your pawrents will pony up again tonight. You can count on it! Who needs a watch when they own a poodle? Hee-hee.

  14. Glad you had fun playing with your Whimzies before chomping down on them! I love your cute little pj's.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  15. PepiSmartDog: love your article about your chewies. Cole you good in your coat!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Sorry we are late getting here, but here we are! Hee Hee!
    Always appreciate your support and I’m so glad you are still part of our blog hop.
    *waves paw* :=o)