Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your personal show from AQS Syracuse

"One Cake, Two cake, red cake blue cake" by Linda Neal/Jackie Brown
I enjoyed the variety of well made art quilts at the Syracuse show and took some pictures so that I could see the details. Yep, can't get close enough at a show but a picture can be increased to see more.
I wanted to share some detail pix of 3-d effects  that caught my attention... the above quilt was a party with lots of whimsical party items trapunto fuzzy hats, fun colors and great quilting.
"Starry Ocean for mother Humpback Whales" by So Young Chung

As usual, click on an image to see the great details.

This one won for best color... note the first quilt I showed you, then this one that won for best use of color. Hmm.

What interested me with this one was the extreme texture both visual in line change, and use of folding.
Heavily quilted of course.

"Song of the Sea" by Kathy McNeal was full of three-D details and quilting.

I was fascinated with the little tentacles... I am not sure despite engaging others in seeking an answer, but I think they were made with ruched ribbons.

see the details a bit better here...

Moonlight in the woods by Sandy Winfree

This was full of texture, all achieved with fiber.

I found it very interesting to see so much texture. It seems over use of crystals might have seen it's day, and texture is being seen more often.

I have included 3-D effects in my quilts since I began quilting in 1984 so I'm glad to see more of it in shows.

"Face to Face" by Pamela Pandolfi
This one really touched my heart. I love dogs, and the connection between us.

detail of "So much life in a tiny seed" by Sharon Schlotzhauer 
Check out the detail work on the seed. 
Clapping hands! 

I have lots of pictures and was inspired by the work shown. I was surprised to see some quilts that won top prizes in Houston this year not place here, unless I missed seeing a ribbon. 

I was reminded that judging is still subjective. The jurying process is subjective. Even great quilts are seen differently at different venues. 
I was reminded to make my own work, the art that makes me happy in my style. Share it in shows if I decide to spend my time going through the entry hoops. Don't worry about the outcome. Do my best design work on each piece, enjoy the process, and love the finished quilts. 
I did buy some fabric, some patterns for specialty bags, and picked up many row by row patterns. 
I think I will relax a bit for the rest of the summer, and take some time to decide what direction I want to head in quilting.


  1. Thanks for the show LeeAnna!
    Quilting is a great journey! Whatever path you might follow or a path that you youself will create, may it be full of colour and accented with your own spirit and enthusiasm!
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for sharing the show - some great pictures; I love the colours on the cake quilt. You have a strong, distinctive, creative voice - enjoy taking some time to think about how you are want to express it.

  3. I loved the cake quilt,too, but I spent a very long time in front of the Song of the Sea, admiring the colors and the details. I've got several photos of it as well. It was so stunning...
    Seeing others' beautiful work is such wonderful fuel for the creative fires, eh?

  4. I get Kathy McNiel's newsletter, and she says the suckers on the octopus were very tightly made yoyos.

  5. Yes, thanks for sharing the quilt show with those of us far away! Especially i love the big wave,in the tube effect, and the texture .i love how she placed and folded and twisted the fabric to read water! wonderful.

  6. Oooo-enjoyed the eye candy-lucky you!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing some of the fun and textural quilts. Those octopus suckers really are the best! Seeing the detail shot makes it clear how hard it would have been to tell what they're made of.

  8. Thank you for sharing!!! Such wonderful art in these quilts!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I am going to AQS Grand Rapids tomorrow. It is interesting how judges in different shows respond so differently.

  10. I'm leaving for AQS Grand Rapids in a little while. I'm going to try to look at things with eyes of wonder and be amazed at all the beauty and no judging of the judges! I love textiles!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing. My daughter lives in Connecticut so maybe I can Plan a visit with her and go to the Syracuse show next year.

  12. Some remarkable examples! Whoa, I am truly impressed at the beauty. :)