Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On to the show...AQS Syracuse that is....

Gratuitous picture of a cow. We went to the AQS show in Syracuse NY.
The next few posts will be about the trip and what we saw there. We went for the show, to visit the Finger Lakes area of NY, and to escape the neighborhood spray for mosquitoes that is making me very sick.

The show was a good size to see in a few hours. I started with the vendors, and saw this right away.
Welcome, LeeAnna!
I have lots of quilts to show later but for today, check out this idea...
This started life as a rolling office chair... now a rolling crazy quilt office chair with a great pillow...
Here is another view...
I like the painted armrests. My friend Maggie Her blog is here does this kind of thing to older furniture.
The pictures I will share later in the week all involve texture in quilting. There was a LOT of it in this show.
Back to the vendors...
Do you know this woman?? I do! Her name is Cheryl Lynch and we were guild friends years ago when I used to drive up to Calico Cutters Quilt Guild for meetings once a month.

I knew she had written magazine articles and two books since I stopped attending that guild, but here she was as a vendor promoting her new ruler for
I had a great time seeing her again, and talking with her brilliant husband. I only wish we lived closer to each other! We'd finally have couple friends.
Please excuse my puffy face and eyes... the hotel where we stayed was beautiful but there was a cleaning chemical causing me big allergy problems.
It's always something. More about the trip later, 'gator.


  1. Who could not love that cow?
    I saw that chair at the show, too. The sign made me smile.

  2. That cow is great - thinking of her as a laughing cow! And the chair - AWESOME, in fact, me wants it for my studio....!!! :o)

  3. Very cute idea for a chair. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have problems in a lot of hotels too. Not as bad as you though, i don't think. Mine is the smells, sweet and sick. hope you feel better.

    PS. You really need to steal that cow.......

  5. Wow! What a cow!
    Hi LeeAnna!
    Love your introduction to this quilt show!
    looking forward to more!
    Take care,

  6. Awesome cow and super-awesome chair!

  7. The chair rocks,and so does the little reminder. Hope it was a good show, and full of inspiring new ideas for your fall and winter.


  8. Beautiful and charming, both the chair with pillow and the cow! Sweet.

  9. I bought one of her Curvalisious rulers in NY, I was worried about getting it home in my luggage, but it survived ok, it was about 1/4" too long to go flat against the side. I am going to use it with my hand dyed fabrics, can't wait to get at the fabric and play.