Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lake Placid 2015

Mirror Lake in Lake Placid NY

We packed up the van (see the poodle there?

His perch is the very back seat where he stretches out for the long car rides. This one was to Lake Placid NY, an approx. 9 driving hours from the house.

We take two days so we can stop lots along the way...

Cole here. I didn't know where the parental units were going but I knew I wanted to go too! I got in the car early while they were putting stuff in, just to make sure they didn't forget the poodle. I had an idea it was a fun trip as there is my traveling bed on my perch. yipee!
The first stop as always was a quilt store... my momma is always looking for sewing stuff!
Olde City Quilts in Burlington NJ
We chart our trip by the best quilt stores... making sure to leave enough time for Pennington Quilt shop near Princeton NJ. Momma always returns to the car with a bag that seems to make her happy. We like it when she's happy!

We stop a lot of places along the way and I'm sure Momma will share those stories later.

For now this is where we stay when at the Lake. That's our room, up there see? It has a balcony so we often hang out and watch the show.
Here I am on one of the docks...
Golden Arrow Hotel beach

Here I am relaxing while momma plays with her beads and Daddy plays on the standing up boat on the lake...

Momma took lots of pictures, did a lot of writing, walking, shopping, and creating, Dad played his guitar, read, swam and ran.

I was a pup again, running, swimming, meeting other dogs and people and in general feeling the air in my ears....

That's enough for now...

we are all tired from our fun, the peeps are doing laundry so my bed will be ready for the next trip whenever that is.

All of us were renewed.


  1. you have a comfy nest in your car :o) and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has to ride on the back seat... my momma said I'm a freaky co-pilot and I make her nervous... when I try to help her to manage our ride. That's a pretty cool place, is it the same where the olympics were once?

    1. yes! Twice! Momma goes to watch ice skaters every day in the olympic rinks, some of them preparing for the next olympics. Those posts to come!

  2. Oh, that looks like a wonderful trip. I could really use a trip like that!

  3. That looks like a great resort! How wonderful they accept dogs!

  4. Looks like a great trip~glad Cole got to be a puppy again :) and you got to visit quilt shops...'cause when momma's happy, everyone is happy!

  5. So glad you enjoyed your visit to my neck of the woods. There is always so much going on around here with plenty of athletic sports; kayaking, hiking, swimming, sailing, canoeing and paddle boards, etc... Next time you are coming to this region I'd love to meet up with you if possible.
    Love the set up you did for Cole, My sis in the Annapolis area has a Labra-doodle and this wcould be perfect for their travels too. Love the chair laid front side down for the bed area....another great idea.

  6. So lke this is the Lake Placid from Olympic fame? It is beautiful! McGee wants to come live with Cole and travel. He thinks the fabric in that store looks YUMMY!


  7. What a lovely trip with your family, Cole.

  8. Hi LeeAnna!
    What a trip!
    Great to see that you are all enjoying the area around you!
    Take care,

  9. PepiSmartDog: Hi Cole, what a great trip. I love that your trips circumnavigate quilt shops. Very smart indeed.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Really appreciate your posts each week and hope to see you again next week. *waves paw* :=o)

  10. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Looks beautiful there. And so much fun that quilt shops are always worked in. Love that!

  11. Hello Cole! Do you have any tips for traveling with Mom and Dad? I love to ride in the car but I have never been on a real vacation. How do you find good puppy friendly hotels? What about when Mom and Dad have to eat? Mom says that if you can convince her, I can go on their next trip. Thanks! Buddy

  12. What an exciting and beautiful trip! I can't wait to see the photos. Safe travels. ☺

  13. Always great to travel with a Spoo co-pilot! Well done, Cole! Have a blast.